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[Note - Please do not post feedback until this is done! I will put up a little note saying that it is finished when it is completed. Thank you all for understanding!]

October 18th, 2018

Today is the first day that I have checked into this game in over two years. PFQ, as I recall, was a game where I hatched eggs to collect specials and make friends. I wonder what my friends on here are up to now. Maybe they're not. I finally managed to get through all of my stress and work, and so I can finally set time aside for the summer to play this game again. I wonder what all has happened since I was gone... My friend Kat reminded me of this game, and told me about a couple features that she had been focusing on. Fishing... hunting (she's currently working on Reshiram... I kind of doubt that she's going to get a shiny, though...) and something else she had brought up; Pokewalker. I was kind of surprised, considering the fact that I had actually used this quite a bit, although not many other users did the same. Logging onto my account for the first time to check up on everything (especially to see how my Pokewalker was doing) was going to be interesting for me! Hopefully my friend was correct about it having been changed a little bit. I totally forgot my password, on second thought; I'll have to send an email to myself to get it all fixed up. Maybe I should have thought before posting a journal entry this late in the night... oops... And here we are! Back into the game. Thankfully, I had my username saved into my laptop as "eman_resu", which was my username back in the day. A rather old handle that I used for myself since I could never come up with anything else. Since it's so late, and I don't plan on making any extra mistakes, I'm gonna sign off for the night. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to see what's going on. Have a good night, farmers! I'll see you tomorrow! :)
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