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(this is actually the second version, as the first got drowned in bumps before I could start it) Setup: here! Please submit characters in setup.

Story/The world

Also in setup! The basis for this world is that a trainer is going through the gyms to get to the league, and catching pokemon along the way. To start off he'd be catching pokemon lvls 1-5, -so any submitted should be those levels- but later on in the rp, he'd be catching lvls 60-70, so feel free to add in shinies, legendaries ect. He'd also be breeding later on (around levl 30s being caught) so hoardes of baby pokemon can be added then. Please keep a look out in the main rp and this thread, as important events will be announced, including shiny-hunting and gym badges. If you made pokemon near the start of the rp, you'll be allowed to make another later on. Up to six pokemon can be taken out of the boxes to be part of his team, but they won't be active during that time. If a pokemon becomes part of the team, the old team member must be switched out, and their level must be changed because they've been battling. This also means that you can create another character to start off being in the team, but only six of these can be created, including the starter. The setting for this RP is in the computer boxes, so although team members can tell of their battles when they come back, you can. NOT. roleplay out of the boxes. The pokemon are not aware of the badges being collected or too much of their surrondings when out of their boxes (as they're either in pokeballs or battling), so there isn't a set game this is taking place in, although the general area they're in (volcano, marsh, grass etc) will be stated. There is no pokemon pelago or pokemon refresh in this world, so pokemon are pretty much left to frolic around in the current box they're in, or go into another box. The box 'types' are a grassy hill, volcanic area (most non fire type pokemon do badly here), a humid water-land with small islands (most non water type pokemon do badly here), and a forest (can be hard to navigate for some pokemon). There are multiple boxes of each type.


Also in setup! 1. Once again, pokemon in the team cannot roleplay while on the team. 2. Characters must be mostly normal for their species, so no palette swaps apart from shinies. 3. No hybrid characters or new pokemon species. 4. Pokemon can't speak english, or communicate with the trainer. 5. Pokemon are wild-caught or bred, with few trades, so your character can only have a limited backstory. 6. Although pokemon can use moves outside battle, please resrict moves learnt to what actual moves your pokemon could learn, and no new moves (although feel free to use moves creatively) 7. PLEASE no overpowered characters! I don't care if you're a lvl 100 lunala, you can't 'break reality' in order to 'make a pizza'. 8. No controling other's characters without their permission. 9. No more than four posts with another person, don't post agin until a third person makes a post. This is in order to let others speak. Same with 3 posters making 6, 4 poster making 8, etc. If there are only that many people in total or the other people haven't responded to a direct action made to them in 24-48 hours, then this rule is not put into action. There are two extra rules in setup regarding using the form

Current characters


Captured! Name: Fletcher Pokemon: Fletchling Gender: Male Level: 3 Moves: Tackle, growl On team?: No Items held/worn: None Personality: Overexcited, happy-go-lucky, innocent and unknowing. Can often be annoying, but when he realises that you don't want him there will become sad and try to make it up to you, often grows on people/pokemon over time. Backstory?: None (wild-caught pokemon) Other: First pokemon sent to box Password: [owner censor]


Captured! Name: Cinder Pokemon: Cyndaquil! Gender: Male! Level: 10 Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember. On team?: Nope! Items held/worn: Worn Shell Bell An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder's HP is restored a little every time it inflicts damage. It has seen many pokemon battles in its day. Personality: Quiet, stubborn, spacey, and always sleepy. He's not a big fan of humans, especially his trainer, but seems to like small/baby pokemon. Has a love for water. (Despite being a fire-type...) Backstory?: "The only information we have on this Pokemon is that he's a starter, doesn't like to listen to his trainer, and is often in the pc box. The Shell Bell he wears was given to him by the trainers mother." Other: I hope this is okay! Password: [Owner censor]


Name:Mighty Pokemon: Torchic Gender:Male Level:10 Moves:Scratch, Growl, Sand Attack, Ember. On team?:No, in the box. Items held/worn:Oran Berry Personality:Can't describe himself much apart from shy and honest.Oh, he likes sleeping as well. Backstory?:Mighty was a lucky encounter for the Trainer, and felt great to be caught! The boxes are paradise to him as well as peaceful. Other:Hopes it's okay! I edited since there was already a Cyndaquil character. Password: [owner censor]


