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Alolan Adventures

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This probably will have no end. Welcome to the sitcom of Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, and Silvally. Comments are welcome, as well as story ideas, because I’m keeping all the stories in the first post.

By Aryafire1

The Beginning (of the puns)

: Don't be Sol introverted. : At least I’m not loud enough to wake the dead. You’ll put the Necro-mancers out of work. : I declare that statement Null and void. : Don’t leaf me out! Wait, were we supposed to use our names?

Necro’s Favorite Animal

: Guys my favorite animal is a cat. : should we even ask- : Because everyone calls it Neko. Get it? Necro... Neko... : Yes, Necro, we get it. : You’ve told us 7 other times this week. : ;-;

A Typical Parent/Child Relationship

: Lunala and I are going to Ultra Space; while we’re gone, don’t do anything rash. : What?! We would never! : Yeah, you act like we’re irresponsible Five minutes later... : //destroying everything// : GO GO GO WOOOOOOOOO

Sibling(?) Rivalries

: Necro, what did I say about fighting Silvally? : You have no evidence that I did that! : He’s in the Pokecenter critically wounded. : That could’ve been anyone! : Burnt by a Prismatic Laser. : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Babysitting with Necrozma

: Hello and welcome to Babysitting with Necrozma : Here we have Poipole as the willing combatant : Hi guys! : Now the first thing you have to do is crush their morale- : AND I THINK THAT’S ENOUGH FOR NOW THANK YOU NECRO

Conflicted Love

: This is my son. I love him with all of my heart. : Hi guys : Nothing can change my mind- : //exists// : Oh heccin Arceus : Watch your language, there’s children present

Law and Order With Solgaleo (implied profanity warning)

: Okay guys, swearing isn’t allowed now because Poipole is visiting from Ultra Space. Anyone who swears will be banished for a day. : Heck : You’re on THIN, F***ING ICE, NECRO! : Wait-


: Sol, make sure Poipole doesn’t get in trouble while I’m helping Guzzlord. And keep him away from Necrozma and Silvally. : Of course I can do that! No big deal. Two hours later... : //ominous Latin chanting// : Should I even ask? : No. : POIPOLE, NO-

The Shiny Scare

: GUYS GUYS GUYS YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!! : oh Arceus what now : Is it actually important this time? : UH, YEAH I THINK IT ACTUALLY IS, N E C R O. : Hey guys, what’s up? You look different, somehow... : ... 😳 : What did I heccin say.

We’ve all been there...

: Come on, Sil, we need to get going! : NOPE I CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. : Why not? We need to leave! : //brandishes 3DS// BECAUSE I’M SO CLOSE TO BEATING THE GYM LEADER!!!

Wormhole Blame Game

: What are you doing? : //about to open a wormhole// ...nothing? : Tell the truth, Necro. : ...Silver dared me to do it. : //obviously did it// I DID NOTHING OF THE SORT HOW DARE YOU ACCUS-

Memory Mashup

: I’m the strongest Legendary here. : Are you sure about that? : Yes. : Are you? : Please die. : No.

A Myth In Time

: Peck! : Boop! : Peck! Boop! Peck! : //sobbing// WHAT ARE YOU SAYING???!!! : BOOP!

War Over Purple

: Okay, we noticed a little bit of... possessiveness over Poipole... : Yeah? : And we would like it if... well... you know... : Poipole is my son. Mine.

It’s Spooky Season

: Are you sure this is a good idea? You know how they get during this season... : Oh, it’ll be fine. What can they even do? Two seconds later... : *destroying everything* SPOOKY SEASONNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Caught in the Act

: Alright, I’m calling it now, enough is enough. Go home, Poipole. : What? You can’t do that; we weren’t even doing anything! : You’re making a pentagram in order to summon Giratina. : *obviously making a pentagram* ...we have no idea what you’re talking about

It’s Vine Time

: Poipole, what do you have there? : A KNIFE!!! : NO!!! : Oh my god, why does he have a knife?

