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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Ch. 1 - Pt. 1

Uh, hey journal. My mom wanted me to keep one when I traveled to this region. A little context: I'm moving to the Q----- region. It isn't that well-known, since their culture doesn't include much battling at all. Instead, they traditionally breed Pokemon. As someone who isn't that thrilled by the concept of battle, this is perfect for me. Speaking about me, I should probably write my name or something. This journal belongs to Perla Fabiana Querida. Yes, I have three names, just call me Perla for Arceus' sake. My mom is.. eccentric. Here's a picture of me. >A image is attached to the journal< Honestly, I seem way to happy in that picture. Well, anyways, time to actually document things.

Ch. 1 - Pt. 2

Hi, I'm back. I have a little time to write in here. I chose a starter here, since I was required to. I picked a light brown egg with darker brown markings and a green top. It seems oddly familiar. I need to hatch it now, so I guess I'll write more about myself. I'm 17, almost legal. I'm originally from Fiore, an equally, I guess 'obscure' region. The only people there who really deal with Pokemon are the rangers, which I'm not one of. Well, that's all I can write until I hatch my egg, so see you.

Ch. 1 - Pt. 3

My egg hatched! It became a Chespin, a Pokemon from.. Kalos, if I remember correctly. He was a male, so I named him Castaña. It means chestnut. I now have to hatch 5 more eggs that I got from this region's professor, Holly. Time to document what they look like! ~An orange Egg with green on it. I can hear a faint humming from inside. ~A bright green Egg with yellow spots on the sides and a red spot on the top. It's very light. ~A black Egg with white bow-like markings covering it. It sometimes moves when I'm is looking. ~A grey Egg with a yellow marking on the top. It's surrounded by an air of fierceness. ~A green Egg with a sweeping yellow mark on the bottom. It tends to gain a static charge.

Ch. 1 - Pt. 4

My eggs all hatched, here's what Pokemon they were: ~Comfey, I named her Cadena ~Natu, I named him Vigilante ~Gothita, I named her Gótica ~Jangmo-o, I named her Escamas ~Electrike, I named him Estático I also got a field to keep any more Pokemon in, and finally decided to name my farm Lustrous Farm. I then had to adopt from the shelter, so I checked around until I found a Delibird. It seemed to really like me, so I adopted it. I named him Regalo. Alright, I have 7 Pokemon so far. I love them all, I've never been this close to one before to be honest. I have 1694 in credits, one of the forms of currency here. I'll see you later, journal!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
I'm back! I haven't been able to catch up in around two weeks, since taking care of Pokémon is so.. busy! Castaña evolved into a Quilladin, and all the others seem to evolve at higher levels. They haven't been gaining levels too quickly, and I'm assuming that's because I'm not well known here and I keep taking them places. It isn't my fault that I've never owned a Pokémon before! They seem to be havi I'M BACK!! I was at the shelter, and I saw a strange Torkoal. It had a red glow around it, and it was extremely hot! I adopted her, but she doesn't seem to be awake.. I'll name her when she wakes up. I know my mom has been bugging me to neatly organize the journal entries like I did the last few pages, but I don't really care, to be honest. I can finally live messily, especially since I'm staying in my very own little house in my fields! The Torkoal woke up! Her name is now Fumar, and she seems to be very chill. Vigilante is curr on my shoulder, inspecting her from a distance. She gives off a lot of heat, and that's a little off-putting to most of my Pokémon. I'm sure they'll eventually get used to her, right? Well, see you later journal. Hopefully within the time of a week!

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