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Team Supersonic Skystrike [Flying - December 2019]

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lacaille's Avatarlacaille
lacaille's Avatar
hewwo! i'm on this team for the upcoming type race! i'll be hatchin swablu!
On this team this month ^^ I will be hunting Taillow :3
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dark lava's Avatardark lava
dark lava's Avatar
Oh I have a scyther, a golbat, and a aerodactyl pair that people can borrow
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DarkMuffin's AvatarDarkMuffin
DarkMuffin's Avatar
Heya! I'll be on this team hatching random eggs unless I get my Melan Miltank before the race starts, in which case I'll hunt Murkrow! I have the following pairs I can loan out during the race (though the variant/exclusive pairs are also used in my Dex Shop, so I may need them back if someone orders them but it shouldn't take too long to send em back out again!) 96% Dodou 92% Murkrow 96% Vampire Gligar 99% Flarbat 96% Faemueño 93% Luckoo 92% Quetzephyr Also if someone decides to host a team raffle, I got plenty of spare special mon I can donate for that ^^ EDIT: Almost forgot; I know some teams I've been on like to keep a tab with team mascots of lucky mon! Not sure if you'd like to do that too, but here's my little bee buddy to hopefully spread some luck to everyone
Avacyn's AvatarAvacyn
Avacyn's Avatar
The main post is updated! I added Jhai as a mascot as well :)
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Eeveehart's AvatarEeveehart
Eeveehart's Avatar
Oh if you want another mascot, here's my sweet Tenebris She was the 22nd egg in the chain and I wasnt even trying for the chain. So she is a lucky girl.
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EifiCopper's AvatarEifiCopper
EifiCopper's Avatar
hello everyone! I'm on this team for december, hope we all have fun and hatch lots of specials =D I'll be hopefully hunting taillow, if anyone has a pair they could lend me I'd be super grateful (and give it back asap of course) thaaaanks
Avacyn's AvatarAvacyn
Avacyn's Avatar
Tenebris is now with Jhai :) You're on the clicklist and on the main post EifiCopper! I have some random Taillow i can send you in case you want to try making the breeding pair yourself as well.
EifiCopper's AvatarEifiCopper
EifiCopper's Avatar
thank you! ^^ and that could be really useful if you can (I justhave a male swellow, but will try grabbing some from the shelter)
Obesyx's AvatarObesyx
Obesyx's Avatar
Hi, I'm here this month. I'll be hunting Noibat! EDIT: Here are my pairs, only to borrow. I would like them returned ASAP when type race ends. Kanto: Zubat 98%, Aerodactyl 97% Johto: Noctowl 99%, Natu 98%, Hoppip 94%, Yanma 92%, Murkrow 99%, Gligar 99%, Delibird 94%, Skarmory 93% Hoenn: Swablu 99% Sinnoh: Starly 95%, Combee 98%, Drifloon 98% Unova: n/a Kalos: Fletchling 94% Alola: Rowlet 97%, Oricorio 98% PFQ: Faemueño 91%, Gosold 96%, Flarbat 97%, Vampire Gligar 99%, Ryukuza 97%
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