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Aria Melodis It seemed her class of 5 was eager to start on controlling their abilites.They consisted of a Glaceon, Eevee, Quilava, Abra and Cinccino gyjinkas. Aria spoke up by saying: "Ok, class. Let us proceed to get to know one another." @The People who have the following gykinkas above
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As the Primarina lady who was her teacher suggested that the class get to know each other, Casey turned her attention to Theo. Seems the two of them ended up in the same class. Well, that was one less person to meet. Then there were the rest. She was fairly certain she'd seen them already, but that sure as heck didn't mean she knew who they were. Well, might as well introduce herself. As best she could, given that she was asleep, the overweight girl spoke up, mumbling, "Name's Casey..."
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"Ah-ha! My rainbow rare...Espeon? Guess I changed it...ah, well!"

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The card shone with a pleasant and upbeat aura, which got her over her nosebleed. She really wanted to show Lylah her whole sachet of cards, but there was no time at all. @Sky-Dr4gon
Vio remained silent during the trip, but Aurabelle had the feeling that the group may have forgotten someone. "Excuse me, but are we sure we have everyone?" she asked. This nagging feeling wasn't part of her Riolu abilities, that much was certain. Vio heard his new classmate but said nothing. {@Group with Agave; Consider this an opportunity to establish whether or not Rook's part of the homeroom class, La.ti.as ^-^}

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Lylah looked over her friend’s shoulder and gazed at the rainbow espeon shining in the light. “When do you think our mentor will come get there students?” She asked, looking around to see where a mentor was.
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Theo offered a nervous half-smile as Casey turned to him, just sort of to acknowledge that they had happened to end up in the same class. He wondered what Class Shawn had gotten himself into. He also wondered if he'd challenged anyone to a fight yet. He probably had, or at least had brought up the subject of battling. "I'm Theo, I'm a quilava." He said after Casey had said her own name, raising his hand slightly in greeting to his fellow classmates.
"Huh? Are we missing someone?" Shawn looked between Aurebelle and the teacher. "That'd be pretty bad if someone got left behind on their own in the auditorium." He couldn't help but think about Theo, and wondered if he was managing without him. He was confident Theo would be able to get by, but Shawn had hoped his brother would be able to do more than just simply getting by.
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"Who knows? I only want it to go faster...I can't wait to learn my true abilities!" Trinity proceeds to tighten her blazer buttons, and shove her blonde hair into a neat ponytail. @SkyDr4gon
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The young man stood aside from the others, fairly ashamed that he had spaced out for so long. Look what you did to yourself...your anxiety got the worst of you and now you're back at square one... he thought, staring into the sky above. ...are you sure you're not better off still teaching those kids how to surf?
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“Oh god,” Monignis mutters to himself. “Look what you’ve gotten yourself into now.” He been wandering down different hallways all over the school, asking people for directions to Ms. Agave’s class. A teacher told him to check down the hallway he was on now. He looked at the door, knocked, and opened it, saying: “Hi, sorry to interrupt...can you tell me where to find Ms. Agave’s classroom?”
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“Yeah...I suppose...” Lylah stares distantly away, seemingly lost in thought. @Vulpix88

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