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overbred natures?

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scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
i feel like certain natures/preferences are more common then others. i've noticed there's a lot of sweet preferences, while sour preferences seem to be the less. I expect more any preferences, and this is because there's 5 as oppossed to 4. it makes a difference, i'm sure. i want your guys's thought on this. do you think this will be fixed come PF3?
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cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
i don't think its really necessary to be taken away, honestly? people like the natures and flavours they like. like i love the naughty nature bc i like mischievous pokemon. especially naughty jolteon. however, i do notice an overflow of sassy/timid eevees in the shelter, so someone must really like hunting sassy eevee/
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scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
no here lemme explain: as you said, there's a whole lotta sassy and timid eevees in the shelter, correct? i've noticed there's most sweet prefs as a whole on teh site. do you think these natures will be as prominent come PF3?
cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
oh! i definitely think they will be if a lot of the members from pfq move over to pf3. and it entirely depends on that, i think?
scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
yeah, i see a whole whole lot of Timid pokes. i didn't know sassy was a common nature, but it does make sense.
Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Hmm, Pretty sure it's because many people love Sweet Pref. Pokemons and They Nature Hunt them? I think it would just be the same in PF3 if the Sweet Pref. Nature Hunters move there too.
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pixelkitty's Avatarpixelkitty
pixelkitty's Avatar
As a fan of sweet pref pokes with a couple of exceptions, it's really because people like them so much. For me, personally, I think the sweet preference natures are "cute" so I like them for Pokemon, which is why there are a few exceptions for me for other "cute" natures.
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Ideya's AvatarIdeya
Ideya's Avatar
A lot of people nature preference hunt specific natures so I guess like. if you were hunting the same pokemon as someone you might be getting their daycare eggs with their nature. I personally try to breed more bold/sour prefs. Im not sure which preferences are more popular than others but I guess sweet would make sense?
Astronite's AvatarAstronite
Astronite's Avatar
Another perhaps less common reason people like me prefer sweet pref mons is in competitive Pokemon play, a huge number of Pokemon prefer sweet natures because they boost the speed stat, which is the most useful stat to boost for those mons. So for me it feels more "correct" to have, say, Timid Mewtwo because that's the nature I would want it to be on my Pokemon carts/Showdown teams (I know Mewtwo runs other natures too, just an example!). In other cases I'd want sour or spicy etc, but never "any" preference mons. I think it will carry over to pf3 and doesn't really need changing tbh. The Everstone not guaranteeing the nature you want is already frustrating at times so I'd hate for it to be nerfed, which is the only way you could "solve" this I think.
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