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A Stargazer's Journey

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This is a story about my OC trainer and her pokemon journey. I will be putting each chapter in hide boxes. You're welcome to comment and ask questions. I will try my best to address them as quickly as I can. Any characters will be posted here in the first post and story chapters will be in the second post. Pokemon will be updated when they learn new moves, evolve, etc.



Name: Karin Eevehart Age: 10 Gender: female Personality: shy at first but quite the chatterbox once she is comfortable


These are the pokemon shes caught or received, not just her team. (This will update as the story progresses) Atlas Foam Cinder Shine Pasithea Helioptile Wynter Many many eevees(various) Eon Scatterbug Barry the Galvantula
Home Region/City: Santalune City, Kalos Likes: sweets and pasta Dislikes: tropical foods Fears: thunderstorms Appearance: she is 5' with honey brown hair that's kept in a high ponytail. She has blue eyes. She normally wears a lavander shirt with a shiny umbreon on it and faded blue jeans that are worn at the knees. She also has a blue jacket for cold days. Backpack Items: pokeballs(various), various healing items, various TM's, stationary to write home Allergies: none Known Injuries: an old bite scar on her left wrist from Atlas when they first met, the pinky and ring fingers on that hand have limited mobility.

Atlas the Noivern

Name: Atlas Gender:Male Species: Noibat(Albino) Noivern(albino) Level met at: 10 Current level:61 Ability: Infiltrator Nature: Adamant Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn Held Item: dragon fang Likes: Karin, spicy foods Dislikes: meeting new people, losing battles Personality: He is very wary of strangers, he calms down when Karin is ok with new people. Appearence: an albino Noibat given to Karin. He has a few scars from his previous trainer, a scar across his face and 3 small slices in his ears. As a Noivern, the scars are not as noticable.

Foam the greninja

Name: Foam Gender: female Species: Froakie Level met at: 5 Current level: 37 Ability: Torrent Nature: Jolly Characteristic: Highly Curious Held Item: Mystic Water Likes: swimming Dislikes: forests Personality: she is very happy and curious, she loves to point out new things Appearence: just a regular Froakie greninja

Cinder the Talonflame

Name: Cinder Gender: male Species: Fletchling Talonflame Level met at: 6 Current level: 59 Ability: Big Pecks Nature: Hasty Characteristic: Quick tempered Held Item: Likes: Desserts Dislikes: sour foods Personality: He is quick to anger but also quick to make friends with his fellow teammates, Appearence: a normal Fletchling Talonflame

Shine the aegislash

Name: Shine Gender: female Species: Honedge aegislash Level met at: 15 Current level: 60 Ability: No Guard Nature: Gentle Characteristic: very finicky Held Item: Likes: her sheath, rawst berries Dislikes: lemonade Personality: she doesn't like being around others when she eats Appearence: a regular honedge aegislash

Pasithea the Medicham

Name: Pasithea (Pa‧sith‧e‧a) Gender: female Species: Meditite Medicham Level met at: 14 Current level: 59 Ability: Telepathy Nature: Bold Characteristic: Highly persistent Held Item: Medichamite Likes: meditation, training, John's kadabra Dislikes: being away from John's kadabra Personality: a very determined little pokemon Appearence: a normal Meditite Medicham

Wynter the Aurorus

Name: Wynter Gender: male Species: Amaura Aurorus Level met at: 20 Current level: 58 Ability: Refrigerate Nature: Modest Characteristic: Likes to run Held Item: Likes: preening Dislikes: getting dirty Personality: polite Appearence: a normal Amaura

Eon the eevee

Name: Eon Gender: female Species: eevee Level met at: 1 Current level: 47 Ability: adaptability Nature: modest Characteristic: Alert to sounds Held Item: everstone Likes: stars Dislikes: cloudy days Personality: similar to Karins Appearence: an extra floofy shiny eevee(art commissioned)

Barry the Galvantula

Name: Barry Gender: male Species: Joltik Galvantula Level met at: 28 Current level: 56 Ability: compound eyes Nature: bold Characteristic: mischievous Held Item: Likes: pop rocks Dislikes: water Personality: he likes to play tricks on his team mates. Appearence: a normal Joltik Galvantula.

