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She continues to sit in a tree waiting for someone or something
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Vera was looking around for Roxy, having a delivery. She looked around, hoping to find her and fast. "Pidge? Do you see her," She asked as she walked around the area, Chips following her closely. No reply, she sighed. She hoped she would find her soon.
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Roxy walked out of the Pokemon center in Muske Town as Flare and Denki walked next to her, Her zeraora looked around a bit as they left the building. "I say we relax for a bit before heading through the next forest.." She told Flare and Denki, them seeming to quietly agree.
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"Unfezant," Pidge called from above, landing beside Vera. Cheese's tail went up, a clear sign to Vera that Pidge had found Roxy. She looked to Blitzy, who was holding the package. "Pidge, you show Chips where Roxy is okay? Then I'll catch up with Blitzy," Vera said watching as Pidge flew away, Chips following her. Chips soon found Roxy thanks to Pidge's help, walking in front of them. "Herdier," She barked, getting in Roxy's way, "Herdier!"
All her Pokémon where playing around by there trainer
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*There is a trainer nearby* *Nobody recognizes him*
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Pages: 123··· 121314

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