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All My Specials' Fields UFT!

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Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
Hello! As the title above states, all my 'specials' fields is up for sale, plus some shines from my last field! Please make fair offers for them, I hope most of them will find a wonderful home~ Thanks!
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6530b's Avatar6530b
6530b's Avatar
Can i buy her for 5k credits please~ https://pokefarm.com/summary/kBSGQ
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Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
Sure! I'll send a trade :)
Betty's AvatarBetty
Betty's Avatar
Is this one uft as well? ~
Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
Yup! I'll send her over~
Remster's AvatarRemster
Remster's Avatar
Hey ^^ 20K credits for this maravol ? Also, are those two UFT ? If yes, is 500gp ok for you ? The fields where they are have 'special' in their name so I'm not sure '-'
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Hi! I’m interested in your delta cosmog. owo How much were you looking for for her?
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Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
@Remster Ok for the first and last, but I really need the silvally, so I'll have to pass on that one! I'll send the trades! @FlarinaFairy I'm afraid my delta cosmog is not UFT, I really like her xD
Elså's AvatarElså
Elså's Avatar
Hello there! May I purchase... Regice - 30gp Ribombee - 2gp Faemueño - 10gp Surfing Pikachu - 5gp Luckoo - 10gp Total - 57GP If the prices I've listed are acceptable, you can send a trade whenever! I'll also pay in Credits if you'd prefer
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Midnightsp's AvatarMidnightsp
Midnightsp's Avatar
Sure! i prefer gp!

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