Background characters(OC)

Doug(Karin's father) Lucy(Karin's mom) Mac(Lucy's Machamp) Abby(Doug's Alakazam) John(Karin's rival)

Nintendo Established Characters

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership of any characters in this box. The following characters belong to the Nintendo Company. (It's just easier for me to use established NPC characters instead of making up an entire cast.) Professor Sycamore Viola Cliff Korrina Ramos Clemont Valarie Olympia Wulfric
Typerace:160 A Stargazer's Journey My time zone: CST(server time-5 hours) Avatar sprite made by sojussimblr for my use only.
Eeveehart's AvatarEeveehart
Eeveehart's Avatar

Prolouge Part 1: Karin's Parents

Doug and Lucy Eeveehart were childhood friends and rivals on their own pokemon journeys. When they were older they coordinated the reintroduction of eevees into the wild. The young Professor Sycamore coined the name Eeveehart for the couple and they took it as their surname. They soon opened a shelter for abused and abandoned pokemon. A few years later they had a child who they named Karin.

Prolouge Part 2: Karin's Childhood

Karin had a pretty standard upbringing for a kid in the pokemon world. Her mother's machamp, Mac, and her father's alakazam, Abby, watched over her when her parents were busy at the shelter. She usually stayed inside and read old legends from the various regions. She was content with staying home and eventually learning how to manage the shelter. Until one day, while reading by her bedroom window, she saw a Noibat being brought to the shelter in a cage. It was flapping its wings frantically and gnawing at the cage bars. She asked her parents about it and they told her to stay away.

Chapter 1: Meeting Atlas

The Noibat was brought to Karin's family's recovery center for abused pokemon. Against her parents wishes, Karin snuck into his kennel. Dispite Karin's good intentions, the Noibat bit Karin's left wrist. The bite was pretty severe, but Karin didn't scream or cry. She just smiled and patted him on the head. Karin named him Atlas because he had such a heavy past. Karin's parents weren't surprised at all when they found her sleeping with Atlas. After that Atlas respected and protected Karin wherever she went.

Chapter 2: Setting out on her journey

Karin's parents were upset with Atlas over the bite on Karin's wrist. It had healed but a couple of her fingers couldn't move properly after the incident. Karin was very determined to keep Atlas and teach him that not all people were bad. They agreed to let Karin keep Atlas as long as Karin attended some classes at the pokemon school in Santalune City. Karin had fun at the school but she was worried about Atlas. At first, he wasnt fond of meeting new people. Over the course of classes that Karin took, Atlas became calmer. However, he never lost his protective nature over Karin. After 3 months of school, Karin's parents were satisfied with Atlas' progress. They invited Professor Sycamore over to access Karin's readiness for a proper pokemon journey. Professor Sycamore was impressed with the bond between Karin and Atlas, despite the rough beginning. Karin was approved and was allowed to choose a starter. She chose Froakie and named her Foam. Karin decided to go to route 3 and Santalune forest to train and catch some pokemon.

Chapter 3: Catching Pokemon

Karin knew the first think she needed was a flying type move if she wanted to beat the Santalune City Gym leader. When she got close to Santalune Forest, she saw some grass rustling. She went to investigate. A Fletchling pops out of the grass and stands its ground. Karin sends out Foam and uses a tackle attack. The Fletchling also tackles. Karin notices it was panting in exhaustion and quickly tosses a pokeball at it. The pokeball jiggles a few times. A few seconds later the ball stops moving and the center button light fades. Karin jumps for joy and goes to pick up her new pokemon. She glances at the pokeball and then releases the Fletchling. The Fletchling chirped weakly. Karin pulled out a potion and healed him. Knowing the evolutions of this pokemon, Karin named him Cinder.

