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Delmont League- A Pokèmon Trainer Rp- Actual RP.

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The sun shone brightly on the S.S Zacian that was on course to the island of Culis in the Delmont Archipelago. Several Trainers were on the ferry, going there to hopefully work their way to the Delmont Cup; a long lasting tradition on the island. Amongst the crowd on the boat was Ivory Vanes; she treasured her partners dearly. They were here since a rumor was spread about a Contest on the island, since they happened quite often. "Well guys, are you ready to explore Culis?" Her Sentret, Milky, nodded with pure energy and her Snivy, Liah, was nuzzling against her hair; her way of agreeing. It would be a while before they reached the island, so everyone had a wide interval to get to know one another. EVERYBODY CAN POST NOW!
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A salty breeze blew though the air as Kaz was resting on his chair. He awoke to the sound of rough housing. "Baxter! Gex! Calm down please?" He said to his Eevee and Grovyle. They looked at each other then sat down. Kaz then began to panic as Bojack his Wimpod was nowhere to be seen. He looked under his seat and found it cowering with Maria his Togetic trying to calm him down. Finally there was Prankster who was enjoying a fresh lemonade from his bag. "We'll arrive soon so make sure to stay together okay?" He said to his team. He may seem strict but Kaz truly loves his pokemon. Especially Bojack. He seems to be afrid of almost anything but Kaz would put his life on the line fo him. Kaz then caught notice of his Grovyle which was near a Kid carrying a large and unstable ice cream cone. Kaz's face went from tired to mortified as the child tripped. He fell and began to cry but in ice cream cone landed on Gex' head. Baxtor and Prankster immediatly got a grip on him as a dark aura began to surge from his body. His eyes became red and his mouth began to foam. Kaz immediatly returned him. His pokeball rattled and shook but it eventually stopped. Kaz began to become even more worried. He tries to train Gex and Xeg but they seem to never get along. The mother came over and deeply apologized while handing him a small pearl. Kaz accepted and went back to sleep waiting to arrive to the island. SO EXCITED TO ARRIVE!!!!
The salty breeze blowing over the ocean brought with a Murkrow flying gently beside the ship, never straying to far, though occasionly would do loop you are such a show off Hugin!" a femine voice called. The voice belonged to a young female trainer standing by the boat railing, the Murkrow belonged to her, she had had Sleipnir, her Ponyta, out but he had seemed to have a bit of a dislike for the breeze though Freya, as the trainer was named, figured it was more likely because they where sourrunded by water on all sides and he was a fire-type after all. The Murkrow let out a caw as if dissagreing with its trainer before it flew back to the ship and settled onto her left shoulder, earning a gentle scractch on his head from Freya
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Hannah Samarer, Hazel for friends, was walking from stern to bow on the ferry when she heard someone say 'you are being such a show off'. She looked around and noticed a Murkrow doing a loop. The Wooper in her arms looked curious to the other pokemon, her Bulbasaur walking next to her was less interested. She didn't have her Mudbray out as the poor thing got seasick easily. When the Murkrow landed on the shoulder of a female trainer she asumed they belonged together. Travelling also meant meeting new people and she was eager to make friends. "Hello there, nice loop your pokemon made." Wooper nodded enthousiaticly in agreement, Bulbasaur hardly reacted.
Freya tensed when she heard the voice, and turned to face the other trainer slowly, a sigh of relief escaped when she saw the other girl, a smile forming on her features, Thank you. Hugin here does like to come out and stretch his wings whenever he can.....often he also pulls off some kind of trick to, honestly I think he does it just to impress lady Pokemon..ow" she said, Hugin having puffed up at the comment, before letting out a loud angry caw in her ear at her last comment
A salty breeze slapped Kiuryos in the face, and stumbled backwards. His Dartrix checked on him, but he says: "I'm ok, Dart. It's just that breeze is strong." His Dartrix flew up into the sky, doing 360 spin as he went up. "Dart," Kiuryos says. "Come down from there, you might get blown away!" The Dartrix came down perched itself on his shoulder, saying: "Dartrix Dar.
"Ok, but that was pretty awesome."
" His Rockruff, which was asleep, woke up and lay down next to Kiuryos. "We'll be there soon," Kiuryos said. "Just a little bit farther." Looking out into the horizon, he could see the tops of an island. He remembered the news ad for the Delmont Cup, and thought: 'I'll win the Delmont Cup. If not for me, them for my family!'
This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.
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Milky was intrigued by the nearby Dartrix and went over to admire it. Sentri-saii.
You look nice...
Ivory walked over to her excited partner, clearly happy he tried socialising with another pokèmon for once. She turns to the boy after scooping her Sentret up. "Oh Milk, when will you not let your curiosity get the better of you?" , she says while returning him to his pokèball. "Sorry if he's a bother to you. My name's Ivory! Can I ask yours? Oh, and this Snivy you see here is Liah!" Voi?! Sny vii...
"That's just you, huh Liah? Your shy self as always...", Ivory smiles while she keeps her treasured partner from falling off of her shoulder from the shock she felt when Ivory randomly asked her to introduce herself to the other trainer. @Vic, can I call you that?
Meicoo sighed in delight, letting the sea breeze ruffle her hair. "What a beautiful day!" she declared. Her Litleo seemed to agree, giving a little cub-roar into the wind. The trainer patted her Fire-type on the head, but soon regretted it. "OW!" yelped Meicoo, recoiling. She put her hand in her mouth. She had forgotten about her Litleo's mane... Just then, the trainer's pink hat went flying off her head. She muttered a muffled "Drat" around her singed hand, then went running after it. The hat itself went floating on the breeze towards Ivory and Kiuryos. (@Vulpix, @Victorious) (It's not too short is it?)
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(No, you did fine for a first post!) Liah acted like a literal ninja and leapt up to catch the lilac hat with the navy blue ribbon. Sne?! Voi vee...
Okay, people are losing hats now?! What the actual heck...
Ivory passed the hat down to the orange dressed girl, hoping Liah would get some credit...that hat could've been important, and she always liked to see her precious friend happy. Liah always reacted positively to getting rewarded! And Ivory couldn't help but know it was true.
Braixen101's AvatarBraixen101
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"Vulpix, we are finally in cioilis (is that how you spell it?)!" Lillie confidently said. Looking at the sea as the boat just landed, Lillie was all full of condifence. "Ev-eevee!" Her eevee yipped.

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