The Scariest

: Nana, what’s the scariest legendary out there? : Well, Poipole, I would say it’s- : It’s me. : why- : Because I can do this! : *unholy demonic screeching*

He has a point...

: I’m better then everyone. : Care to elaborate? : In this form, I have the best music. : ... : Well I’m beat.

By scørkaji

Something’s off...

: hey gang- : CIRCLETIIIINE! : *quickly shuts door*

Lele Ruins Fun

: So Lunala, how are your friends going? : *slowly puts down gasoline and charmander* : The usual. : Oh thank Arceus.

Adults vs Children

HEY GUYS WAZZUP WANNA PLAY SOME MINEBLOX SCREEE! : Lunala, never agree to babysit again. aw c'mon! he has a strip mine!

Babysitting With The Tapus

: so want us to babysit? : sure! here's the fire extingushier, the de-wormholer, and the Flabebe SCout cookies! THIN MIIINNNNTS!

Flabebe Scout Calamity

: hello mistew, would you like some- : COOOKIES! : MR. SOL??? YOU'RE REAL? : did i hear cookies?!?!!? : AHHH!

Everyone Hates Sol

: i hate Solgaleo! : WHAT : Me too! : aww c'mon, don't encourage her! : but it's fun!

By M7890

How To Provoke Alolans

: Necrozma! What did I tell you about ruining Alolan adults' lives with your Ultra Aura! : Ehhh, I dunno. Somethin' about not waking up again or something. : That's it! I'm gonna revert you into your sleeping form, again! : Never! I'm gonna absorb you instead! A few minutes later... : We've got to rescue Solgaleo! :Yeah! We've got to rescue Soggy-leo! :And I'm gonna make you Type:Null, again. : NOOOOOO!!! I'm never going to wear that stupid mask again! : Now I know how to make you follow my orders. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

: Oy, Necro! : What is it this time? : Why don't you give me that Blinding One title? I'm literally the sun Pokemon, so I should have the title! : Are you crazy?! Of course not! That's my true form title! Later... and: @#%*!@#$ : Calm down! : Go away, Dim One! : The moon gives light too!!! ,, and: @#%*!@# : *Slaps head* Meanwhile... : This is the time to take over Alola! Tee hee!

Story Time Gone Wrong

: And then what happened? : AND I BEAT HIM UP! I BEAT UP NECRO! : Lies, Cosmog, lies... your father got beat up by muah! And your nice mommy rescued him! : I'm flattered. : THE TRUE HERO IS.... ASH KETCHUP! : Really?! Can I see him, oh please, oh please? 5 min later: : As soon as I get back, I'm gonna kill you. 15 min later in Ultra Space: : *Goes to YouTube* : Run away, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.....

By IAmScreaminq

Cooking With Solgaleo


The Name Game

: Of COURSE I remember their names! : There's Solgaleo, Silvally : And... *Reads smudged writing on wrist* : Land O Lakes

You Heard Him

:That was a REALLY dumb idea you had there :What? :You heard me : ///And as it turns out I didn't hear a word he just said///

...Not wrong, I guess

: Ok, can you please describe the Pokemon that fainted you? : He wasn't very nice ;-;


, singing: The legs on the bus go step step step , sobbing: PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY

The 2 Guards

: One of us speaks only truth : The other, only lies : Oh, easy, ok, Xurk, if I ask- {NECROZMA USED PRISMATIC LASER!} {XURKITREE FAINTED!} : NECRO! , to Blacephalon: Did he faint? : No : This one's the liar!!!

By Silkywáy55

Water, Not Cookies (By Silkywáy55)

: Hey, Tapu Cookie! : Tapu Fini, not Tapu Cookie, : No, Tapu Cookie : FINI!! : COOKIE!!! : @$$$#%÷^= : Guys, I need some help back ther- GET OUT OF OUR BUISNESS

Not An Emergency (By Silkywáy55)


Playin’ It Old School

: Ugh, my computer is broken.. HEY GUYS! CAN SOMEONE CALL THE EE? : I can help! : No poipole. This is stuff only adults can fix. : *clicks reload website button* : How-how did you do that? : It's very simple. We learnt it in nursery! : Nursery!?!!?