Chapter 4: Gym Challenge

After a couple days of training, Karin felt ready to challenge the Santalune City gym and earn her first badge. She healed her 3 pokemon and made sure she had enough potions. She nervously went to open the door when a young man burst through, yelling loudly how easy beating the gym leader was. He had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He noticed Karin and smirked. He walked off and commented that a newbie like her would never make it far. Karin had never met someone so rude. She didn't know what his deal was but she wanted to prove him wrong. She went into the gym and challenged the gym leader, Viola. Now that Atlas knew wing attack and Cinder knew peck, it didn't take long to beat Viola and her bugs. Karin was presented her first badge and was congratulated for a battle well fought.

Chapter 5: Friends and Rivals

Karin went to the pokemon center to heal her pokemon before setting out for the next gym. While she waited, she noticed the young man from earlier drinking some coffee in the corner. She wasnt sure if she should shove her badge in his face or just leave him alone. Karin decided against being a show off like him and left the pokemon center. Later on Parterre Way, Karin was sitting near the fountain feeding her pokemon. Atlas, Foam and Cinder looked like they were having an interesting conversation. Karin looked northwest at the huge Lumiose City in the distance. She wasnt sure how she'd ever find her way around. All of a sudden, a bicycle stopped in front of Karin. Once again, the young man was there mocking her. Telling her she had no chance beating him to the Elite 4. He rode off laughing before Karin could respond. Atlas came over and made an irritated groan. Karin gave him a pat on the head and shook her head, knowing that this was just what she needed to keep her going. She heard so many stories from her parents pokemon journey. Karin didn't know if she'd be that close to her own rival but she was happy to have one.

Chapter 6: A Friend in Need

Karin cautiously entered Lumiose. She went left and soon came across Professor Sycamore's lab. She stopped for a quick chat and soon set out for Versant Road. She did a little training but quickly got to Camphrier Town. She only stopped briefly to heal up and left the pokemon center. She walked down Palais Lane and suddenly she spotted something shiny in the grass. She went closer and saw an odd looking honedge floating along. It looked like it was searching for something. Karin realized that the honedge was missing its sheath. She sent out Atlas and Cinder to fly around and see if they could spot it. After a few hours, they found it and brought it to the searching honedge. It was so happy it nearly cried. It put the sheath over its blade and then wrapped its sash over Karin's hand. Karin knew it was grateful and offered to take it with her. The honedge nodded and let Karin catch it.

Chapter 7: Caves and Coasts

Karin briefly visited the daycare center and the battle chateau. She knew the breeding center would be usefull and she didn't care for the constant battling at the chateau. She continued on and eventually reached the connecting cave. Before she went in, she decided to set up camp for the night. That night the sky was so clear. There was so much that Karin wanted to learn. She didn't know how her journey would turn out but she knew that she liked to watch the stars. Karin and her pokemon slept soundly that night. In the morning, Karin packed up and entered the cave. Atlas stayed out of his pokeball to make sure Karin didn't trip over any stray rock. The cave wasnt all that big. There was a straight path with a few rocks. There were a couple of people standing near the exit complaining about it being blocked. There was a bid rock in the way, not completely blocking the exit but definitely hindering travel. There was a little meditite punching the rock. It didn't seem like she was getting anywhere. All of a sudden, the huge rock started floating. It moved slowly through the air above the small crowd. A familiar laugh echoed through the cave. Then he announced that they all should thank him, John, and his kadabra. Everyone left annoyed but grateful that the path was clear again. Karin also exited the cave and looked around. She saw the beautiful blue waters of the Kalos coast.

