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World Trainer RP

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tøxtricity's Avatartøxtricity
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Kiki stretched, approaching the... well, where was she? In the middle of the forest or something, as it seemed. Unsure of where to go or what she should do, she took a seat on a log and hummed to herself.
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Shinobu's AvatarShinobu
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Lanesra moved on, quickly changing focus. She walked not to far away to see a girl just older than her seating on top of a log. Hyacinth, the slender serperior's form slinking next to her. She turned her attention to the girl, she assumed she was a trainer, because why else would young children be unaccompanied by Pokemon or other trainers in the wild. Being her socially unable self she gazed towards the other young girl.
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
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Mercury stretched, striding towards the gate to Graff Town while her Darkrai b*tched behind her. She... was tired.

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"Do you have somewhere you can stay in the town for the night?" Roxy asked, Going next to Mercury while carrying Flare who was sleeping in her arms, Denki Followed Behind them
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
"Mmh. Pokecenter in there. No mart though. So." She walked into town, looking for the red building while slouched over.
"Here, Hold On" Roxy said, Stopping as she took out a Master ball, Sending out her Noivern "If You want Echo could find it while you rest a bit" Roxy said, Petting her noivern a little with her free bit of her hand, Kepping Flare in her arms
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
"Nah. I could get Ploom to just carry me there if I want, but... eh." She walked to the entrance, watching it slide open and stepping in.
"Alright" Roxy said, Returning Echo and followed Mercury inside, Denki was Following Roxy closely
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
She yawned, giving a peace sign/salute to the nurse and walking straight to the stairs after swiping a pair of keys. She tossed a pouch on the desk. It clinked with money.
Roxy set Flare down when he woke up and continued to follow, Denki was right behind Roxy

Pages: 123··· 1415161718··· 343536

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