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Fate of the Rebellious (Actual RP)

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Mewtwo has taken over the world and wiped out all humans and all the legendaries on the planet. Only Regular, shiny, and mythical Pokémon remain, and most of them aren’t too happy about it. Some, like Ash and friends’ Pokemon (from Kanto to Alola), have gone into hiding and formed a rebellion. Others have mastered the ability to mega evolve and use z-moves by themselves. In desperate attempts to remake the world population, Pokemon have cross-bred resulting in fusions, and despite being number 1 on Mewtwo’s kill list, Arceus escaped the slaughter and gone into hiding, but he’s too weak to stop Mewtwo, so it’s up to a select few to stop him. Along the way, these select few will meet Arceus, become rebels and go into hiding with Ash’s Pokémon, and make new friends, and discover secrets that will change their lives forever.




Lord Celery




Now that that’s over with, let’s start teh RP....
The sun rises over a land ruled by Mewtwo, but rebellion is starting to pop up in different areas. Starting from this day forward, an era has ended, and new era begins...((OOF still trying to figure that part out you can start RPing))
This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.
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Skylar It was the break of dawn. A Flygon was hiding out by the Laverre City Gym where she was holding a Comet Shard. She sighs a bit in loneliness. "I know only Pokemon remain, but it's a bit lonely here..." She went back to watching the sun rise. Jayla It was in the outskirts of Unovas Castiela City that a odd looking Mew was floating near the now ruined buildings. "Oh man. Looks like it's a long time til I see anybody again.." She looks into the distant horizon ahead of her. Diana Now was a horrible time. Just being there, on her own, no trainer to protect her. "Oh... I really h-hate this... Feel so unsecure..." Anytime a faint rustle was heard she'd dive into any nearby foliage in attempt to hide.
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Hazel Hazel has awoken from her occasional nap in this terrible world, she felt safe in her ice cave. She went to the entrance to the cave and let out a terrible draconic roar Addie Addie was wandering the ruins of her old home, the closest things she had to family gone, there is nothing left for her here she might as well leave
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amber woke up in her very hot cave amd went outside to get some berrys since her stock whould only last her untill lunch untikl she found them most of the berrys that she picks regualy have fallen off and have been munched on by other critters
Cherry sighed as her father led her outside into the forest. "Come now, dear, you need some sunlight in your life. You can't stay im the cave forever." Her father said. "Besides I need to gather more food for the stock. Help me find some berries." "Yes, father." Cherry nodded and looked around blindly. She could see the ground and bushes if she raised her head and lowered her eyes.
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Amia: In a field lies a rocky den inhabited by a mother and child. A grown Mightyena walked into her home, carrying a couple berries in her mouth. She dropped them near by her child, Amia, who was peacefully sleeping on her bed of crumpled leaves. "Wake up, Amia," said the mother, nuzzling her young, "it's time to get up." Amia's ears flickers from the sweet sound of her mom. She gave a big yawn, rolled on to her belly, and bobbed her head. "Morning, mom," she mumbled, "is food ready?" The Mightyena nodded, as she went behind her daughter's side and lay down her exhausting body. Amia sniffs at her meal and ate them, one by one. Gregor: As the sun rises, its rays glared at an Archeops, sleeping next to a boulder in the woods. The Archeops raises his head and gave a quick yawn while scratching its neck. He looked at the horizon and sighs. "Blasted sun," He said in annoyance, "atleast it hasn't changed." He later placed his head down to the grassy floor, closing his eyes and drift back to sleep.
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
amber went out to maybe find someone thqt can share some of there berrys with her so she when to other caves with her small berry stock to find maybe a new cave but mostky someone who can share there berrys with her

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