Failure to Nightmare

:Hi guys! Welcome to Sucess to Nightmare! : Today, we will learn how to defeat people in your nightmare, so they WOULD ACTUALLY BE DEFEATED IN REAL LIFE! : I did this before with Solgaleo's mother- : OMG GUYS! MARSHADOW KILLED ONE OF THE SUN GODS! : NO, UMM,.... oh great I've been exposed *closes recorder*

Total Tour-a-drama

: Hey guys, legendaries from other other regions are here! Be on your best behaviour! : I will *evil smirking* **one hour later** : Ooh! Can you show us that room? : The ultra wormwhole area?Ok! **opens door** , , , ,: What on Arceus- : Now, this is the place where we- *Looks at necrozma* : NECROZMA WHAT ON ARCEUS ARE YOU DOING GET OUT OF THAT COOKIE JAR!


: Alright, time to ruin Mewtwo's talent show. : Oh, feel the power of the land *does orange justice* : *gets shadow ball ready* :Oh, Hi mars! Would you like to go? : OMG STOP RUINING MY PLANS

By CatLoverFoxLover


: Hey Luna? Why's Sol drowning the whole region in glue? : Mew insisted on cooking dinner yesterday while you were at Poni ialand, but Silvally was the only one stupid enough to eat it. : But... still, why? : Well, it's fireproof. Someone forgot to hide the fire memories last night.

Cookie Confusion (By CatLoverFoxLover)

: SOL?! I THOUGHT YOU HID THE FIRE MEMORY!!! : They really do look like cookies though! I thought it would work! Bonus Scene(By Aryafire1): : I told you to STOOOOOOOOOP!!!

Cat Family (By CatLoverFoxLover)

: Hey Necro? Remember a few posts back you said your favorite animal was a cat? : Yeah so? : Well I'm a lion... : IDJRBDKSLDBSHSKEN

Helen Show: Fears

: Welcome back to the Helen Show! Today we will be talking to the Alolan legendaries! Please tell me, what do you fear most? Luna? : I fear small, enclosed spaces. : Makes sense! Sol? : ... I fear for my sanity... : That's not- : ...no : Umm... okay then... Silver? : Masks... : Okay! And Necro? : Haha, fools! I fear nothing! : I'm done with this... let's go guys. Luna, I can help you make dinner today. : (・・;) : Please don't...

By Raichi

Steel Is Greater Than Feathers (By Raichi)

: “Hey Necro?” : “Yeah Sil?” : “What’s heavier? 1 kg of Steel or 1 kg of Feathers?” : “Steel obviously.” 1 hour later : “They’re both the same.” : “No, Steel is heavier than feathers.” 5 hours later : “They’re both a kilogram.” : “Yep.” : “But, But...” : “Are you okay Necro?” : “But steel is heavier than feathers.....

Bow Down Peasants! (By Raichi)

: Hey Solgaleo : Yeah Silvally? : Can you come here a moment?
An Hour Later
: I’m Back from visiting the Tapus-, Solgaleo, why are you hiding in a corner? (With Water Memory): Bow Down Peasants! I am the slayer of Solgaleo!

Counting Thread Babysitting

: “Can you watch Cosmog for a few hours? I need to go with Lunala to visit the Legendaries in Kanto.” : 0w0 : “Nothing to worry about! I’ll keep an eye on it!” : “Okay Sure...” *Leaves* : “Do you wanna ditch Cosmog with the Counting people and terrorize Alola?” : “Of course!” *After a few hours in the Count to 100 thread.* : “What did you guys do to Cosmog?” : “I don’t know what you mean!” : “Ascend for Glory!”


