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S/A/D Bunbori Pricing

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thompheda's Avatarthompheda
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hello everyone! i was hoping some people who sell specials often may be able to give me their opinions on pricing for s/a/d bunboris. i'm bad at pricing general specials, but a legendary exclusive....i haven't the slightest clue! i'm looking for a couple different answers since pricing is really based on opinion, but i'd love to hear about how other exclusives get priced, and if you know anyone or you yourself have ever sold any bunboris/seen anybody selling them. hopefully this is posted in the right place - if not, please let me know! thanks!
Gilded's AvatarGilded
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They don't go for as much as other legends since you buy the eggs directly for about half of what cheaper summons go for If I'm remembering correctly, I think I bought my shiny for 1k Gp and my albino for 1.6k (bought from different people) although you could probably get away charging more As for deltas, I see most 30k pkmn sell for 300-500Gp
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Mouse 13's AvatarMouse 13
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Hunted and sold bunbori myself. Don't be scared to put your price high, especially for the albinos. I sold shinies for 600gp and they sold like hotcakes. If I did it again I'd sell shinies for at least 800gp and albinos more than double that. They're highly sought after because so few people hunt them, and they're so difficult to hunt because of the high exp. Only lower your price if they don't sell after a while. Better off starting too expensive than too cheap
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I'd probably concur with what was said here already. I bought a shiny for my friend back when the Mega Stone had just been released for 1k GP, so I think 800-1000 for shinies is understandable. For Deltas, I'd be willing to dish out up to 500 for a Dark type Delta because I collect them, but keep in mind that I collect them. Someone who buys Deltas for fun might not be willing to spend so much on a Delta. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't set that price. It just means that if you do, you might not get anyone but collectors like me interested. Which, maybe that's what you want, I dunno 😂
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thompheda's Avatarthompheda
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thank you three so much for the insight! i wasn't sure if there was anyone who'd bought/sold to answer so i'm super happy about that. i really appreciate the input ^^

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