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How Do You Sort Your Fields?

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SparrowHawk's AvatarSparrowHawk
SparrowHawk's Avatar
So yes, sorted and stacked is a good way to go but do you sort beyond that? Things to level, evolve, and kick for wishforge? By shinies? Favorites? Specials and legendaries? I'm sort of trying to figure out if I want a Kanto Living Dex and if I should keep it by Kanto numbering or if I should just get them all and then sort by flavor pref. Anyways, show me your fields! What your logic? Pure chaos?! How do YOU do it?
Fennekava's AvatarFennekava
Fennekava's Avatar
I just go by priority, I guess. Most special go first, least special go last (minus wishforge, which always comes first) My exclusives and variants go in my "Special" fields. Shiny, albino, and delta go in their respective fields. Ones I really like go in their type fields. My hoards, like Dunsparce, Ralts evos, and Delphoxes go in their respective fields. I try to group them by their "category", but most of them are pretty messy (since I close to never buy more fields.)
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selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
Shinies in a field, deltas in a field, legends in a feild, followed by RTE shop stock and then hidden fields with everything else.
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sëlkïr's Avatarsëlkïr
sëlkïr's Avatar
Complete and utter chaos for the first 3/4 or so, then you reach the fields I've been sorting XD
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alien713's Avataralien713
alien713's Avatar
I actually don't know how to sort fields. When I just started playing I made 18 unsorted by berry and unstacked field, there was sorted by type pokemon (and I don't want to reorganize it. There are legends, exclusives and some regular pokemon. It's easy to find them). Then, I made about 15 S+S fields with wishforge, but now they are smaller because I'm releasing evolved pokemon. And last, I'm collectind S/A Living Dex and right now it uses 30 fields that are just like "allign to greed" mode. I know that clicking my field without stacking code (when I, for example, have 'rus) could be pain, but I don't really know how to organize them better.
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Well my hoard fields are messy single berry per field and stacked. However, beyond my Flareon hoarding fields they branch off a little. Those I have a lot of the same type (normal, fire, water etc) are still like that but ones I don't have a lot of, for example steel, has all berries in close piles next to each other. Another example fairy, has two berries in a field but all are still piled next to each other. Also, if I have evolved fields they are not sorted but just stacked in one, at times. Since I don't care what they are feed and just want them to get interactions and levels, really.
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Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
I put my Scour Fields on the Top! That way it would be easier to change Pokemons when they are Tired! And Most of them are just messy... And Im Lazy to Sort them like Everbody else does
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m21mcnaughton's Avatarm21mcnaughton
m21mcnaughton's Avatar
I base my fields and my farm as a whole on animal sanctuaries so each field has its own species. My Flaroptera Sanctuary fields are open display and sorted by flavour for nicknamed Pokemons in that field. Sour lovers on one row, dry lovers on another row etc. Any un-named Flaropteras I evolve go in a second field and are stacked for easy clicking. I use this approach for all my other rescue fields (Hawlucha, Impyres and Taimorphas). Up for trade field is open display and unsorted by flavour. Level up fields are stacked by species and by gender so all female Flarbats are on a separate stack beside the males that are getting leveled. Legendaries, events and mega evos have respective fields and are open display and unsorted by flavour.
silentgirl's Avatarsilentgirl
silentgirl's Avatar
I have a field for my favorites and special Pokemon, followed by Eeveelutions, Legendaries, Prehistoric (revived from Fossils), and Unowns, since I consider these special categories. The rest of my fields are by type. I sort all my Pokemon by berry within the field.
Schezoroark's AvatarSchezoroark
Schezoroark's Avatar
I just kinda threw them together like how I organize my PC boxes in Pokemon: by primary type (unless you're Flying, in case you have a little priority). Unown have their own place once they start piling up, and legendaries have their own field too. For ones I need to evolve, they get housed in the "Wishforge" field for the other trainers to click away at.

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