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PMD: Deep Shadows RP Thread [OPEN RP] [SEMI-LIT]

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Shadow rushed in to help. "Scuse me coming through!" Mischief has little choice but to follow, but her eyes lock with Shadow's and he directs a blade to point at the Scyther. Shadow asks "Can you launch a Dark Pulse thataway?" Mischief nods and fires without thinking. A moment later she realizes Shadow just dragged her into a fight, and that she used a move that could potentially give her away. She prayed the Scyther didn't happen to have Croagunk's movepool memorized. It was possible he had, if unlikely.
Always remember... Dark is not Evil, and Light is not Good. Well, unless you're Game Freak. (The Dark Type is called "Aku" in Japan, which means "Evil".) Avatar made from B2W2 Sprite by yours truly.

Pages: 123

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