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Autumn “Oh um... no that’s alright.” The pachirisu said with a small, sheepish smile. She turned away from looking at Nasir and then to Scarlet. “It’s alright. I would feel weird just throwing myself in there.” She mentioned.
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Sprite made by BurningRose. Bulbasaur Charmander fusion
Sprite made by BurningRose. Ivysaur Charmeleon fusion
Sprite made by BurningRose. Venusaur Charizard fusion
Sprite made by BurningRose
I'm sure you can tell that I love the Generation One starters.
[Houda and Nasir - The City] The eagle pokémon that was preforming flips in the air began to near the ground. Landing with grace (well, almost), Nasir was on the ground, in front of the Pachirisu and the Vulpix. He bowed with one wing outstretched. “And thank you lovely citizens for watching my most wonderful daily somersaults!” The eagle proclaimed proudly. A melanistic Garchomp can be seen looming right behind the bird, looking quite disappointed. [Grant - Forest] The Raikou that was speeding by few minutes ago was now taking a nap on one of the flat rocks he spotted. The beast laid on his left side, his eyes closed as he contently snoozed away. Why did the legendary beast choose to sleep out in the open? Grant didn’t seem to care.
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Scarlet "Oh okay!" Scarlet said and watched as the Halawir v.2 landed next to them. "That was amazing!" She said, complimenting him. "I should join you next time, kid!" Her tails flickered in excitment with her words.
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Pages: 123

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