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The Thrill of Contest Spectaculars!

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I. Freaking. Love. Contests. I AM SO IN!
I wanna be a Contest Star! Character name: Sky Age: 12 Gender / pronouns: Female Appearance: Dainty, tall, with long pink and blue hair. (it's naturally black) She has deep, piercing green eyes, a rather pale skintone, and a sapphire and onyx earring in only one ear. Contest outfit: An ankle-length, orange dress with a wavy blue trim. Several aquamarines are sewn around the center of the skirt, and there are no sleeves. The top part of the dress is dark grey. The straps are the same sky-blue as the hem, and her hair is tied into a curly ponytail with an orange ribbon. She wears orange heels and an amethyst necklace. Personality: Sassy and opinionated, Sky doesn't really care what anyone thinks of her. She's less in the Contests for the being judged and more for showing Hoenn what Kalosian Pokemon are capable of. While fiercely competitive, Sky does have a soft streak when it comes to Calamari, and will literally throw herself in front of a Hyper Beam to defend her partner. She nearly DID, once. Other: Comes from Laverre City, in Kalos. Password?: Psychic-sky blue (did I do it right?) Pokemon 1's name: Calamari Species: Inkay Gender: Male Type: / Moveset: - Hypnosis (Clever) - Pluck (Cute) - Destiny Bond (Clever) - Psychic (Clever) Appearance: A smaller than normal Inkay, who usually wears a small tie for cleverness factor. The fact he looks absolutely precious in it is a small boost. Personality: A shy, timid creature who will run away from anything and everything he thinks can hurt him. Which is just about everything. It's a miracle Sky coaxed him into doing Contests in the first place. Despite this, he has the smarts to back up his Clever moves, and if he is forced into a battle, he will use them. He isn't above fighting dirty, like many other Dark-types, if it means it will get him and Sky out of a sticky situation. Other: Level 20, and his Ability is Contrary, if that'll matter at any point. I just like to be thorough. Used the Gen VIII learnset; lemme know if I was supposed to use a different one,
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yep!! welcome to the show
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Thankies! Is it okay if I wait until a good time to post?
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if you really wanna, sure
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I wanna be a Contest Star! Character name: Cassandra Coreen Faye Age: 11 y/o Gender / pronouns: she/her Appearance: xxxx Contest outfit: xxxx Personality: cassie is a BIG brat, she's that sterotypical rich kid. vain, pompous, shallow, and arrogant. cassie thinks the world revolves around her, since everything is practically handed to her on a silver plate. her father is the mayor of ever grande city in hoenn, which makes her very popular with the people. her face can often be seen on billboards and ads (she likes to shove this in other peoples faces). she will go out of her way to make sure she wins, whether it is in the guidelines or not often sweet talks people into getting what she wants, using her appearance, she'll often pull puppy eyes and she keeps the support of her parents and the people of hoenn in her pocket! Other: - has a younger sister and an older brother - mom is a fashion designer - wants to be a cook, but wants to boost her fame more Password?: salmon normal
Pokemon 1's name: Georgette Species: Furfrou Gender: Female Type: Moveset: - charm - toxic - uproar - baby-doll eyes - surf Appearance: Personality: sterotypical poodle, haughty and shallow, just like her owner Other: - probably a fifi - reference to oliver and company
Pokemon 2's name; Renegade Species: salazzle Gender: female Type: / Moveset: - sweet scent - will-o-wisp - touble team - dragon pusle Appearance: Personality: sassy and over-competitve, will often boast how could she is, also a big scheming devil aswell Other: - no, she is not a pokemon charlie demilio
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...so uh, in other news, I did a basic (shadeless because I'm lazy) doodle of Sky in her Contest outfit...
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hey octo you got stuff here aka bump
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((Revival for Ren!))

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