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Pokefarm conspiracy theories

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Mouse 13's AvatarMouse 13
Mouse 13's Avatar
Have you ever suspected our Evil Overlord
of adding in hidden game mechanics? Intentional glitches? Something more sinister? Let's discuss our suspicions here Disclaimer: nothing posted here is actually true... or is it..? A while ago I found myself wondering if purchasing ZC boosts your shiny/albino/melan chances for a limited time, on top of HM and other boosts. I also thought Sei and Uzumi bonus counters were actually negative boosts, as I'd always hatch less shinies and bring back less valuable scours on those bonus days
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Scørkaji's AvatarScørkaji
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Sally is Connor, and Niet is Hank.
Hiya! I'm scor, it's nice to meet you! i'm a demigirl, which means you can refer to me as she/them!
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
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@Scorkaji that is for conspiraty, not for spoiler (I'm joking) I think Sally like to take a bunch of eggs to scramble it and that is why the Shelter Team make them Hatch. To sage the pokémon inside from her rampage.
My first language is french, so my english may be imperfect o7 I have a new art auction, click on the duskull fusion to see it. Amazing profile picture (full-size) made with love by Mewwy-gum, thanks a lot! Draw inspired by Sans' Hotdog Stand in Undertale
sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
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Similarly to Mouse, I've always had an unsubstantiated-by-sitewide-evidence theory that Ubercharms (and HM to an extent) have something of a half-life - that they're strongest and provide the most specials in the first few days after activation, and their effects get weaker over time.
Fennekava's AvatarFennekava
Fennekava's Avatar
I've always had a feeling that feeding a Pokemon a liked berry made feeding quicker. I don't know why, it just always seems like it goes faster.
hi! i'm fennek. i love dunsparce!! if you have any spare i'd love to take them off your hands.
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