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Aria Melodis It seemed her class of 5 was eager to start on controlling their abilites.They consisted of a Glaceon, Eevee, Quilava, Abra and Cinccino gyjinkas. Aria spoke up by saying: "Ok, class. Let us proceed to get to know one another." @The People who have the following gykinkas above
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As the Primarina lady who was her teacher suggested that the class get to know each other, Casey turned her attention to Theo. Seems the two of them ended up in the same class. Well, that was one less person to meet. Then there were the rest. She was fairly certain she'd seen them already, but that sure as heck didn't mean she knew who they were. Well, might as well introduce herself. As best she could, given that she was asleep, the overweight girl spoke up, mumbling, "Name's Casey..."
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Pages: 123··· 141516

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