Sunlight Managing 101 (by Kate1998)

: Looks like Solgaleo is lazy today. The sun is up! It’s only 9:30! : I’m not lazy; daylight saving time is over- : I can help! : Guys I’m not- : No, you’ll just steal the light again, Necro : ;-; : I’M NOT LAZY : Yes you are

Ultimate Confusion (By TaoMemberJay)

: How come they never put me in Smash Bros? : For one thing, you're not a fighter. You wouldn't make a good one, either. Another thing is what move could you possibly use if you were in the Master Ball? : Moves that'll make you jealous, you little rat. : Should we stop them? : Nah, it's too good watching this.

Fortnite Saves The World (By pokakat)

lunala:(shakes the alola regieon because he can go to the splashpad) solgaleo:lunala its closed plz stop lunala:NO necrozma:why does this happen :( lunala:(covers necrozma in glue ) necrozma:(does orange justice to get out ) lunala:HOW DOES A DANCE DESTROY GLUE

Double Trouble (By VictoriousVictini)

//disguised as Silvally//: Hey, Solgaleo. Hey. : //walks in room// Oh, hey Solga...//sees Ditto disguised as him// : ... ... LUNALA, SILVER HAS A BROTHER!//runs to get Lunala//

Splashpad Part 2 (By pokakat)

lunala:yay! we are going to the splashpad splashpad person:we are now closeing plz go now lunala:(uses glue on splashpad so no one can use it again) solgaleo:(punches lunala) lunala:i will destory you ( puts solgaleo in a neverending wormhole) silvally:we need to save solgaleo(ten hours laterr) everyone:i give up solgaleo:hoi others:(freeze cause they are banned from the splashpad now)

Cookies Are A Necessity (By merenqüe)

: Welcome the Official Legendaries Club first meeting, any first words? : //raises hand// : Yes Silvally : Are there cookies : No Silva- //The sounds of multiple legendaries leaving//

Counting Revolution (By MelanisticEntei)

: “Yeah Silvally?” : “What's the point of the users counting to 100?" : “Dunno. Some passive attempt to get the Mods to play a game." -*- 2 hours later -*- : “Uh. They keep chanting 'For the Glory'" : *peeks in* “Yep. Some sort of passive agressive riot." : *confused* "Are they going to get into trouble? : “Nope." : “Huh?" : “The mods seem to like the game." : "Ooookay then. Go team?"

Unlucky Cookie Run (By pokakat)

lunala:lets get some fire scout cookies to eat solgaleo:ok im egg-cited! lunala:that is the oldest pun i ever herd fire scout leader jimmy (incinorroar): we will now only give out carrot puffs cau-(sound of all the fire scouts leaveing)-im out (fire burns down camp ) lunala amd solgaleo:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
*Quick note: More stories are in the comments because it’s getting way too chaotic to keep up with everyone’s stories*
: Galar is stupid. : Oh yeah? How so? : I can’t do this there. : *sweating* maybe there’s a reason why Read more here!
so great do ore they r sooo funn
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Thank you!
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-outley flawless
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I love reading these! Great Job!
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Here's one
  • Part 1
  • part 2
Welp,guess Solgaleo is just plain lazy.The sun is still out.IT'S 9:30! What,daylight savings is over. Hmm,I could help you Lunala.
No,you are not going to steal the light.You know what happened last time. Aww...... I'm NOT lazy. Yes you are.
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Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! Featured Story
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Oof, nice. I’ll put it up there!
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Lol plz do more :D
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QUOTE originally posted by Kate1998

Here's one
  • Part 1
  • part 2
Welp,guess Solgaleo is just plain lazy.The sun is still out.IT'S 9:30! What,daylight savings is over. Hmm,I could help you Lunala.
No,you are not going to steal the light.You know what happened last time. Aww...... I'm NOT lazy. Yes you are.
Hey Arya, isn't this what happened in the first Sol post I posted in PokèPyrrhia? Luna forgot to wake Sol up?

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