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The Shining Ember of Alola (USUM/Ben 10 2016 Crossover)

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"It's not coming off," I eventually reported to the Tapu. Her name was Star, BTW. Ben had woken up midway through and Star had knocked him out again. We'd gone at it for an hour straight. At one point, my fellow Psychic-type went at Ben's wrist with a stick. "...rrrrr JUST KEEP HIM IN LINE!" Star snapped at me. She floated off, looking grumpier than a Tauros. Ben was still unconscious. I was bored...so I may or may not have started poking at his watch. I was bored! I'm a cat! What did you expect?! Anywhooo...I wound up discovering that the little faceplate with the hourglass emblem on it popped up. There was a silhouette of a Rattata. I poked the emblem. A bright flash went off, prompting me to cover my eyes with my paws and tail. When I removed them, Ben was nowhere to be seen. Strangely, a little Rattata slept in front of me instead. Could it be...NAH, that'd never happen. (...GURL)
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When the Rattata woke up, my fears were confirmed. He looked around, seeming very confused. "Wha..?" He looked around some more, and attempted to stand on his hind legs. When he fell and saw his paws, that little rat SCREAMED. "What?!" he screeched, patting himself down. That's when I realized-that Rattata was Ben! I don't know how, I don't know why, but it was! ...ohhhh this is my fault isn't it for fiddling with his watch whoops (sorry for another short post)
Ben was running in circles, all in a panic. I happened to be panicking as well. I mean, come on, I just inadvertently turned a kid into a Rattata! Wouldn't you panic?! (I don't have a lot of time and I have writer's block so this is all we have for now sorries)
"OHMYBUZZWOLEWHYYYYYYYYYYY" screamed Ben. He frantically tugged on his tail and whiskers. That looked...kinda painful to be honest. "This is a dream, it's gotta be," the boy-turned-Rattata hissed, "people don't randomly TURN INTO RATTATAS!" Erm, I suppose it wasn't random...I kinda caused it. OH WHAT AM I WRITING I DIDN'T "KINDA" CAUSE IT I DID CAUSE IT ohArceusohArceus what do I do THIS IS SO BAAAAAAD "What do I doooooo," I hissed to myself. The Rattata looked up. Oh great, he heard me. Spectacular. (/sarcasm)
"Oh great, just great," I mutter to myself. "Are you a Mew?" asks the Rattata. "No, I'm a tiny flying Jangmo-o," I snarked, "OF COURSE I'M A MEW!" Ben babbled something incoherent. He seems to do that a lot... "I'm talking to a Mew," he murmured in awe. "Yeah, yeah, whatever," I muttered, "sorry about the Rattata thing..." "Wait, are you the reason I'm a Rattata?!" snarled Ben. "Not on purpose!" I yowled. "I didn't know this was gonna happen and I was bored and I didn't know the watch would do that and..." That babbling went on for a good few minutes. When I finally calmed down, Ben had somehow turned back to normal and was staring at me. "Whaaat..?" I muttered. How had he-y'know something tells me I don't wanna know. (I. AM. NOT. DEAD!)
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"...you feel better now?" he asked sarcastically. "Yeah..." I muttered. "Well in that case..." he began, before sharply inhaling. "OHMYSOLGALEOAMEWISTALKINGTOME!" Ben shrieked. I winced. Cat hearing is...not always spectacular. "...my name's Madeline," I remark, "and I'm only here because my Gothitelle pal said something big was gonna happen. Something happened." "The meteorite?" "Or the TURNING INTO A RATTATA!" "Fair point." (nobody tell him Maddie's been watching since this morning)
"So, what do you think this thing is?" Ben asked. "Don't look at ME," I replied. "I know as much 'bout that as you do." "Except I don't know how to make it work," the boy responded. I tilted my head in confusion. "You were the one who turned me into a Rattata," he explained, "surely you figured it out?" I gave him the rundown of what happened, including Star going at it with a stick. "So...twist it, then smack it down," said Ben. "Got it." "You can't think-!" "Turning into a Pokemon might be useful?" he finished for me. "Rattatas are tiny and can get ANYWHERE."
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Pages: 123

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