Name:Stinger Pokemon:Weedle Gender:Male Level:10 Moves:Tackle, Stringshot, Poison Sting On team?:Yes Items held/worn:Nothing Personality:Can be kind of agressive. But loving around the trainer. Backstory?:He was found unoncious and a trainer healed him and decided to train him. Password: [owner censor]


Captured! Name: Diopside Pokemon: Zorua Gender: Male Level: 5 Moves: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit On team?: ...maybe? Items held/worn: None ATM Personality: Diopside is exitable and can easily get distracted. He also likes to find others to battle against to test his skill. He isn't put down by much. He tends to prefer not to sleep, and would often get into trouble. Backstory?: Diopside was caught as a wild pokemon. Other: Is this good? Password: [owner censor]

Reserved characters


Captured! Name: Lulu Pokemon: Absol Gender: Female Level: 40 Moves: Quick attack, Pursuit, Bite, Night slash On team?: No Items held/worn: None Personality: Acts tough, but can't keep up the act for long before showing her caring side. Is quite motherly and worries about others a lot. Backstory?: n/a Other: Will probably drop in by about the lvl 35-45 mark Password: [Owner censor]
Have a nice day!
FlamePanda's AvatarFlamePanda
FlamePanda's Avatar
[Fletcher has been deposited into PC box 1/24] 'H-hrmm..?' Flecher sleepily opened his eyes as he awoke. 'Where am... I?' His surroundings were unfamiliar, wide flowing green hills and thick forests. There was an obvious limit, however, giving him more than enough space to roam without overdoing it. Stretching out, Fletcher dismissed the issue, letting out a happy chirp. 'Oh well! Let's check out that forest! I bet there are tooons of berries!!!' Chittering, he took off to explore his new skies. [Cinder has been deposited into PC box 1/24] [Mighty has been deposited into PC box 1/24] [Stinger has been deposited into PC box 1/24] [Diopside has been deposited into PC box 1/24]
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"Hey, where on earth am i?! Is this a grassy hill?" Mighty had no idea where he was. First thing he knew, a pokeball came his way, and now he's here. He shook his tuft around and spotted a bird in the sky. "Hello? Bird thing? Where are we?" @flame
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FlamePanda's AvatarFlamePanda
FlamePanda's Avatar
'mm?' Fletcher looked down at the shy Torchic. 'Oh, you! I dunno where we are, but the forests look fun! I think I saw some berries!' His speech grew rapidly in tone and pace as he went from thoughtful to excited, chirruping as he announced the last line. 'SO, wanna join me heading there? I bet the berries taste good!' Closing his wings, he dropped to the ground with the air of practice, huffing a bit as he fell onto his side from the impact. '...n'aw wrong angle. And I spent so long practicing on that!'
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"Maybe...the whole 'new world' situation i I'm in just wire me out. You know anywhere warmer? If not, I'll come along." @Flame
FlamePanda's AvatarFlamePanda
FlamePanda's Avatar
'Not yet... Maybe we'll find somewhere warmer as we go along?' Fletcher got up from where he had fallen, cocking his head to one side. 'Anyway, let's go!!' Spreading his wings, he began to take flight. 'Wait, you can't fly yet, can you? and I'm too small to carry you... I guess we'll have to walk' There was obvious disapointment in his tone.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"What's with the sad tone? I can't fly anyway. I guess I'll come along then. Better be nice and toasty there!" @flame
FlamePanda's AvatarFlamePanda
FlamePanda's Avatar
'Yeah, but I like flying! It's fun!' Fletcher pouted a bit (as much as a bird can pout, anyway) before shaking his head and cheering up. 'Anyway, I bet we can find you a sunny spot!' He ran off, heading towards what looked to be a sunny spot.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"Ah, great! As long as i find a nice place to rest myself, i won't bother anybody!", Mighty chirped happily. He was quite shy if you never met him before, so he only had close friends.
Mewtwo04's AvatarMewtwo04
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A quiet jingle of a bell was heard throughout the forest. Cinder was crouched down, watching the two bird pokemon interact with eachother, curious of them. Most pokemon put in the "PC" (As the humans call it.) are a bit... Odd. Sneaking closer to them as they speed over to a spot where he usually took his naps, he decided to chase after them. "H-Hey! Wait!" He called out to them, his back flame flaring out in distress.
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