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MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
This is a simple guide for ease of finding users which have free fields, and providing easier access to them.

What are Free fields?

Free fields are specific fields made by users who have a extra pokémon they don't need anymore/need the extra space, and are willing to gift them away. Free fields are sought out for not only finding pokémon you may not have, but also for making breeding pairs. (More on breeding pairs here!)

Wanna contribute to the guide? Copy, paste, and fill out the form below!

[center][u][b]I have some free fields![/b][/u][/center] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Do you prefer PMs or do you have a trade shop?:[/b] (Link to your shop here if you have services for this! You can also say both if you're okay with either option.) [b]Where are your free fields/what are your free fields named?:[/b] (This is for those who take PMs. If you have a shop with free field services that specifies this, go ahead and skip this part) [b]Other:[/b]

Rules and Notes

  • All PFQ rules apply, of course.
  • If you are on moble, you may want to rotate your device sideways to see the list properly.
  • Those who don't have their usernames linked don't wish to be PM'ed, please respect that.
  • If you wish to contribute, all I ask is that you're generally active on this site.
  • If you're headed to someone's shop for free field services, please respect their rules too. People's original posts are linked just for this, so check them out for any warnings or extra details.
  • This thread is a directory, not for requesting pokémon from users' free fields. If you need pokémon from the free fields of any of the users listed, please contact them with what's provided in the user list.
  • Make sure to PM me in regards to changed usernames, change of shop, change of desired contact for your free fields, or removal if you are inactive/quitting/simply wanting to be removed.
  • When asking for pokémon for free fields, it's courteous to link said pokémon with bbcode. It saves a lot of time and confusion on both ends. Those giving out free pokémon may refuse your request if you do not follow this. It is also courteous to respond as soon as you can, as to not clog up trade slots.
  • Do you know anything else important that I should put here? PM me or put it in the "Other" section of your form!

Inactivity/shop notice

This goes for people who use this thread, if there's an inactive/quit user, user who no longer has their free fields, or user who reqested contact via their shop which is deleted, please don't hesitate to contact me about it! I like to keep this user list as accurate as possible for the sake of others' time, and I don't have the time to always check every aspect over the list 24/7 nowadays. Every bit of help goes a long way, and I'll try to make edits as soon as I can.
Any of the following reasons can be a cause for removal: • No visible free fields • Inactivity/hiatus/quitting • Requested shop for free mons is deleted
For those who are on the user list, if one of these notices mentioned above are brought to my attention which makes your free fields inaccessible, you will be taken off the list, and a PM will be sent notifying why you were. However, you can always post the form again with updated info to get back on! Also, if you desire to be taken off the list for sake of a break/deleted shop/quitting, let me know as well and I shall take care of that.

