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The Pokesona/OC Daycare - RP

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Kit poked her head out of the daycare building and laughed. "You've obviously never been here before. Things have always been this way, ever since the day this daycare opened~" Nori was still growling. She noticed someone coming near her, which caused her to stop.
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Winter turned her head to look at Nina. "It's my first time being here, but Miku's told me stories. Apparently this kid summoned Giratina at Halloween. And even though it's my first time, I can tell that this place is packed with chaos."
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Nina was speechless. please. no giratina
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Miku was still seasick (landsick? foodsick?), but managed a weary smile and poked her head out of the pillow room window. "I... I can confirm!" She noticed a few tails sticking out of a pile of pillows, but thought nothing of it.
(i think you mean cookie poisoning) "...Well. I sure hope Giratina doesn't show up here!"
Miku flapped a paw around for no apparent reason - maybe testing it. "You're right, strange brown blob in my peripheral vision... I think I need to take a nap." So she napped. Winter is still looking for Blossom.
"...Now im suddenly tired again." With that... Nina crashes in pillow room. Sleep-crashes.
"Oh uh...I'm fine!" Cerebra said. "Uh...kinda. IgotscaredbecausetheforestwasyellingandIthoughtitwasmymomforabitand
I got scared because the forest was yelling and I thought it was my mom for a bit and
...I ended up flying away from Ms. Shade..." she said quickly. "Anyways, what are you? You look kinda like Ms. Shade, but bigger and more uh...what was that animal...lion like!" she asked.
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@Gracidea “My name’s Triton Starlight. Nice ta meet ya!” Triton replied cheerfully. ”I’ve kinda bored since I got checked in,” The Empoleon said hitting his head on a branch.
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A albino baile Oricorio enters casually, followed by a Type:Null. "Ok, so, N'io, if someone comes up to us, do you want me to tell them you can't speak, or-" N'io had attempted a nod but since his mask exists he had trouble doing so. "ALRIGHT, now we find out if anyone is here." The albino Oricorio and thr Type:Null walk into the meadow. Nina is still asleep.

Pages: 123··· 1920212223··· 122123124

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