Chapter 8: Unloved

Karin heard some wingull cries on the distance. She could smell the ocean and feel the breeze coming up the cliffside. She was excited to see what kinds of pokemon lived around here. All of a sudden, the little meditite came flying out of the cave and slammed against a rock pillar. She fell to the ground and Karin went to check on her. Trent came out of the cave, his kadabra following closely, laughing at the poor pokemon. He threatened to do worse if the meditite came near him and his kadabra again. That struck a nerve, for both Karin and Atlas. Karin challenged John to a battle. He gladly accepted, wanting to put her in her place. They agreed on a 1-on-1 fight, John using kadabra and Karin using Shine. The use of a honedge surprised John but his kadabra was bred to be unexpected. He began with a fire punch. Shine took the hit but seemed barely phased. Karin was glad that her parents sent her the TM containing shadow claw, which she called out. The move hit the kadabra hard but it wasnt a strong enough hit for a KO. The kadabra used another fire punch. Shine fell to the ground. After a moment, she got back up. Karin sighed and called for another shadow claw. This time it hit hard enough to make the kadabra faint. Karin and Shine cheered. John groaned and recalled his kadabra. He stated the loss was due to the kadabra using too much energy moving the rocks earlier. He glared and stormed off in a hurry.

Chapter 9: Fish and Fossils

Karin quickly took the unconscious meditite to the Ambrette Town pokemon center. While she waited for the meditite to recover, Karin went to see the aquarium. There were so many different fish pokemon, even some that didn't live in this region. As Karin was leaving, a scientist approached her and invited her to a fossil dig. She accepted and then went to check on the meditite. The meditite spotted Karin as she entered the pokemon center and immediately came to her and started talking a mile a minute. Karin had a feeling that the meditite was asking about John's kadabra. Karin reassured her and invited her to join in Karin's journey. The meditite excitedly accepted and Karin named her Pasithea. Later in the Glittering Cave, all of the trainers invited to the fossil dig were having fun. After a while, everyone had a fossil of their own. Everyone was asked to return to the fossil lab so that the fossils could be revived. On the way, Karin caught a helioptile so that she would have something to use on the lower part of route 8 against the water pokemon. Karin waited her turn to see what fossil she got and what pokemon it'll become. The fossil was a sail fossil and the revived into an amaura.

Chapter 10: The Second Gym

Karin stayed at the Ambrette Hotel overnight. In the morning, Karin gave her mother a call to check on Foam. Karin wanted to make sure she wasnt mad about being sent home. The little amaura squeaked at the call screen. He had a small frown. Foam croaked in the background. Karin giggled at the exchange and said goodbye. Training on route 8 was pretty easy with the help of the helioptile. Her team got stronger and she even experienced a double battle. She got to Cyllage City by lunchtime. She stops at the pokemon center for a quick heal and then heads to the gym. Pasithea and Wynter were the stars of this gym battle. They beat Grant's own Amaura and Tyrunt easily. Grant was surprised how quickly the battle went. He congratulated Karin and presented the cliff badge. Karin left the gym and she went to the pokemon center to heal up.

Chapter 11: The Challenges of Breeding

Karin catches a pair of eevees on route 10 and backtracks to the daycare. However, the eevees didn't like each other so she had to keep catching eevees until she found a pair that liked each other. The daycare owners were surprised that Karin didn't encounter a shiny eevee with all the ones she came across. Karin shrugged it off and and continued on her journey. By the time Karin arrived at Shalor City and beat gym leader Korrina, she had hatched 15 eevee eggs. She was trying to breed for a shiny one but she wasnt having much luck. Karin traveled to Coumarine City and quickly beat gym leader Ramos with only Cinder, who had evolved into a Fletchinder by then. Still with no luck hatching a special eevee.

Chapter 12: An Electric Feeling

Karin went through Lumiose City to visit the daycare center one more time before continuing her journey through the eastern half of Kalos. The daycare man was happy to see her. He had a good feeling about this newest egg. His happiness was infectious and Karin gladly took the egg before taking out her breeding pair and sending them home. Atlas popped out of his pokeball and squeaked approvingly. Karin was a little bit surprised since it seemed like he didn't care for the eggs before. Karin felt better and quickly returned to Lumiose City to prepare for that gym. Karin used Wynter, Cinder and Pasithea to beat Clemont. The battle was tough but Karin's team pulled through. Clemont was so excited about that battle, wishing there was a way to have recorded it. He gave Karin her new badge, the voltage badge, and invited her to come battle him again when she has some free time. Karin left the gym and went to the pokemon center. She called her parents to check in. Her mother was proud of how quickly Karin was earning her badges. Her father let her know that all of Karins reserve pokemon were doing fine and getting along well with each other. Foam was keeping everyone happy and entertained. Karin told her parents about this last eevee egg she received. Karin said goodbye and went to bed. That night she dreamed about the egg hatching.

