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Mud Wars!

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DarkTempest's AvatarDarkTempest
DarkTempest's Avatar
I love Mudbray and Mudsdale so imma start a story. Follow if you want but don't post please! This should be updated with more of the story everytime i'm online. It had been 5 months since the Mud Wars had begone. It all started when King Ghastfall kidnapped my sister, Princess Sunny. My father, King Mudcrush, had told me that King Ghastfall had wanted to marry her but she turned him down. Then he kidnapped her in her sleep. She fought back but she couldn't get the ghastly gaurds to losen their grips. Now she is locked in his castle somewhere. Now ourkingdoms are fighting against each other. Our soldiers have managed to fend their armies off for this long but how long before the Ghastly Army take control? Who am I you ask? I am Price Mudsprayer I of Mud Kingdom (The fifth kingdom. We have 5 kingdoms). There are 5 kingdoms in which different pokemon reign. We have the Ghastly Kingdom, the Mud Kingdom, the Absol Kingdom, the Lilligent Kingdom, and the Lycanroc Kingdom and all have been peaceful for over 100 years until the Ghastly Kingdom disturbed the peace by kidnapping my sister.


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DarkTempest's AvatarDarkTempest
DarkTempest's Avatar
UPDATE: Updates to the story will happen tomorrow! Also, my shop is full of Mudbray so if you want to buy Mudbray and make your own story with characters and name the pokemon after the charcters then come PM me. :)

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