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~Camp Draelis - RP (Open)~

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Neptune made it over to the two, Pokedoll behind him. He smiled a bit, waving one of this tentacles..? Appendages? Whatever. "Ma! Marean!" Nat was watching from the back. She was feeling a little confident that Neptune would make a friend.
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Atlas looks at the Mareanie, then looks at Karin. Karin nods and gives a thumbs up. "Noi noibat." Atlas waves back shyly. "You're an interesting pokemon." Karin says. "Where are you from?"
Lillian woke up and saw it was almost nighttime.. she lightly shook sylvester and gave him some food, while eating a sandwich.. Sylvester got up and went over to the bag of food to get a pokepuff, then ate it..
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Despite looking not far away, the rest of the ride went smoothly... and slowly. At about 5:15 pm, the bus came to a stop in a surprisingly modern car park. “Alright guys, we made it! It’s where you’re staying for the next 5 weeks; Camp Draelis!” The area was fresh and inviting, with large cabins everywhere. A lake and climbing wall could just be seen, with city lights faintly shining. Lily nudged her bag softly, and a dazed Aurora slowly clambered out. “Got kinda travel sick, huh? We’ll get you sorted.”, she timidly replies to her partner. Honu and Spish were relieved to be off that bus at long last. “Ok guys, the list of your cabins are just there. Head there and arrange your stuff! I’ll prepare the campfire in the meantime.” (Prologue #4: Settling In)
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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Sammy stepped off the bus, shifting his hat as his partner happily trotted behind him. He looked around the area, tilting his head at his own assignment. Winter cabin..? This was gonna be a long 5 weeks.

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