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Alolan Adventures

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Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
: lets go get some koolaid! : (opens cabinent and shows 99999999999 packs of koolaid) we allrea- &: KOOLAID!!!! (they then proceed to drink all the koolaid)
hello i have an rp called the chao garden in the other rp setup. join if you want to.
: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Necro? : No. : I do! : I know, Sol. : I'm sad! : I know, Sol.
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i'm mike. he/him. credits | journal | gijinka comic | art comic
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Lillie: Get in the bag, Nebby : *gets in bag* *gets out 12 seconds later* Lillie:I'm just going to put Nebby in the bag. *puts Cosmoem in bag* :..... Lillie: Get in the bag, Nebby. Uh..... I can't? Lillie: Bag. Now. *sweat drop*
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Im always open to RP! PM if interested!
Sig by CottonEevee for Glad.Silver's use only * BG is MHA official art.
i'm back with more vine quotes

: What did you do? : I shaved my eyebrows! : Why did you do that? : I dunno!

: Who's that in our bathroom? : I hired a drunk girl to compliment us. : Ohhh... : [Looks] : Are you a model? : ... : Yes.

: Hey everyone. : Today, Sil pushed me, so I'm starting a kickstarter to put them down. : The benefits of killing them would be I get pushed way less,
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar

Grocery Shopping

: Sil, Go put those corndogs back. : You can't make me do ANYTHIIING! *slides off*

Pick up lines

: is it destiny that we met? : Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? : DO YOU WANNA PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY MOUTH?! Dang it... *walks away* I'm out.


Story Time! This was the moment the Lad would propose to the Lady. *Gasps* No.... No, no!
: may i have a waffle- : *fighting* : MAY I PLEASE HAVE A WAFFLE-
:what do you want for breakfast? :THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT! :a bagel :NOOO- : two bagels
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on hiatus. we check back every once in a while though.
one day...
avatar drawn by me of Dirk Strider~ Buttons
background | coidng by me
: We have your wife! : I don't have a wife? ...Then who's taken over our kitchen to bake cookies? : Oh my god you have Lunala! Yeah, she's made us rethink our life choices and now we feel bad, can you come pick her up? Still remembering the original RP when the main four actually had set personalities :)
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
:(insert laugter here cause i dont know how to put laughter without making it sound evil) :(falls off swing) (INSERT WII BOWLING MUSIC HERE) (i searched up clean vines on youtube to get this)
SuperEntei12's AvatarSuperEntei12
SuperEntei12's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by SuperEntei12

Chaos at Poni island Kids, me and Lunala were wondering... If you want to go to... Poni island! Yeah...Why not? YaY! At Poni island: "Appears trough an ultra wormhole" Muahahahaha! Im going to destroy this island! Please dont do that mister scary pokemon! Go away Poipole! Why sould I stop? I want to help you destoy it! Come here Necrozma! Lets destroy this island! Yay! I havent did this since Silver got a job. After a few moments the island is destroyed. Kids, ur grounded and you cannot leave home until you make a new island. I dont know how, but i have an idea: try to learn sand tomb somehow. We cant learn it! Maybe the pokemon of alola will help u? We can help u. If u promise u will give all the spark stones that u have. Part 2 coming soon!
part 2: *digging spark stones* Im tired wat are u doing? SILVER!!! is this ur new job? yes. im a miner. do u like my helmet? yes. sooo....can u help us Silver? if u buy me some cookies ok if this receives 3 likes then i will make part 3
Skitties are cute!
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
: Who let the cat out of the bag? : Get it? Because... Solgaleo... was Nebby... and that girl... : you have five seconds to run : *sweats*
: Hey Necro, can you take out the trash? : Okay : SILVALLY GET OVER HERE : *SCREAMS* Read more here!

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