Chapter 13: Parks and Stars

Karin exited Lumiose City from the northern gate and saw a small playground. It was nearing sunset and she knew she could spend the night at a pokemon center but she missed the stars. She let out her pokemon and invited them to play. Atlas and Cinder raced around the playground. Wynter dug in the sandbox while Shine watched. And Pasithea played on the slide. Karin went over to the swings and sat on one. She unzipped her bag and pulled out the special eevee egg. She held the egg in her lap, watching carefully as it jiggled just the slightest bit on it's own. Karin smiled and knew the egg would be hatching soon. She couldn't wait to see her new eevee. Karin talked to her egg for a while. She talked of her parents and of her journey so far. She even talked about her desire to be an astronomer. Her pokemon were gathered around by the time she finished talking to the egg. She blushed slightly of embarrassment, not realizing that they were there. They all seemed eager to help her reach her goals. Karin set up camp and slept soundly with her pokemon.

Chapter 14: Forest of Fairies

The forest on Route 14 was creepy. That was the only way that Karin could describe it. She went as quickly as she could through the marshes. By the time she got to Laverre City, Karin was ready for a long bath. Laverre City was beautiful. The semi-permanent autumn appearance almost made it worth staying there. After resting at the pokemon center, Karin went to the gym. This gym wasnt as easy as the others on her journey. Her pokemon fought hard and were tired by the time it came for her match with Valarie. Karin used some potions to heal them up before the fight. It was a close battle but Karin landed the final blow to Valarie's pokemon. Karin received her fairy badge and left the gym.

Chapter 15: Hatching a Shiny

Getting through route 15 was pretty easy and Dendemille Town was smaller than expected. Karin turned her pokemon over to the pokemon center lady and sat down to check on her egg. Karin held the egg in her lap and hummed her favorite lullaby. The egg had been wiggling since she arrived in Laverre City. It seemed like it was refusing to hatch. Karin felt annoyed. She had been hoping for a shiny eevee for a while now and she was close to giving up. She wasnt quite sure yet which evolution she was going to choose but itll happen when it happens. Karin stood up and walked around a bit. The pokemon center lady called that Karin's pokemon were done healing. Karin started walking towards the counter and the egg cracked across the top. The egg shook hard and cracked again. Karin quickly set the egg on the counter as it started glowing. Two seconds and a flash of light later, a ball of fluff appeared on the counter. Karin was a little shocked. This eevee had so much fur but it was the shiny she had been waiting for. The newborn eevee stood and shook itself. It saw Karin and chirped sweetly. There was a collective 'awe' in the pokemon center lobby. It seemed that no one could resist watching this eevee. Karin picked up the eevee and gave it a hug. She decided to give it the name Eon. She waited so long for a shiny eevee and now she wasnt sure which evolution she was going to try for. The pokemon center lady checked over the eevee and gave it a clean bill of health. She also congratulated Karin on a successful shiny hatch.

chapter 16: Snow and Sundial

Eon enjoyed being out of her pokeball and fought returning to it. Karin explained over and over that it was too cold on the next route to let her pokemon stay out. They went through the door of the gatehouse and got a face full of snow. Eon made a distressed noise and retreated into her pokeball. Karin shook her head and chuckled a little, feeling slightly jealous. She greeted the mamoswine and clambered up to it's back. Slowly they made their way through the snow. Karin was so happy to see the Anistar gatehouse. She quickly went inside and warmed up before going into the city. She healed up at the pokemon center and then went to see the sundial before heading to the gym. Karin decided to use Shine to beat the the gym and its leader, Olympia. Shine was really strong and took out Olympia's pokemon without getting exhausted. After receiving her new badge, Karin left the gym and went to see the sundial again. The sundials crystal glittered as the sun set.

