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The Apocalitleo is upon us!

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Morzone's AvatarMorzone
Morzone's Avatar
So, for any of those who don't remember, years ago an event occurred which was dubbed by the community as "Snivygeddon" Snivygeddon was a short period of time during which the shelter was flooded with so many Snivy, whether they be eggs or hatched pokemon, that you were practically guaranteed to have several (and i mean 7-10 if not more) Snivy/snivy eggs appear with every refresh. Eventually it was revevaled this was caused by a daycare bug that had stocked up several hundred Snivy eggs in one person's daycare only to drop them off in the shelter all at once. Now, some time ago, I believe it was last Halloween, when Snivygeddon mark 2 came to light: Gligarok. In the same fashion as the original, so many Gligar eggs were being put into the shelter at the same time that the evo line completely overwhelmed the shelter and dominated every refresh that was made. This time there was no bug, but rather a new and very popular variant that could be bred from the gligar line using special methods. So many people began shiny/albino/melan hunting the variant on its release that the resulting normal gligar eggs matched those extreme numbers that brought about the original Snivygeddon. And Now! I tell you this for the time has come again. The shelter has been overrun, this time with Litleo and Litleo eggs. Just prior to making this thread I refreshed the shelter only to be shown 15 litleo eggs all at once. Upon checking both flute searches I found I reliably found 7-8 eggs (if not more) and 5-6 (if not more) hatched litleos per flute search. It is, once again, the end of times; for the Apocalitleo is upon us. Share your memories of both Snivygeddon and Gligarok here in the thread! also if anyone comes up with a better name than apocalitleo let me know and I'll change the thread title!
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just gonna bump this
I'm just gonna post a better name for this thread, then continue to lurk


*returns to Lurk Mode after making the suggestion for the better thread name*

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I'm quite fond of "Litpocalypse," myself.
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I remember the Houndourpocalypse/Trapocalypse.


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Oh I like Auracle's suggestion! I'll change it later. To be honest the number of litleo eggs/litleos has calmed down by now, but this was fun to write up. The staff improved the shelter so it wouldn't get overwhelmed for a long time some time ago, and I think I made this thread when it was starting to decline anyway. And I remember when trapinch took over the shelter for a bit! I think I remember the houndoom one but I'm not sure. I don't recall either having an "end-of-the-world" name like Snivygeddon did though. Perhaps I just wasn't paying attention.

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