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Starry Art Academy

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Opalfirelight's AvatarOpalfirelight
Opalfirelight's Avatar
Nickname: (What would you like to be called?) Opal How long have you been drawing?: I'm not sure You want to be a: (Pick either student or teacher) Student What is your speciality?: (What do you think you're best at drawing or simply have the most fun drawing?) Cartoonish anime, dragons Weak Point: (What's something you just can't draw right no matter what.) Realistic anything Classes: (If you're applying as a student this is where you put what you wanna learn how to draww. However if you're applying as a teacher this is where you put what you wanna teach to the students! Can be one of the existing classes or something completely your own!) Character Design Password: (OwO what's thish?) Eevee
Hi! My name is Opal, but I don't post on forums much, so you might not see me there often. I do indeed lurk in some forums though. My favorite pokemon is Shaymin - I just love how adorable it is! Plus, the color palette is nice to my eyes, unlike some pokemon.
Hollosou's AvatarHollosou
Hollosou's Avatar
Nickname: Hollosou, although you can also call me Hollo or Sou. Whatever you like. How long have you been drawing?: 13 years; drew traditional seriously for 5 years and digital for 1. You want to be a: Student What is your speciality?: Nothing, I tend to mess up a lot c'; Although I do love doing surrealism the most. Weak Point: Everything. Especially digital and anything cutesy or cartoony. Classes: Cartoon Anatomy, Character Design, and Basics of Cute Art! Redlining might also be helpful for my "attempts" at cute art >< Password:


I can't choose between chimchar, snivy and froakie, so... froachary? Sure!
Treat everyday like you got a melan! also Hattrem says Trans Rights Visit: Co-op trade shop! Joint art shop! outdated melan calculator! Oh and my journal :3 Pfp and hattrem pic by me~ for my use only
Nickname: Penguin How long have you been drawing?: 6 years traditionally, started taking it serously, or as serously as a fourth grader could get - around 3-4 years in? Digital, 1 or 2 years, Took it all serously, though I still have a long way to go. You want to be a: Le Student What is your speciality?: I dont think I have any. Weak Point: Heres a list. Hands, realisim, most obejects, a lot that I dont think I can do. Classes: Basic anatomy, Basic composition, and shading! Password: (OwO what's thish?)

Who's that Pokemon?

Iiiiitt's Piplup! *le music* (Pip-piplup!)
Have a great day!
Art by me! Most Gen 6+ sprites I use by Conyjams on DA, unless I say otherwise. Pm me if you wanna be friends! I am a she or they. My time (In game) -7 ADS for an amazing spirte artist and my shop! :
hey im interested in your school, but i have a question. do you take students who can only use traditional art. like pencil and paper? if not, thats okay.
this is my rp if your interested

my badges

also my icon is by aidanshepard, ((luna and blaze are sister and brother)) -dragons-
Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
Nickname: Catta How long have you been drawing?: a long time, though i’d say i’ve been serious about it for 6 years, 3-4 of those years including digital art, which is what i’ll mainly use You want to be a: student What is your speciality?: i mainly like drawing human/humanoid characters (hands aside), and some Pokémon as well Weak Point: backgrounds, characters interacting with their environment/objects in their environment, as well as hands. Classes: cartoony anatomy, character design, and cute art (i’d also like to do my classes in that order btw-) Password: blaziken

Cattafang's Badge Case

Badge Case by Nebby

About Me

==> hey. you can call me Cattafang or Catta ==>MEGASUPERPOG PFP BY MIKESTARPRINCE ==>she/her or they/them. either’s fine. ==>bisexual banner done by EeveeBailey
Arquanine's AvatarArquanine
Arquanine's Avatar
Nickname: Jiro How long have you been drawing?: since I was basically a fetus a toddler, but I didn't start getting "serious" about it until about three years ago You want to be a: student! What is your speciality?: humans/humanoids and unfortunately 3/4 angles Weak Point: definitely colour theory, lighting/shading, posing, uhhh p much everything yeah |ω・`) Classes: all of Ava's classes, please! Password: (OwO what's thish?)


Jiro - he/him - 14 - Pfp by: Kaffoum!

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