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Selling Delta Gragons (50+)

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POLL: Would you be interested in special Gragon(s)?

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Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar
Hello everyone! I've been trying to get a special delta gragon but I ended up 50+ regular ones and did not evet get one special delta. So, I'm going to try to sell these cuties and buy some DP to try to get the special one. All of them can be found in my first 2 fields. As for the pricing, I'm not entirely sure but the eggs are 10k (40 DP) each. Come at me with offers, maybe? I'm open to haggling, just wanna find them homes tbh. If you are interested in specials (S/A) let me know via PM. Thank you!
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at 200kC/200GP/40Zc each. Pm me before sending a trade as I may run out of funds for the summons. ^-^
MizzzTickle's AvatarMizzzTickle
MizzzTickle's Avatar
Hello can I please get this gal https://pokefarm.com/summary/sqlT_ for 50k credits? And this gal https://pokefarm.com/summary/sqXpQ for 50gp? Thanks for your time! =}
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Can I please buy the Ghost Male Brave Gragon from your 2nd field with 50gp?
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Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar
Sure thing! I'll send trades shortly. Thank you :3
C10H12N2O's AvatarC10H12N2O
C10H12N2O's Avatar
Hey there, can I grab the bashful fire delta, the docile water delta, and the calm grass delta? Would 175gp be okay for those three?
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Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar
Sure, I'll send them over in a moment ^-^
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
300Gp for all of your dragon and poison deltas?
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Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar
I'll send them in a moment. Thanks ^_^
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
Edit: oops I see you don't have any
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Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar

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