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TeH LAb Rp

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Welcome To TeH lAb

You are a Pokémon looking for a summer job in Castelia City. A building about the size of A small office building catches your eye, on the front wall is a sign that says TeH lAb, on a window is a sign that says hiring. You decide to enter, the lobby is pretty normal, you wonder what they do here, there is a desk at the back of the room with a young half shiny Rockruff sitting at it, she looks up “Are you here to apply?”


  • Dont be mean to other Roleplayers!
  • Hate the character not the person!
  • Please nothing crazy
  • Fusions and Shinys are allowed but no mega or pure legendaries(or mythicals)
  • Use the Forms!
  • 1 character per person!(don’t change your character once accepted)
  • I have the right to deny any characters
  • Please do not cause unneeded drama!
  • Slight romance (with other persons permission)is allowed just nothing gross
  • Please fill out forms with detail
  • No Godmodding, and let other RPer’s choose their own actions
Breaking any of these rules will result in this sequence Warning, Warning, Temp Ban, Permaban


I’ll be these boyos!


QUOTE originally posted by Lord Celery

Name: Pekoe Username: Lord Celery Appearance


Personality: Pretty chill, will help out with stuff, enjoys tea, Modest nature Moveset: Toxic Leaf Storm Protect Solar Beam


QUOTE originally posted by BlueAssassin247

Name: Ebonyf Nicknames: None Username: Blueassassin247 Apearance: Personality: Has the Timid nature, but when she warms up to you she can be bouncing off the walls at times. She is very protective of friends and children. Will steal your chocolate. Moveset: Pursuit Dark Pulse Shadow Ball Toxic


QUOTE originally posted by milove

Name: Tama Nicknames: N/A Username: Milove Apearance:Tama's Toyhouse Tama is a Shiny Kabuto/Skitty fusion, originally created as a project to bring back fossil pokemon in a different form. He was treated well until he was released when the project was forced to stop for unknown reasons. And yes, in this rp, he can talk despite not having a mouth (it's more of a echo-ish voice, like telepathy but everybody can hear it) Personality: He's very friendly and trusts everyone, refusing to see anything wrong with even the worst of people. He also has a strange obsession with hoarding anything green, even he doesn't know where this came from. Moveset: Water Gun Headbutt Scratch Brine

QUOTE originally posted by VictoriusVictini


Name: Lyca Nicknames: None. Username: VictoriusVictini Apearance: Lyca is a fusion of Lycanroc and Excadrill.

Appearance made by me

Personality: Lyca’s kind, caring, willing to help anyone in need. He’s afraid of water, but anything else is okay for him. Ability: Sand Force Moveset: Drill Run Detect Rock Tomb Sandstorm


QUOTE originally posted by KittyCatWarrior

Name: skipper Nicknames:Skipps/Skippy Username:KittyCatWarrior Apearance: Skitty with a collar with a heart, darker colors and heart shaped fur on tail tufts Personality: kind loving sweet love baking and people Moveset: Swift tackle Zen head butt tickle


QUOTE originally posted by Vulpix88

Name: Aurora Nicknames: Aly, Rory Username: Vulpix88 Apearance: A Furret but her back stripes alternate between normal and shiny colored. Personality: Hardworking and even if a big fight is going on around her she'll stay perfectly focused. Moveset: Attract Baby Doll Eyes Swift Take Down


QUOTE originally posted by Silkywày55

Name: Slyvia Nicknames:Slyvie Username:Silkyway55 Apearance: A Siny slyveon with a candy necklace around her neck. Personality: Her personality is timid Moveset: Fairy wind Moonblast Covet Swift
setup is here
Avatar Durant AFD pokemon showdown ‘Heh Kevin Durant’ *Deltarune comes out*Me: My life just got Deltaruined +*^Journal^*+ Please rp with me?
"Yes, I am." Ebony responded. "What all do I need to do to apply?" She looks around at a few of the plants and paintings.
Polls LF Deltas! PFP by Poppy Charmander Type Race: 277
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove.Art
“Oh you just need to fill out the form(aka setup) but it looks like your ready!” Said the rockruff. “I’m Kyran” she reviews the form “oh! Your Ebony! Levi talks about you all the time! Nice to meet you in the fur, Levi is upstairs but if you need help just ask!”
A fusion walked in the door and said “Hi, I’m here to see about a job offer.”
This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.
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Previously DuskmaneNecomza!
sig by etherea | avatar and sig is official victini art
"Nice to meet you as well." She says with a small bow. She looks over at the entering Lycanrock. "Hello. I'm gonna go upstairs and speak to Levi if you don't mind." She says looking around to find the stairs.
Lord Celery's AvatarLord Celery
Lord Celery's Avatar
Pekoe walked in, curious about the place "This is... interesting"
PFP by S0mbra

Adopt Shop

Trade Shop

Sprite Shop

“Welcome both of you! As you might’ve heard I’m Kyran! If you need help just ask! Levi is upstairs, could I see your forms?”
“Sure, here you go.” Lyca says. He hands over the form he filled out earlier.
Lord Celery's AvatarLord Celery
Lord Celery's Avatar
She gave Kyran her form, waiting for the Rockruff to accept it
“Both accepted! Levi is upstairs!” She was in a good mood, I mean who wouldn’t be when your employing new people! A small bug like Pokémon an a peculiar colored zoroark burst through a door near the stairs “COME BACK H3R -“ the Zoroark shouted before chasing the insectoid pokemon through another door

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