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Lucky Seal Discussion

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Shyvana's AvatarShyvana
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This may seem like an odd topic to discuss, but the changes made to the Egg Supplier brought up a point that stuck with me. One user stated that summon items were expensive. Which is true. Their rarity and level of demand contribute to a high price. While that point was in mind, I began to notice something when looking at the Market and my own luck with boxes and Lucky Seals. Some summon items are far more common than others. At first, this made no sense to me. Boxes treat all summons as equal. I assumed Lucky Seals did the same. But they don't. Lucky Seals don't treat all summons as equal, some categories of summons are far more likely to appear than others. Looking at the odds and probablities page, summons from the Pokedex unlock group have a 32% chance of showing up. Summons from the Master unlock group only have a 18.5% chance of showing up. This isn't from one group having more summons than the others, it's from the Lucky Seal being weighted to give out more from one category than the other. Why do boxes treat all summons as equal but the Lucky Seal do not? All summons are supposed to be of equal value before player input, correct? Having a weight system interupts that equal value by making one category rarer than the others. Unless all summons were never meant to be equal in the first place. But, if that's the case, then shouldn't boxes reflect the same odds as Lucky Seals when giving a summon? I want to discuss this becuase I find the situation odd and confusing. Thank you for your time.

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