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⚡🌸 The Fluffy Luxray Art Shop 🌸⚡ [CLOSED]

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KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
  • 🎀 Welcome 🎀
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Current status: CLOSED Hello! Welcome to my art shop. I just wanna buy some stuff here (; w;) I hope you enjoy what you see!
Slot Username Post Status
1. Closed -
2. Closed -
3. Closed -

💞 Rules & Info 💞

- All PFQ Rules apply. - Half payment must be sent upfront after I accept and the other half after I finish. - Mixed payment is accepted. - Up to 2 orders per slot. - Order MUST contain a graphic reference but I will also accept descriptions of small details (like a pink crown, a blue bow, etc). - You can ask any doubts you may have and I can accept PMs about it. - I have every right to deny your request. - These can be done in a few hours or max. a week depending on your position on my queue. - Do not rush me. - Do not claim the art as your own, just common sense! - Do not heavily edit it (minor edits like adding a bg are okay). - Credit me by linking my profile in here if used on the site, otherwise credit my Toyhouse here!

💞 Will do / Won't do 💔

Will do: - Pokémon / Fakemon. - Furries. - Light Mechas (Like an Android/Half Robot). - Fan characters. - Canon characters.
Won't do: - Humans. - Hate art, religion, politics. - Super complex machinery. - Super muscular characters. - Old characters.
🌺 Pricing rate 🌺
100 500 500,000 $1

⭐ Sketchy Busts ⭐
100 500 500,000
🌵 Binary Headshots 🌵
300 1,500 1,500,000 $3
🌻 Icons 🌻
400 2,000 2,000,000 $4
🌼 Chibis 🌼
700 3,500 3,500,000 $7

💐 Others 💐
Mega Stones
50 250250k
Egg pass
50 250250k
Origin Sash
70 350350k
Daycare Pass x60
100 500500k
Box Boxes or 21 random boxes (Cute Box HIGHLY Preferred)
100 500500k
Shiny Charm
150 750750k
Nightmare Shroud
150 750750k
200 1k1m
PR Memory Stick
300 1,5k1,5m
Hypermode Vouchers
500+ 2,5k2,5m

⭐ Sketchy Busts ⭐

[centre][b]A sketchy bust please![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Expression/Pose:[/b] [b]Can I post this?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b][/centre]
Character belongs to PaintedCorgi on Telegram
Character belongs to Nurse

🌵 Binary Headshots 🌵

[centre][b]A headshot please![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Expression/Pose:[/b] [b]Sketch preview?:[/b] [b]Can I post this?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b][/centre]

🌻 Icons 🌻

[centre][b]An Icon please![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Blinking animation?:[/b] [b]What would you like?:[/b] [b]Sketch preview?:[/b] [b]Can I post this?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b][/centre]
Character belongs to TheMaleLunala!
Character commissioned by Janyne
Character belongs to aukah
Character belongs to ForeverAlice97!
Character belongs to Guzzlord!

🌼 Chibis 🌼

[centre][b]A Chibi please![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]What would you like?:[/b] [b]Sketch preview?:[/b] [b]Can I post this?:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b][/centre]
Character belongs to absoreon!
Character belongs to Rascal
Character belongs to @zephyrtune on Telegram
If you have 3 ❤ besides your name on the ''Finished work'' section this means you can ask for a 50% off discount just once per discount in one order until you gather 3 more, so when you gather 6 ❤ you'll be able to redeem another 50% and so on! It doesn't matter what kind of drawing you ordered, all of them applies for this system. I'll add names to this list when you have one ready to reedem and I'll remove them when you do. Note: The discounted piece will NOT count towards the 3 ❤, if you have 3 already and ask for a discount you'll still have 3 normal ❤ and I'll add a 💙 (blue heart) instead until you order a full price piece again! if you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you for your patronage!
✩ Reward List ✩ ▪ @dorgoat ▪ @venir ▪ @Svetty ▪ @Nurse

Permission to use Voucher Sprite given by Sei

× 9 Cute Boxes
Buying @ 25kcr / 25gp / 5zc
Icon | Bg source
Syre's AvatarSyre
Syre's Avatar
Aa your art is super cute!! Username: Syre Reference: Is this boyo alright for you? If not I can link someone else c: What would you like?: Maybe jumping around? He's a playful boyo :D Payment: GP
Avatar by Lumineu + Ruffwick Chao by Animela + sig by Obstagoon<3
Syre's Arto Bean & Gacha Shop!! Greyholde Adopts!!
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
@Syre What a cute boy!! He's perfect! I'll accept~ I'll go to sleep right now but I'll work on it asap when I wake up 💕! Thanks a lot for being my first customer!! I love your art ;v; 💜.
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
Boop boop, first comm is done!! I hope you like it, thank you so much again 💕

*Excited noises*

Syre's AvatarSyre
Syre's Avatar
Aaaaah he is the most adorable, pure boyo I have ever seen! He's so perfect ;w; I hope you don't mind if I order again? Username: Syre Reference: Is this girl alright for you? :D What would you like?: She's a regal, proud Kitsune so maybe looking majestic xD Payment: My soul GP
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
@Syre I'm glad!! and I don't mind at all, she's so pretty ;0; I'll accept!!
Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Username: Janyne Payment: 1.5m cr. Character name: (Tamed) Cheshinger (is a Monster Crown Monster, see below) Fandom (If not an OC): OC / adapted for Monster Crown

Cheshinger Reference

Cheshinger are hip-height, so 32 inches or ~90 cm tall. For more information, you could look at this forum post.

Extra Info

My character Milly is a PhD student researching Monster / Human interaction, currently engaged in a field study. Cheshinger is her tamed Monster (taming happens through a mutually agreed contract), and it helps her in her work by being a second pair of eyes & ears, alerting her both to Monsters she seeks & those they need to stay away from. It'll also create a diversion if they get into a pickle with a particularly nasty Monster, so she can escape first as his lithe, ethereal form is able to follow swiftly once she's reached safety. I'd love to have a few Cheshinger-only pieces to help me flesh it out a bit C:
Please let me know if you don't feel inspired by it -- in that case I'd love to dig around & see if I can find a character that does :) & Of course, let me know if you'd like more information ♡ I'm available to chat via Discord, as well!
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
@Janyne This is such a nice concept!! I'm a sucker for Cheshire Cat- inspired characters, and the concept overall is so good, just wanted to let you know ;0; Of course I accept, thank you!!
Janyne's AvatarJanyne
Janyne's Avatar
Fantastic, that's good news. Half payment sent ♡
KaseyLicht's AvatarKaseyLicht
KaseyLicht's Avatar
@Syre I hope you like it, it took a while but I loved drawing her!!


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