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Never-Ending Nightmare ! (Ghost July 2019)

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iqqy's Avatariqqy
iqqy's Avatar
Hello hello ! I noticed we were lacking a Ghost thread, so it looks like I will be your 👻 Spooky Ghost Host 👻 this month ! B^D This is my first time hosting a type race thread, so I am very open to suggestions and feedback via PMs. You may also PM me if you need any help at all and I will do my best to assist you ! Type Race Start: July 14th Type Race End: July 20th Mascots: **PM with a platform code if you'd like to add a mascot !

Teammates & Clicklist

Team Clicklist ! iqqy - SLIME - xRequiemx - Random bloobear - Random TransientReality - airdragoon - CherryClaw - Random Kannameyria - / Hyeon-U - hedjeroo - rabid k - CapedLuigisYoshi - Random Cherry-Blossom - lebluewolfie - SinkingWafers - ikiryou - Emtree032 - Ranbom Sina142 - Gragon Disp - Random Bella-Chan - kaiforest - Random oddicchio - Sumeragi - BatWink - Tema - CorvidsAiden - Random BiggieTheTroll88 - OkamiMako - luxaeterna - Random Ballboy - kingk0ala - Random ShotoNemar - Random VyrusVoyd - Random

Iggy's Advice

Try to have any Ghost pair in your Daycare, even if you're not doing a specific hunt - it's important to generate eggs for everyone. • If you're hatching random eggs, try to pick Ghost eggs that are dual-type with whatever the current V-Wave is. This will help your eggs hatch a little faster. • If you have time, go through the clicklist more than once ! I recommend using the provided CSS - not only the code that highlights Ghost eggs in the shelter, but the Party Clicking Modification code that can be found in Corviknight's thread right here. • Be yourself and have fun ! B^D


Over here ! Please comment your score using the [inventory=typerace] code in order to enter.

Egg Chart

3840 none
50% ground
5120 none
50% poison
50% electric
50% water
50% fire
50% steel
50% grass
50% grass
50% fairy
50% dark
50% ground
50% grass
7680 none
50% flying
50% dark
30720 none
50% dragon
50% psychic
50% fighting
50% fire

Points Chart

for the new scoring system.
cycles ehp points
5 1280 1
10 2560 2
15 3840 3
20 5120 4
25 6400 5
30 7680 6
35 8960 7
40 10240 8
80 20480 16
120 30720 24

Breeding Pairs

Seeking Pairs SLIME - seeking Phantump pair ! Loaning Pairs rabid k: ">90%: misdreavus, phantump x2, drifloon, pumpkaboo, 99%: mimikyu, shelter pass S and X, and i'll give daycare pass packs to anyone who needs them" TransientReality: "Trevenant, Gourgeist, Spiritomb and Mimikyu, any passes up to S"

shelter css

highlights eggs of the specified type in the shelter. created by bishop, edited by gonplei. find it here!
template by majima
Bigender Sewaddle-sona made by my girlfriend Gladio <3
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SLIME's Avatar
yesss I've been waiting for this thread!! I'm on this team again this month and i'm probably going to hunt phantump.. if anyone has a phantump pair I'd love to borrow/buy it! Ghost is such a cool type
Lv. 34 — 2,310 / 4,463
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Timid nature
avatar is from the pokemon anime
iqqy's Avatariqqy
iqqy's Avatar
Hello, Slime ! I've added you ! I agree, I'm really excited to be ghost hunting this month. B^3 👻👻👻
xRequiemx's AvatarxRequiemx
xRequiemx's Avatar
Hi there! I'm on ghost this month but I may just hatch random eggs. All depends on how far I get through my current hunt queue.
bloobear's Avatarbloobear
bloobear's Avatar
hello! ive never done this before, but i got ghost for the first time this month, and since i love that type so much i decided to participate this time! i don't think ill be hatching one specific pokemon, id rather fill my dex with various ghosties~
*Spooky Scary Skeletons plays at max volume* Hello everyone~! I'm on this sp00py team this month! Once I get my hands on a breeding pair I intend to hatch Misdreavus since I don't have any specials of those yet. I'm gonna slide my girl Titan in as a Mascot suggestion.

Here's her code

By Mataamoja
Avatar by FSharp. Visit my Velvet Room.
airdragoon's Avatarairdragoon
airdragoon's Avatar
Hi guys, I'm on this team. :) I was going to hunt Rotom but I switched to Pumpkaboo instead.
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CherryClaw's AvatarCherryClaw
CherryClaw's Avatar
Heyo! I'm on this team this month <(〃^▽^〃)> I'll be hatching random eggs. Super excited to be on this team this month!
Kannameyria's AvatarKannameyria
Kannameyria's Avatar
thankyou for starting the thread iggy, I'm on the team, but having problems with my comp so not sure how the race will go yet. most likely will be breeding spiritomb again, maybe misdreavus too :)

Avatar credit

(isn't the Pokefarm 2017 day 11 advent gif just the cutest thing ever :) )
iqqy's Avatariqqy
iqqy's Avatar
Hello everyone !! B^D Everyone has been added, as well as our lovely new mascot, Titan ! I'm so happy to see everyone pumped up for the Nightmare !! A gentle tip: even if you intend to hatch random eggs, please try to have a ghost breeding pair of any percent in your Daycare, so that you're generating some eggs for the team ! [ I'll make a Tips tab on the main post shortly, and try to make some pairs to hand out. ]

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