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"Why did you get me this..thing? Eevees ARE BROWN!" Maxwell yelled at his father. "Son, you don't understand how valuable that Eevee is." His dad tried to reason with him, but to no avail. "Oh yeah? If it was valuable, IT'D NOT LOOK LIKE SOMEONE THREW PAINT ON IT!" Maxwell yelled, still holding the Eevee his dad bought him. "Son, only every one in 4000 or so is like that Eevee, it's incredibly rare!" Maxwell's dad was getting irritated. "Why did you have to get this one?! It's like that stupid Scraggy! It's not normal, and it's worthless!" Maxwell opened up the front door, and noticed just how bad the storm looming over him was. "Get out of my life, you lame excuse for an Eevee!" Maxwell yelled, as he kicked the Eevee onto the porch, and slammed the door. "Grrooorrvee?" The Eevee cried sadly, trying to get her owner's attention, while pawing at the door. 'Wha...what did I do wrong? I'm sorry, please let me in! I'm scared!' "It's no use." A pokemon called. "Who's there?!" The Eevee called into the rain, cowering up against the door. "Oh, Arceus, didn't mean to scare ya!." A figure emerged from the distance. A Scrafty appeared from the bucketing rain. "I was also his pet. He rejected me as well. I am a poison delta Scrafty, and I'm sorry to tell you trying to get back in will result in failure." The Scrafty said, as the Eevee slowly calmed down. "Oh, how rude, I forgot to introduce myself! Name's Alec. Not...Not my choice, of course, but it wasn't my choice to be a delta, either so....Anyways, what's your name?" "I...don't....I don't have a name." The Eevee called back."Oh, well, you look, and quite frankly, act like a lavender to me. So I will just call you Lavender." "Lavender...I..I like it..." She replied, jumping off of the porch to walk up to her new friend. "So, Alec, what did you do?" Lavender asked. "Well, Follow me. It's hard to explain." Alec started toward the mountain range that was near the house. Once there, Alec walked over to a trapdoor that had been hidden in the mountain range, and asked Lavender to go inside. Inside, Lavender saw about 20 pokemon, a lot were just like her. Among the pokemon, were a Pyroar with a glass eye, a shiny, blind Houndoom, sniffing the ground, and a Shiny Poochyena hinding in the Pyroar's mane, snickering. "HEY!" The Houndoom barked suddenly, causing Lavender to jump. "You aren't Alec! Where is he?!" It aggresively asked, slowly approaching Lavender in a pouncing position. Alec jumped down from the trapdoor, landing in between Lavender and the Houndoom. "Nick, That's ENOUGH!" Alec called. The Houndoom sat down promptly, embarrased by his actions. "This is our newest member, Lavender. Came from the same home I did." Alec said "Forgive him. He's overprotective of me, always has been since we met, back when he wasn't blind as a Zubat, and I was a Scraggy." Alec turned to Lavender. The Poochyena had slipped off of the Pyroar and was creeping toward Lavender from behind. "HEY, LAVENDER!" It pounced playfully onto Lavender. "Karina, that's ENOUGH!" Alec said. "Do...I know you?!" Lavender asked the Poochyena. "Of course you do! We were at the same trading convention, before Max got you!" Karina replied. "Oh my Arceus." Alec said, facepalming. "I got to go. I'll be back before the Lunatone gets out of the box." Alec called, staring at the Lunatone they found earlier, who was strangely addicted boxes. Lavender started into the group of pokemon. This was going to be one wild ride. (THIS IS WIP, MORE ON THIS SOON. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR, THANKS IF YOU MADDE IT THIS FAR! ONLY BY PM PLEASE! NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IS ACCEPTED AS LONG AS ITS TRUTHFUL!
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