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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Green Rescue Team [OPEN]

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🌿Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Green Rescue Team🌿 ROLEPLAY Set-up can be found here! Advertise Us? Button By MochaFox!


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Welcome to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Green Rescue Team Roleplay! Here, we help other Pokémon in need, play with others, and have fun! This is the roleplay of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Green Rescue Team! This is NOT the actual game, just a roleplay of it. Please be considerate of others, along with the other rules in the set-up! This roleplay will focus on you and your partner. When addressing your partner, please say their character's name or their username! You are focusing on helping the Pokémon stranded, lost, or injured with your partner! You may also encounter wild Pokémon along the way, so you may battle them! No one-shot KO's though, please. And there are NO actual battles, just roleplay them out! You may also help out other users (pairs) if they need help too, or call out for help if you and your partner need help.
Job Bulletin Board (NEW!) Here are some jobs available to do/take! Just say 'Let's go check the board!' to help others lost/injured! ✉️ Help Wanted! - Rescue Zigzagoon in the Midget Forest! ✉️ Help Wanted! - Rescue Caterpie in the Shallow Caves!
Isabelle wandered groggily in the forest, with nowhere to go. She had realized that being a Pokémon would mean that there would be no hands to reach a fridge or cabinet, but she had somehow teleported into this mysterious place. She looked down at herself, and saw that she was a sky-blue coloring, with a curvy tail. This means that she had somehow transformed into a Squirtle. Then, she saw a male Charmander walk up to her... @Pyro (Icee)
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@Isabelle (Lily): Pyro woke up groggily not too far away from where the Squirtle had been deposited. His head throbbed as he attempted to remember what he had been doing before waking up here but he drew a blank. What he did know was that this wasn't his same form he had wherever he originally was. His skin was never orange, nor did he have such rounded hands or feet. And...was that a flame on his...TAIL?? Yet it didn't hurt or burn?! How was that even possible?! Deciding that he should explore and maybe find others or resources, he began to wander. Soon enough, he ended up practically bumping into the Squirtle, yelping in surprise when he did. "Oh! I am so sorry!" he apologized quickly. "Didn't mean to run into you like that!!!"
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@Pyro (Icee) "Wait, how are you talking to me? Oh, right. I'm a Pokémon too. Dang. Well, who are you? You remind me of someone. But who?" Isabelle asked.
EDIT: New (fanmade) poster that I have made (it took me a few hours, so please don't steal!). Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Logo belongs to Nintendo. I drew the starter Pokémon in different poses and since this is the Green Rescue Team, I added the Grass-type Starters! c: Check it out in the first post!
Icee's AvatarIcee
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@Isabelle (Lily): (Assuming what you put was meant to be in quotation marks, AKA she said it aloud) "My name's Pyro." the Charmander introduced with a smile. His tail flame got a bit brighter. Huh. It must be reflective of his emotional state somehow. He tilted his head in confusion as her mention of him reminding her of someone. "Huh? Well, can you tell me your name? Maybe it might ring a bell somehow, if we're supposed to know each other."
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This is very long

Zazu woke up, stranded in a mysterious forest. He wiped himself off, then looked around. He saw some bird Pokémon (probably some wild Pidgey) flying overhead. But for some reason, he could hear them talking like humans! How is that possible? Pidgey: "Who's that strange Pokémon, and why is he looking at us?" Zazu to wild Pidgey: "Excuse me, but are you wild Pokémon? How can I understand you?" Pidgey: "Haha, what a funny joke! Now if you excuse us, we need to fly home." Zazu felt a wave of confusion roll over him like a steamroller. He looked down and saw fire! He ran around, and for some reason, the flame followed. He realized that the flame was attached to his back. He saw that his hands were gone and were replaced by paws. I must be dreaming..., he thought to himself. He, then, saw a shadow coming closer to him. It was a Chikorita, staggering toward him. He gasped and backed away. The Chikorita looked at him funny. "Please don't hurt me..." Zazu whispered in fright...
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@Pyro (Icee) "My name is Isabelle. Did I meet you before? I feel like you are familiar, but I can't tell where. For some reason, I don't have as much memories as I used to." Isabelle replied. She splashed a bit of water onto the ground, testing out her new powers. She looked up at Pyro. … "Are you a wild Pokémon in this area?" she finally asked. "I feel like I have a bond toward you, even though we just met and all that."
Icee's AvatarIcee
Icee's Avatar
@Isabelle (Lily): "I feel the same...though everything js a bit of a haze for me too." Pyro mumbled before yelping at the water suddenly splashing. He jumped away as if it would kill him if he got too close. "H-hey! Don't splash water near me!" he yelped. He looked towards his tail. Looked like it was still lit, though the gloe from before faded a bit after he had yelped. He sighed, looking back at the Squirtle. "Anyway....I feel the same somehow. Like we were meant to do something important together."
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
@Pyro (Icee) "Oops, I'm so sorry! But I feel that I am connected with you somehow. Also, I wonder if we are the only ones here." Isabelle sighs after saying this. "What's this road sign doing here? Maybe there's a city nearby here! Let's go check it out!" she says, excited.
Icee's AvatarIcee
Icee's Avatar
@Isabelle (Lily): "I...really don't know." Pyro admitted. "To be honest, I didn't expect to find anyone so soon. Feels nice to have done so though." The Charmander grinned before spotting the road sign as well. How convienent... "Might as well." the Charmander agreed. "Maybe if we find a town we can figure out just where we are." What Region was this anyway? He couldnt tell....
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
@Pyro (Icee): They followed the road leading down a long way. The sign had pointed this way, so why not follow the road too? They reached another sign in front of a city that said: 'You are now at Cerulean City.' "Looks like we reached a city," Isabelle states. She looks around, but she didn't see anyone. "Wonder if today is a holiday or something." A tiny Lillipup bumps into them, accidently dropping a berry. Isabelle apologizes, and helps her pick up the fallen berry. "Excuse me, little Lillipup, but where is everyone? Why is this town deserted?" she asked. "It's almost Thanksgiving!" the Lillipup says, jumping up and down. "Everyone's preparing for the big feast! Don't you know that?" "We just arrived here," Isabelle replies. "My name is Isabelle, and this is Pyro!" …

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