Chapter 17: Aggravattion and Kindness

As Karin was leaving Anistar City, John was waiting for her. He wanted to show off that he already had his eighth badge. Karin tried to ignore him but he kept boasting. Karin tried walking faster along the route but he blocked her path and challenged her to a battle. Karin accepted and they battled. It didnt take long for Atlas to knock out John's last pokemon. Karin and Atlas cheered and hugged. John was dumbfounded. He couldn't understand why he lost. Suddenly, Atlas started glowing. His shape slowly grew and changed. The glowing subsided and he blinked. He looked at himself and shouted with glee. After a brief celebration, Atlas and Karin looked over at John. He was searching through his bag and it seemed like what he was looking for wasnt there. Karin walked over to him and offered to give him a couple of revives. He started to glare but quickly changed his expression. He mumbled a thank you and walked away. Karin shook her head and continued on her path to Snowbelle City.

Chapter 18: Trades and Training

There wasnt much to do in Couriway Town. There was a hotel, a pokemon center and an unfinished train track. There was also a small waterfall but theres only so long someone could watch it before they got bored. Karin went straight to the pokemon center to heal up before setting out on the next route to train up for the next gym. An older trainer stopped Karin just as she was leaving the center. He explained that he had to go home sooner than expected and didnt have the chance to go to the Santalune forest to catch a few scatterbug. He wondered if Karin had one. Karin thought a moment and wasnt sure. She went over to the storage PC and logged in to check. She did indeed have a scatterbug for the trainer. She switched Wynter for the scatterbug and took it to the trainer. He was ecstatic. He offered a joltik in exchange for Karin's scatterbug. She gladly accepted and they completed the trade. She let the little bug out to say hello. It looked at Karin and then at its old trainer. Karin and the little Joltik waved goodbye as he left. Karin set off for the next route to train. She heard that the next gym leader, Wulfric, was pretty tough and wanted to be prepared. It took some time but Karin felt she was ready. Her team was stronger than ever. Besides Eon, they were all fully evolved. She even took the time to ask about mega evolution. Karin did have to travel back to Shalor City but it was worth it. She got a mega ring and a megastone for her medicham. Now she was ready.

Chapter 19: The Eighth Badge

Karin woke up early to make sure she had everything ready for her battle with Wulfric later. She knew that Cinder, Wynter, Shine and Pasithea would be the best to use against Wulfric. She bought a few more healing items and headed to the gym. Wulfric had an intimidating presence but he was a pretty nice guy. He met Karin at the door and invited her in. They went straight to the stadium. The battle was fierce. Karin was on her last pokemon and Wulfric had two. Luckily, it was Pasithea, who had some powerful fighting moves and her new mega stone. Karin called an attack and Pasithea quickly executed it. Wulfric's Cryoganal fainted and he sent out his last pokemon, an Avalugg. Pasithea glanced at Karin hesitantly and Karin smiled. Determined to win, Karin activated her keystone. Pasithea's mega stone reacted and she mega evolved. Five turns later, Pasithea was standing over the Avalugg. She was victorious. She ran over to Karin and they high-fived and cheered. Wulfric came over and, with a big smile, he gave Karin the Iceberg Badge. Karin was eager to tell her parents, so she left the gym to call them. After a short conversation, Karin adjusted her team and set out for Victory Road and the elite four. Karin's current party: Atlas the Noivern Shine the Aegislash Pasithea the Medicham Eon the Eevee Wynter the Aurorus Barry the Galvantula
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New chapters up!!
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New chapters up. And a poll.
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More new chapters!! Hope you enjoy!
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New chapters posted. Sorry for the wait.
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New chapter up. Just the one. Been a bit busy.
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New chapter up.
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Chapter 17 Is posted
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When are you going to post a new one

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