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Alolan Raichu help

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Oishii's AvatarOishii
Oishii's Avatar
I've had a brief look through the Help pages and the Wiki pages, but to evolve a Pikachu to an alolan Raichu, is needs to be near Tapu Koko. I didn't find much information as to what that means. Near Tapu Koko in the fields? In the party? And is there any way I could send my Pikachu to a person who owns a Tapu Koko, to evolve it? Thank you in advance~ - Oishii
MagicFlareon's AvatarMagicFlareon
MagicFlareon's Avatar
The pikachu needs to be near the Tapu Koko inside the party (example:next to it) I will try out the field one though. Yes you can send your pikachu to someone to evolve it for you, I can do it if you’d like :3 (I can send you a Tapu koko, I have 2 and you can keep one if you’d like) Edit: tried in fields, became alolan raichu. Put right next to Tapu koko though
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Oishii's AvatarOishii
Oishii's Avatar
Thank you ever so much for your response and your advice. That's ever so sweet to offer me a Tapu, but I'd rather not take it unless you're certain.. I'm also bad at accepting such open kindness - it may just be a spare Pokémon but the gesture moves me deeply 💗 . I just love Raichu and I found it a bit odd that you'd need a Tapu near to evolve it.. even though you need the same for Alolan Marowak and Exegutor. Granted I don't know how far into the site you have to be to get access to the Tapu. It's 2am so my response is a bit short Thank you again and thank you for testing to see if it was field/party!
MagicFlareon's AvatarMagicFlareon
MagicFlareon's Avatar
I’m certain! Sending!
selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
Just a heads up, "Near" means "n same fields with". I was able to evolve mine a while back by just having Koko in the same field
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Oishii's AvatarOishii
Oishii's Avatar
Thank you both, so so much for your input and feedback, I truly appreciate it <3 And thank you, most kindly, @MagicFlareon, for the generous gift. I plan on extending reach with an art shop, if there's anything I could hook you up with, hit me up and I'll be glad to return the favour.

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