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Swag3Tails's AvatarSwag3Tails
Swag3Tails's Avatar
So I need loads of egg dexes to get to champion (im so behind xD) so im making a list of all the breeding pairs i need for just 1 egg. Rules: You let me borrow your breeding pair, and get 1 egg by interacting, then I send it back. I can give zc, but its for borrowing so not that much. Im looking for:


Blophin Orkit Flarbat Faemueno Gosold Gragon Pasovan Quetzephyr Kryptik Ayren Sheloco? ------ Shinxel Hallowen Purrloin Apoc. Gollet Apoc. Growlithe Apoc. Shroom Koroku Shooting Star Cleffa Snowpoke Guild igglybuff Death S. Voltorb Early bird Natu Blue Moon Slug Seasonal Turtwig
Ya xD if anything isnt returned to you in circumstances, pm me.
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MegaMan1551's AvatarMegaMan1551
MegaMan1551's Avatar
it's actually called skeleco and I should have a few mons you could try find others for to get a pay some are flarbats and also try I also may have seasonal pair I can't recall for certain tho what ones made good pair I can send a few if want they you can keep if I never gave it away can can't recall

the Trio Dexing shop

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I have a gragon-serene pair and a Quetzephyr-wagell pair I can lend you also I a have every variant pair except the genderless ones x)
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HeartlessMe9's AvatarHeartlessMe9
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Hi so I have a few of the breeding pair that you need if you want to borrow them

What Pairs I have

Koroku Flarbat Orkit Apoc. Gollet Apoc. Shrooms Apoc. Growlithe Halloween Purrloin Death Star Voltorb Shooting Star Cleffa Guild Igglybuff Early Bird Natu Shinxel
1710 Points for Type Race
My Shop
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Swag3Tails's AvatarSwag3Tails
Swag3Tails's Avatar
Ah ok @frozen inferna , could you send a trade for the pairs? What would you like in return. @ megaman ahh, that would be very nice of you have thanks for the link. @heartless me, could you wait a sec until frozen lends me her pairs to see what i need left?
5gp per pair?
Swag3Tails's AvatarSwag3Tails
Swag3Tails's Avatar
Ya i fine with that ^^ can I pay zc? Also can we wait until mt Y eggs are hatched so i can save my chain real quick
ok sure I can take zc^^ take your time x)

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