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Some Nerd's Doodles

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OPEN! Welcome to my Traditional Art Shop! Current Sale: Big Birthday Bash! All art is half the usual price between August 29-August 31 EST time!( -4 server hours. Loyalty Program discounts are ineffective during this time )


Here's the basics! 1.) ALL PFQ RULES APPLY! 2.) Stay within the limits of my wills! 3.) Don't ask for won'ts please...! 4.) Credit my PFQ account if you use the art on a different site. 5.) This is a Traditional Art shop. This means that your art will be drawn in the physical world. 6.) TWO ART PIECES PER ORDER MAX! Unless that is, you're part of the Grape Membership. 7.) Please don't rush me...! 8.) Pictures will not come with shading or color unless you want it, though your order will cost more. Well, time to get started!


I will do: Humans, Anthros + Furries, Pokemon, Gajinkas, OCs, and anything else I say okay to! I will NOT do: Full animals, complex designs We cool? Cool.

Types of Art!(BIG ART INCOMING!)


I'll draw you a character's head! No examples yet >-<


I'll draw you a character from the waist(or higher) up!
Tiny belongs to me


I'll draw you a full character!
Character design by me, only for bulbasaurÔWÔ's use

Vocaloid Lyric-Themed(somewhat edgy)

I'll draw a character with an influence from a Vocaloid song.
Original design of Marx made by Nintendo and HAL Inc. 'Monster' created by YouTube user KIRA. Gajinka design and art by me


I'll draw a cute chibi of a character! No examples yet >-<

Mystery Doodle!

I'll draw you a random character in a random style! No examples yet, though I don't think you need examples-

Prices and other means of pay

Headshots = 2/10/10k Bust = 5/25/25k Fullbody = 20/100/100k Vocaloid Themed = 15/75/75k Chibi = 5/25/25k Mystery Doodle = 10/50/50k + Shading = 2/10/10k + Color = 1/5/5k

Other ways to Pay!

Don't have enough money to pay? That's okay! There are other ways to pay! /
Medium Fairy/Grass gems
= 5/equiv Another other Medium Gems = 1-3/equiv(It depends on the type) /
Large Fairy/Grass gems
= 10/equiv Any other Large Gems = 6-9/equiv(It depends on the type)
Any kind of box
= 20/equiv
Box Box
= 40/equiv //
Music Box, GS Ball, or Wishing Stone
= 100/equiv
= 50/equiv
Daycare Passes
= 5/equiv per pass
Daycare Pass x10
= 50/equiv per pack
Daycare Pass x60
= 100/equiv
Tier 5 Mega Stone Voucher
= 150/equiv


Normal Art

REN! MAKE ME A PRETTY PICTURE WITH A PENCIL! Username: Type of Art: Character Ref: Color?: Payment: Are you subbed?: Other:

Mystery Doodle

REN! MAKE ME A MYSTERY PICTURE! Username: Preferred Character Type(Human, Antro, Gijinka, ect.): Preferred Gender: Color?: Payment: Are you subbed?: Other:

Loyalty Program, AKA the Grape Memebership

HERE'S THE COOL PART GAMERS! IF YOU BUY ART FROM ME ENOUGH TIMES, YOU CAN GET DISCOUNTS! So, here's the whole truth. As a normal buyer, you get two pieces max. But, as a Grape Seed, you get 10% off. As Seedless Grape, you can get three with a 25% off price guarantee! And as a Grape Bunch, you get 50% off and five pieces per order! Pretty cool, huh?

Grape Seeds

People who have asked for art five times! flutteristhebest

Seedless Grapes

People who have bought ten pieces of art! N/A

Grape Bunch

Wow. You bought TWENTY pieces of art? Jeez... Thanks so much! N/A

Advertise Me!

No banners shown were made by me, all credit to the creators of these banners!


1.) [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/225530/Some-Nerd-s-Doodles][img]https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/62afd3fd-a4ef-11e9-a47a-5ffb5e6381d0.gif[/img][/url]
*slams down door* hello there Username: flutteristhebest Type of Art: Bust Character Ref: yes it's a roblox decal don't sue me :c (a friend made it) Color?: uhhh... nah Payment: A box and 5 gp. Are you subbed?: you bet i am Other: i might be coming here often, with boxes - also, if you don't wanna draw her wings, that ok
Signature in progress (again). GIF is of Kris from Deltarune (Toby Fox).
accepted fellow gamer. and because you're my first customer, you're automatically bumped to Grape Seed.
DING DING ORDER UP! I'm sorry about the quality but I'll get you a batter quality pic tomorrow morning.

QUOTE originally posted by SerenaandPeach

DING DING ORDER UP! I'm sorry about the quality but I'll get you a batter quality pic tomorrow morning.
thanks payment will now be yeeted
Bump, + Update one: New Art type added: Mystery Doodle!
oh boy another update bump: Mains: - Colors and Shading now require payment - Chibi art style now added Not so important: -More payment options
REN! MAKE ME A MYSTERY PICTURE! Username: bulbasaurOWO Preferred Character Type(Human, Antro, Gijinka, ect.): pokemon Preferred Gender: either Color?: hmm sure Payment: gp Are you subbed?: yerp Other: thanks~
PFP art by PupperCakes
(OH DANG SOMEONE ELSE CARES!) Alright, getting on it immediately! Side note, its going to be a randomly picked Pokemon, so, if you don't like what you get, please tell me, and I can fix it up for you!
Alright, cool~ I like pretty much every pokemon so anything is great! I can advertise you if you want, btw ^^

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