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3 horned arceus'es shop[STOPPED, NEW LINKS IN LAST POST]

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Azarija's AvatarAzarija
Azarija's Avatar
1. Please state who you're offering to, there are three of us. 2. Don't comission if you don't like style of artist. 3. Please state your order as much full as you can. 4. You pay half (50%) of the agreed price, and once your order is complete, you send the difference (50%). We wouldn't start without pre-payment. 5. We have right refuse service to anyone. 6. Please be patient. 7. Subscribe to thread.
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    Azarija's AvatarAzarija
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    Two saying moo creatures below

    Hi there! I'm Azarija, welcome to my part of our shop! My part is closed for a while, till i draw my current orders and raised prices a bit I can draw almost anything, included pokemon, humans, other species

    But! Order on your own risk:

    Fur, feather - i'm just not very good in it. Very detailed background - only if you're ready to wait long enough. Fusions - if you have ideas how it looks like it's fine, but if you want me to come up with a design, be ready you may not like it.
    Things i accept as payment: I also accept griseous orbs as payment! 1 orb = 250k/50zc





    Animated bait (NEW)

    Non-colored sketch - 300k /300 /60 Colored sketch - 500k /500 /100 Shaded sketch - 700k /700 /140 Animated bait - 800k /800 / 160 S/A/M/D baits - on price on shaded sketch, just write that you want exactly the bait. Full art - discuss every order in individual way.
    [b]Azarija, moo![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]What do you want to be drawn:[/b] Pokemon, human, etc. If it's OC, add examples in hidebox. [b]Type of art:[/b] Sketch/Full Art/Bait In sketch/full please write what you want: headshot, fullbody, do you need background or not, and which type do you need. If you want specific pallette, details, pose, etc - write it here, otherwise just say "Surprise me!" [b]Payment: (cr/gp/zc/orbs)[/b]

    Wait list:

    None for now
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    alien713's Avataralien713
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    Moved to this thread
    Drawing PWYW Melan Baits This is pay what you want, but there is a minimum you must pay: 200.000 /200 /40 None of the examples are free to use!


    None of them are free to use
    I can draw a Pokemon fusion for you! Just describe which Pokemons do you want. Price is 1.500.000 /1500 /300 None of the examples are free to use!


    Check out later!
    Please use the form when ordering! [b]Alien, moo![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]What do you want to draw:[/b] (melan bait, fusion, etc. For fusion please describe which Pokemons should I fuse) [b]Payment?:[/b]
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    Daemonprince's AvatarDaemonprince
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    Art Shop

    Do not Random PM me please. Only Trade PMs allowed.
    LÏÅñ's AvatarLÏÅñ
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    wait a lil second.....so... idk so, we CAN commision, somehow, i think because i would even want to...
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    Azarija's AvatarAzarija
    Azarija's Avatar
    Now we're open!
    Rascal's AvatarRascal
    Rascal's Avatar
    @Azarija Azarija, moo! Username: Rascal What do you want to be drawn: Her? Type of art: Shaded Sketch Preferably fullbody but I'd be willing to take anything else if the design is too difficult to draw. Feel free to surprise me with the pose/expression! Payment: (cr/gp/zc/orbs) 180 zc
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    Azarija's AvatarAzarija
    Azarija's Avatar
    I'll start right now :з
    Rascal's AvatarRascal
    Rascal's Avatar
    @Azarija Alright, I'll send over the first half of the payment now. ^^ Thank you!
    Iceland's AvatarIceland
    Iceland's Avatar
    Alien, moo! Username: Iceland What do you want to draw: Melan Bait of Purrloin Payment?: GP!
    Joint Shop with Sofy13: TIN AND ICEY'S SHOP OPEN NOW! Current Avatar: From Cloudtail
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