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Community-Driven Goal Question

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söbble's Avatarsöbble
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I'm sorry the title is a bit vague; I wasn't really sure where to put this post, either, so I apologize that it's a bit out of place. It was originally going to be a suggestion, but I'm curious about what the rest of the community actually thinks about it before I go that far. I'm curious about how everyone thinks of the goals for the bonus counters, type race teams, and Fab Friday. We all know that activity on the site has decreased dramatically since the server crash - and that the announcement of a reboot will likely further decrease activity. It seems like there are more and more quitting sales all the time. Do you guys think that the community goals should be adjusted? Last month was such a horrible turn out for the type race. This past month, sei, perse, and dusky especially have been seeming to fill so slowly. Last FabFri was, what, 60% completion? In the middle of the summer, when activity should be relatively high? What do you guys think about the rate at which the counters fill, and the amount of points needed for FabFri/type race teams? I really wish they'd consider adjusting them again, but downward this time. Especially Sei and Perse - watching them fill is like pulling teeth, and the site is so unmotivated and nearly unplayable (at least for me) without regular bonus counters. This isn't like, a knock against the staff - obviously it's a busy time. Activity was up when they adjusted the counters last year - it was warranted, then. I'm just curious on the community's thoughts on this subject are now.
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maeflora's Avatarmaeflora
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i do think the bonus counters needs to be adjusted a bit. i think they were last boosted up when we were getting around 1000 users online at peak activity, and we no longer get anywhere near that amount of activity. we almost went 3 days without a single boost, and i think that was only stopped by fabfri boosts. while i don't think we should have a boost every single day, i think 3 days without anything shows that the userbase can no longer keep up with the counters. i do think fabfri needs a LITTLE adjustment too, a few years back we would get 100% almost every week. now the site struggles to get above 50% some weeks. i dont know about the community goals, in all honesty. i do remember them always being hard to achieve, and only the higher ranked teams reaching full goal.
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QUOTE originally posted by maeflora

i think 3 days without anything shows that the userbase can no longer keep up with the counters.
Even before activity dropped, it's normal to go days without a bonus as most of the time we get multiple at once, so going a mere 3 days without a bonus doesn't really show anything at all. Personally I don't think anything really needs adjusted, the counters are activating at least once per week or so still which is how it's designed to be. There's really not much you can do about the Type Race as that involves a lot of variables. As for FabFriday, we get a bonus regardless so does it matter if we're maxing it out or not.
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I haven't been paying attention to the Community Goals but I do agree that activity in the site has decreased Ive ever seen about 200 users online at a time (idk the exact amount) and I guess thats too low? I usuallt saw about 300-400 users online on average I would be happy if it maybe could be adjusted just a bit but Im still okay if it does not
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I thought I was the only one who noticed the bonus counters struggling a little, but I guess not. The activity has definitely decreased since the site went down, I've especially noticed it in the Weekly Tournaments actually. I've never even come close to being in the top 100 users in the tournaments and I finished last week in the top 50. Idk if its because an old Pokemon was being rewarded or what. But even this week, I'm still in the top 100 which is crazy to me. The FabFri percentage was alarming to me as well, it IS summer and even though we get a bonus regardless I still like seeing it reach 100% at the end.
selocon's Avatarselocon
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How about we let Niet look at his stats and the staff make that decision? Sorry to rather blunt here, but I feel I need to be. Views from the outside are often misleading. While you might think activity is down, is it really? What's "active"? I don't really do a lot of tournies anymore, I prefer to hunt. Some people might be the same, or they might not be interested in spending time participating in MCW or TR. I'm sure if Niet noticed as much of a decline in activity as you claim there is, he would've made changes.
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