User list

Username Shop/PM? Free field labels: Original Posts:
MintyDeku • ~ Minty's Free Pokémon ~ • Specified in shop! (Owner)
FennekOoba PMs Fourth field, labelled "Free". Post
VianTheGryphon PMs and The Gryphon's Store Always the first fields, labelled "free" Post
runchranda Prefers quinn's shoppe, but also takes PMs. Right after his last S&S field, there's 12 fields labelled "free". Post
fevineFollower PMs. The fields labelled "free", but is willing to give away normal pokémon outside those fields if asked. *Tends to mass release and does not give away sassy pokémon. Original post Updated Post
HowlingCat PMs Free/Wishforge Post
MerpleSerple PMs and 💜Delphox Depot💜 "wt/free", first fields Post
BlueAssassin247 PMs Free/Release, and specified pokémon in wishforge fields. Post
Opalide PMs Free Post
DamianKai PMs Four free fields named "Free EXP Locked" Post
spheal PMs Last fields, labelled "free" Post
Prf X PM with subject "UFG Pokemon" UFG1 & UFG2 Post
Camikuh PMs End of fields, that have [Free] in the name. Post
Jana Kennedy PMs End of fields with free in the name. Post
Starbuster1 PMs First 3 fields, can breed nonspecific breedable variants. Post
Sachiller PMs Last four fields named "Free Pokémon" Post
Serpex Serpex's Warehouse and PMs Before Umbreon S&S, named Free I Fully Evolved, Free II RTE, Free III, IV, V. Post
Cosmosbound92 PMs "Free to a Good Home", end of fields Post
CinderFalls CinderFalls DAMS [Deltas, Albinos, and Maybe Shinies] (Open!) and PMs 10 Free fields past Breeding fields Post
Quokka PM First field, "Free Mons" Post
FloofyIncineroar PMs Held at the end of the fields with free in the name, restocks from shelter normally. Post
darthz42 PMs Extras (free just ask!) Post
Drizzm PMs After UFT field, near the first few fields Post
Spewpa PMs "Free", at the very end Original post Updated post
gruftimotte PMs At the end of each berry section, "FREE (flavor)" Post
MaddieMJD PMs Second field, Free/WT/Release Post
ScarletRain 🌺Pokemon Sanctuary🌺 Free (1-10) Post
ochotona PMs Any "Release" fields Post
fetusfeeder PMs dump Post
Ka1e PMs "free" Post
Sunshine22 PMs FREE Post
Rabidpotato PMs End of fields, with "free" in the name. Post
Novaskyr PMs "Trade" and "Tradeables" Post
MarkNever PMs "Free Pairs" and "Free Pokémon" Post
xWhatsherfacex ♥~Serendipity Farms Super Shop~♥ "For Adoption" Post
Pony109gold Galaxy Shoppe and PMs The fire typed ones labeled "Free" have the cool stuff, as well as the fairy types. UFT ones have regular pokes. Post
XxCherrim30xX 🍒 Cherrim's 60% Inventory Shop 🍒 [S/A, Boxes, Gems, and More] [Free / Release] and more! Outdated post and Recent post
Bitotrouble PMs Release, Wondertrade and Free Post
GnarleyQuinn PMs 2nd field named, "free/wishforge" Original post Updated Post
Niluna PMs last visible fields/ named "free" Post
chibiace PMs Wonder Trade and Free Post
MüsíçBéãtSky PMs Free Fields 1-8 (Pm me If You Want One) Post
kjokjo75 PMs Any field with "Free" in the name Post
Howlheart200 PMs pfqmysetery, and all sobbles Post
Flapple PMs Free Post
Foiry PMs Trash (2nd to last) Post
BSARabbitry ~Blue Rabbit Trading CO~ and PMs FREE or Free! (13 fields) Post
MegaMan1551 PMs All of the fields with free in the name, near the bottom Post
Makeltos PMs To be released Post
goldie031 PMs Wonder Trade Post
CorvinNoikrow PMs Free and Free/Wondertrade Post
Båçøñ Søup PMs Any fields with "free" in the title, 5 pokémon per day limit. Post
Tredecim The Titanium Horde - Shelter Hunts, Party refills, Items, S/A/D and PMs All "Wondering Trader" fields that aren't the very last field Post
TheProtegeMage PMs Two fields labelled "Free" Post
Paula PMs Free, Release/Free Post
Shébüñia PMs All start with "Freebie" or "Free, past S&S, roughly 20 fields Post
NightDusk24 Night's Shelter and Dex shop! and PMs Free/Type Race Post
Acer-of-spades Acer's Spade Shop and PMs The fields with free in the name Post
TheGamingKat420 PMs All the fields from fodder + release to sweet 1 Post
Ichiro103 PMs Free Post
TomikoPhoenix PMs Free or Free/release Post
DrewBoy78 PMs Free (please link) Post
Clafables PMs Last fields, named "Free / Wonder Trade" Post
TheMimic PMs First four fields that are labeled Free/feed Post
Rudsetheart PMs "free" near the end Post
AwnFox PMs Any fields that have "[FREE]" at the front of them Post
Terabbit 🏳️‍🌈Lesbians R Us🏳️‍🌈 Free Post
SurfsideJam 🏄 SurfSideJam Island Shop🌴 and PMs First five fields Post
AbsoluteMarbles PMs Freebies Post
Twixkers14 PMs Last three fields labelled "Free" Post
aixle PMs First two named, "Free Field" Post
Dranzo Chef & Dranzo's Poké-Emporium 49 Fields labelled, "UFA" Post
DeliciousBread untitled totodile shop ~ Breeding hatches [free] 1-4, last fields Post
Dhejavu ღ Heaven's Castle ღ 🥚 ꜰʀᴇᴇ/ʟᴀʙ ʜᴀᴛᴄʜᴇꜱ 🥚 Post
PikachuFan PMs First two fields, "Free!" and "To Release(Also Free)" Post
inkmonkun PMs Fields 2-9, "free exclusives/variants", and "free/wondertrade" Post
DanielTheCake Daniel's Trade Shop And Free Pokemon! All fields labelled "UFT" Post
boHls PMs FREE/WT and UFT Post
Yinyun Giranite PMs First field, named "FREE Pokemon Adoption Agency (Please PM)" Post
pantherra Panther's Prowl Free/UFT Unsorted Post
gooeyeyeballs PMs Free Post
pluere PMs Any field with a flower emoji Post
ElectricRose PMs Free Post
Akixey PMs First two fields, named ‘gratis’ Post
Insti PMs Last three fields that say "free" Post
Glad.Silver PMs First five fields with "Free Pokés" in the name Post
Shébüñia ♡♡~Little Free Library~♡♡ and PMs 40 boxes that start with "Free" or "Freebies" Post
scoresilver PMs All fields that start with ** Post
Skylar Howler PMs FREE Growlithe/Arcanine Post
x x x x


