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The Legendscendants (rp)

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{Why am I not rgretting letting Scorkaji name Cassie's parents, even though I was prepared to do so?} Her parents... dead? Her only family... gone. Eyes tearing up, Cassanda collapsed to the ground, her forepaws covering her eyes as sobs racked her body. This was not the news she wanted to hear. So she's gonna just lay there for now and wallow in her grief for a bit.

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THe celebi gave a pap. "Awh, it's alright! im sure you have some sort of family." she was going to travel through time until she found Classandra's family, and that was that!
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Yurei was wandering around, Bone in her hands as she looked around. She didn't know why she was looking around, it was likely that the pokemon around her were already scattered away from the weird coloration the Alolan marowak had. She sat down by a tree and looked around briefly.
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A ways away from Yurei was basically a horde of blueberries with green hats. Or, better known as, Oddish. The swarm of them were surrounding a cave where cold but wide blue eyes stared out, something within occasionally glinting. The shadows seemed to writhe a bit along the sides of the dark cave.

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Yurei looked over at the Oddish, a bit confused but it was likely that something over there was making them swarm. She looked away and kept looking around to see if anything else was going on. Her tail made light sounds as it swayed against the grass, She had her bone laying next to her just incase.
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A black claw came out, translucent and swiping at the air around the group in a feeble attempt to get them off from his position. A cold mist came out as Phoriak used Haze. Only the faint shape of his coffin could be seen.
The alolan marowak looked back over, Seeing the faint shape of the coffin she got worried and stood up. She looked back at the tree to pick up her bone, Starting to make her way somewhere else, not really sure if the pokemon in there would wanna battle or not, but didn't want to be there to find out. Yurei sighed as she spun her bone around as she started to walk away, but stopped and turn back before fully leaving

Pages: 123456

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