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Dark Mystery Tales (read the 1st hide box)

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POLL: so uh, do you think all the painful hours i put into making this is worth it in the end?

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POLL: Are the stories too long?

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Read Me!!

Heyoo this was kinda inspired by Aryafire1's Alolan Adventures and i didnt wanna make it look like im a theif cause im not.. (oof) thats why im telling literally everyone to read this- anyways if you dont know the characters ill have them somewhere in this post but yee (i also made sure it was alright that i did this inspiration thingy.)
coMMENTs welcome as well as any story ideas you'd like to add, im keeping all stories here.

stories by me

Meet the Pokemon!

Cynthia: An absol with dark gray instead of white, light gray instead of blue, and dark red eyes. (female), you will see a Melan absol for Cynthia, since it matches the most. : Shade (male) : Moon (male) : Sunburst (Female) : Forest (Male) : Lunar (Male) : X (Male) : Flameburst (Female) : Shuriken (Male) : Shadow (Male) : Dreameater (Male) : Light/Star *Light will be represented by a shiny eevee, star represented by an albino eevee* (both male, children of Moon) : Narrator

Cooking Class

: *standing next to the oven, watching the spaghetti noodles on the stovetop* : Whatcha doing there, X? : Oh nothing, just waiting for these to finish. : Here, Cynthia noticed the stove wasn't even on. : Where's the recipe? : Right here. *handing her the recipe* : While reading, she found the time/temperature settings. : So that means.. I could do.. That hot for one minute.. : WAIT CYNTHIA! : Oh yeah! I could do 10 seconds! : That's not how cooking works- : You're right! 1 SECOND IT IS! : YOU'RE GONNA BURN THE GYM DOWN!! : I'M GONNA USE THE HEAT OF THE SUN!! : YOU'RE GONNA BURN THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN!!!! : AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH : X bashes the stove before Cynthia can do anything. : I need to get you into a cooking class.. : *watched the whole thing while eating popcorn* I'm not paying for that. /: *simultaniously* Me neither.


: Alright guys, I'll be back. *Talking to Shade* Watch Light and Star, and keep them away from Dreameater, Cynthia, and X. : Alright! : You sure you got this? : Yep. : Okay then, I'll see you around. : 15 minutes later... : Light? Star? Where are you two?! : He heard some ominous chanting coming from Cynthia's room. : *busts through door* 1. What's going on here? 2. Have any of you se- : Shade sees both Star and Light in a circle with Cynthia, Dreameater, and X. None of them can hear Shade because they were being extremely loud. : *walks in to see what's going on* Do I even have to a- : STAR AND LIGHT NO! : They all stop and look at Shade. ,: (simultaniously) What? We were playing a ga- : *dragging both of them out of the room and away from them* Do I need to put you two in timeout? (Star): No.. : (whispering to Lunar, who followed) Can you watch Light? I'll keep Star. 20 minutes later : So, how did it go? : Just fi- WHERE DID THEY GO?! : They head back to Cynthia's room, where they hear chanting (again). : SHADE I SWEAR- : LIGHT AND STAR YOU TWO ARE GROUNDED FOR 2 DAYS! GO TO YOUR ROOMS! ,: (simultaniously) Aww... Fine... : *Whispering to Moon* They've been a hassle, this is the second time today.. Help me ;-; : SECOND? YOU'RE NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS ALIVE BUDDY..
To be continued...

Cynthia's Cookies

: Alright X, I'm gonna make cookies! : Just don't try to destroy the world again... : I won't! Now let's put these in the oven. : Cynthia actually did it properly this time, but somehow a fire started? : WHAT DID I DO WRONG??? : *uses a fire extinguisher* I guess it doesn't like you. : But I did everything right... : Well, there's always next time. : But.. I wanna make cookies for everyone... : You put too many cookies in the oven, didn't you? : Maybe.. : Well then... How about you do it right for real now? : They make the cookies and give them out to everyone. And let's just say that they were the best cookies ever made. And since they were so good, Cynthia started selling the cookies. They all got rich, tore down the Gym, and made a mansion. : *Wakes up* : Wait.. Where's the mansion? : ... : It was all a dream... ;-;
More Coming Soon!! ^-^
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