Bbcode for pasting!

Made by the lovely FennekOoba! Go check out their stuff!
Anything you can do to get the word out there, whether providing a link in your about me or banner in your signature, anything helps!

Advertisements for cool places:

Please click my precious boys

Pumpkatump avatar is by moi. ' ^ ' ~ This time I might just dissapear ~
Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
My fields are optimized for clicking! 10k S&S Timid (Sweet/Pecha) Pokemon ♡
sprite made by sojussimblr
sprite made by Lonely Heart
sprite made by Matamoja
sprite made by Matamoja
MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
You've been added! Thank you for contributing!
FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
I have some free fields!
Username: Fennekava Do you prefer PMs or do you have a trade shop?: I have a trade shop, but PMs are fine too! Where are your free fields/what are your free fields named?: Fourth field, titled "Free" Other: What a great idea! I'm always looking for mons for my dex, so this is really helpful ^-^ I made a banner for some reason, of course you don't need to use it, but I hope you like it anyway lol
hi! i'm fennek. i love dunsparce!! if you have any spare i'd love to take them off your hands.
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Gifs from Pokemon and Undertale.
MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
You've been added! And- Oh my gosh?! That's so lovely! Thank you for making that! It's small enough for signatures, and the palette for the background is so pleasing too! ^ ^
cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
I have some free fields!
Username: cosmyn Do you prefer PMs or do you have a trade shop?: both! link to my shop is in my signature, but the free section isn’t set up yet!! Where are your free fields/what are your free fields named?: anything that goes in my huntboxes (usually one type of pokemon) are free! Other: usually, i don’t want people taking more then 10, as i only have two boxes for those!
  • about
  • hunt details
  • credits
cosmyn || he / him my shop! / collecting all summons
not buying
selling characters
electric gem / shinx 5a / 2s x15 / x5 / x0
MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
You've been added! Let me know when your shop provides free services, and I'll edit your shop/pm bit!
I have some free fields!
Username: VianTheGryphon Do you prefer PMs or do you have a trade shop?: PMs please. Maybe I'll open a shop in the future but I don't have one at the moment. Where are your free fields/what are your free fields named?: My free fields are always the first ones and always have the word Free in their title. Other: I have no limit for the amount people can take, I just need them gone. If an order isn't picked up within 24 hours the trade will be cancelled and will need to be rerequested. When requesting either link the individual Pokemon you are interested in, or if you want all of a specific Pokemon/type/anything else just say what bulk order you want. If you don't mind, may I use the banner that links here in my signature?
Sprites made by sorax
I use tooltips to provide credit to anything I post. Exception is any Pokemon GIFs which will be from either the anime or the games. Want to listen to some Instrumentals while you are clicking? Check out my Spotify Playlists! My PokeFarm LivingDex Spreadsheet
MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
You've been added! And of course you may! That would help out a lot! Just make sure to use the bbcode I put in the ad section. ^ ^
runchranda's Avatarrunchranda
runchranda's Avatar
I have some free fields!
Username: runchranda Do you prefer PMs or do you have a trade shop?: both! ( my shop ) Where are your free fields/what are your free fields named?: at the moment i have about 12 free fields that are named free. they can be found right after my last s&s field. Other: i prefer my shop over pms but both are welcome!

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