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The Legendscendants (rp)

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{Dude... There's a Setup for a reason} Cassandra watched the interaction between the Liepard, Shika, and the Roserade, Amber. It wasn't until a Rattata plopped down practcally in front of her that her attention was turned away from them, the sudden jolt rustling the bush she was hiding in. A brief breeze kicked up, then died just as quickly. Her form was still the same. No sudden Mega Evolution or anything. Hopefully it won't happen where it could adversely affect these innocents...

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She reached her paw out, and shook the Roserade's hand. Suddenly, a random Mightyena's eyes turned a dark purple, and said in a monotone voice. "Destroy the Legendscendants." It leapt at Pinto Bean first, using Night Slash!
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Kaiser noticed and took action immediately jumping in the way using thunder fang as he tackled the mightyena over to its side away from the rattata.
ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
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A small, hooded figure flies out of the air and grabs the Mightyena, sending it into the ground and using Fairy Wind to knock it out. She floats down and pulls down the hood, revealing herself to be Lilliana, last Celebi of the legendaries. "Phew. That was close, is everybody alright?" She says, looking at the Liepard who jumped in front of Pinto after the rustle of the bushes.
Blackestfang's AvatarBlackestfang
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Kaiser sat down licking his front paw, “not really. I could have easily beaten that guy.”
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Pinto sat shuddering, otherwise not moving. He was tired and shocked after the Mightyena ordeal that had occured a few moments ago. His small eyes shifted to the side, his gaze quivering at the Luxray who had saved him. He wanted to thank him, but was too frightened to speak. He barely registered the Celebi that had appeared. All that was running through his head was that he had almost died. He could barely focus on anything else.
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The Roserade sighed, finding it hard to understand everything that had happened before she could respond. But of course, she hadn't been harmed by this, or at least not physically so. "I'm alright, miss... Thank you for asking. Though I'm sure you weren't quite worried over me compared to the others-"
ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
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The celebi floated down. "Uh. Hi. I'm Lilliana. Titanus and Gruff has yet to tell me what's going on, but random pokemon just seem to go corrupt and try to find you guys. Thanks to a little time travel, i've managed to stop all of them so far."
Blackestfang's AvatarBlackestfang
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Kaiser rolled his eyes at the mention of Titanus, annoyed him every time his many something great grandpa. “Gramps never tells anything to anyone, part of his whole ‘I’m the great god of all’ thing he puts on.”

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