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Tale of the Pikemon (Pikmin Crossover Novelization)

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(Alright, lemme explain, this is basically a Pikmin novelization with the Pikmin replaced by Pikemon, Pikmin-Pokemon hybrids. Also it's from their perspective, even though it's third-person limited and not first-person) (oof the nose looks bad) The little, slender creature popped out of the ground. It possessed sleek red paws, a forked tail, and a little sprout with a green leaf atop it. Its large red ears flicked as it sat down, staring at the humanoid creature in front of it. This is Crimson, the hero of our story. The humanoid babbled something that Crimson could not understand. Crimson did, however, understand its glowing antenna. Clearly, this was an alpha. It whistled. Crimson stood and moved to his side. It tossed the little feline. Crimson was unfazed. It tried tossing Crimson near a nearby flower. The plant-feline clambered up the stem and clawed loose a pellet-like object from it. The little feline dragged the pellet back to his home. A little sprout came out. When the Alpha picked it out of the ground, Crimson found he had a companion-a bipedal fox-like creature with a poofy tail, equally large, fur-stuffed ears, and a similar red stalk. She smiled at Crimson, before turning to the Alpha. Crimson sat on his fuzzy rump. (...too long?)
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Poison Gem

Poison Gem


(: 0)

A gem with an essence of poison.

Sells for 10

Lv. 30 — 2,155 / 2,791
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness 27%
Lonely nature
Crimson and his new companion, Sizzle, proceeded to gather more of the pellets. Three more creatures joined them-one with a long, hooked tail, one with a stream of maroon fur across its back, and one with a star at the tip of its tail. (author note: Liepard, Linoone, Shinx) More and more creatures joined the group with every pellet returned, until their numbers hit twenty. The Alpha directed them to a huge, immovable-looking wall. The group went at it. "...he doesn't think we can move this thing, does he?" asked Sizzle. Just after she said that, the wall shoved forward and dropped off a ledge. A flat expanse of the same material as the wall led to a ledge, and some kind of object. When the Alpha saw the object, he babbled something pleased-sounding. He had the group pick it up. Crimson and some of the others had a bit more trouble then the Pikemon with hands, but the group carried it back just fine despite that. It didn't go into the Pikemon's home, however. When the Alpha saw them getting near, he began gesturing to the large metal creation nearby. The Pikemon brought it there instead. It went in. The Alpha made a celebratory noise. A creature next to Crimson, with four legs and long, slender, ribbonlike feelers, shrugged. (author note: Sylveon) "Woo-hoo!" she cried. The other Pikemon followed. The sun had begun to set, causing those who realized to abruptly cut off their cries of joy. "...uh-oh," said a striped Pikemon. (author note: same Linoone) The group fled back to their home, clambering inside. Little Crimson yawned widely, baring his little fangs, and went to sleep. (nyanya)
The next morning, when Crimson left, the home of the Pikemon was in an entirely new place. Only half of the Pikemon went to work at the flowers. Sizzle was part of that half. The other half, containing Crimson himself, worked to claw down a latticed wall. Eventually, the wall came down. Terrifying-looking beasts slumbered on the other side, triggering Crimson's fright, but the Alpha snuck the Pikemon past the creatures. Only now did Crimson realize that their numbers had doubled. The group carried back a large object with two tubes on top. (author note: Dwarf Red Bulborbs. Crimson is scared of Dwarf Red Bulborbs. What.) After that, the entire group went to work at another lace-like gate. This one came down much faster, but Crimson wished it hadn't. Several larger versions of the beasts from before slumbered there. The Alpha muttered something that sounded very exasperated. (author note: I think it translates to "For the love of-!") The group went at the beasts, Crimson desperately clinging with his foreclaws while his back paws struck the animal he attacked. Eventually, it went down. Crimson couldn't have been more pleased. They came to a yellow version of the Pikemon's home. The ribbon-bearing Pikemon from the day before looked at Crimson. "What do you think it is?" she pondered. (oooh cliffhanger) (next chapter will be from a Yellow Pikemon's perspective
(So, telling ya now, now that we have two main protagonists, the image at the top of each post tells you whose perspective that post is from. Also decided to label which day it is, just to help keep things straight.) DAY 2 When the little, yellow, multi-tailed creature came out of the ground, he stared. In front of him perched a humanoid and a group of Red Pikemon. The little yellow one, whose name was Canary, cutely cocked his head as the Alpha babbled. After a moment, a sleek, four-pawed Pikemon piped up. "What exactly is that?!" he asked. The Pikemon next to him sharply poked the rude one with a ribbon-esque feeler. (author note: Sylveon poking Crimson) Canary merely sat on the rough dirt, waiting for the Alpha's response. (sorry it's so short)
(poooke) (sorry for not updating)
(NYAAA BACK FROM THE DEEEAD) DAY 2 The Red Pikemon went to work on a nearby gate. It was atop a ledge, so the little creatures had to be thrown. Meanwhile, Canary was sent to drag Pellets back to the Onion. A small legion of Yellow Pikemon was now sitting in front of the Alpha. Just then, the lacelike wall tumbled, startling Canary. The Yellow Pikemon went up onto the ledge as well, as the mixed group went after a strange red object. A metallic circle perched atop the object. They dragged it back. The Alpha seemed particularly pleased and even pet a few Pikemon-including Canary.
(mreowr) DAY 2 "Oh, come on!" said Crimson. "Sylphie, you saw that, right?!" "Saw what?" asked Sylphie. She stretched and yawned. (author note: Crimson's Sylveon friend) "THE ALPHA PET THE YELLOW ONE!" screamed the Pikemon. Sylphie stared. "He pet some Red Pikemon too, Crimson," remarked the Sylveon. "AND. HE. PET. THAT. YELLOW ONE!" yowled the Espeon. "Geez, calm down, Crimson," said Sizzle. The little Pikemon didn't listen. He walked up to Canary and stuck his face in the Vulpix's. (CRIMSON STAHP WHAT ARE YOU DOING)
(bump) (I will update this when I'm in a writing mood)
(I'm ba~aa~ack) DAY 2 Canary soon found himself approached by a VERY angry Red Pikemon. "Stay away from MY Alpha!" snarled Crimson. "...what?" replied Canary. "You know what you did!" roared the Espeon, before walking off. "...no I don't!" "Ehh, let him burn himself out," advised a yellow Houndoom. "Red Pikemon are pretty fiery." Soon, they all went back to their Onions. Canary sincerely hoped the Houndoom was right, and that this wouldn't backfire spectacularly.

Pages: 12

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