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Hybrids RP

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La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
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This RP was originally made by Fennekava. They are not going to be active in this, so I made the thread. JirachiStar5525 co-runs the RP. Setup here!

Current Events

Madam Lucario's School for Hybrids is in session.
The RP is now open! Everyone, welcome to the Hybrids RP! "The bell is ringing, so you'd probably want to get to your classes! It's the first day, however, so everyone's going to the auditorium for a little initiation. You'll get your schedules and assignments there. Please talk to Madam Lucario to change anything you have concerns about." The PA shuts off. You should probably get to the auditorium. It's located at the center of the school, making it easy to know where to go.
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Casey was fast asleep when she arrived on campus, something that most people would likely find unusual or perhaps even weird, considering she seemed to be doing just fine, using her motorized wheelchair to traverse the grounds. Her eyes were closed completely, her head laid back on a special headrest and turned to the side, with one hand in her lap and the other hand on the controls for her transportation. She heard the PA announcement loud and clear, and considering she'd studied the map during her most recent waking period, she knew where the auditorium was and how to get there. Thus, without saying even a hint of a word, she began her journey there, doing her best to not bump into anyone or run over anybody's feet and/or toes. Wouldn't really make a good first impression otherwise.
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Sky-Dr4gon's AvatarSky-Dr4gon
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Lylah walked to the auditorium quickly. She knew where it was, but she had kept turning the wrong corner or bumping into someone before she could keep going. It was a little awkward, in her opinion. she had made sure to look nothing like her pokemon form. It was better that way.
Piano's AvatarPiano
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A slender young man paced before the doors of the auditorium. “You’ll be fine...you’ll be fine...th-there’s only two of them. It’s...it’s not like you’re teaching a class of fifteen...Arceus forbid...” he murmured, running his freckled hands through his sunny blond locks. Sweat trickled down his forehead, his breathing quick and light. A nervous chuckle escaped his lips as he noticed the two oncoming students through a crack. “Some brave, powerful Pyroar you are...”
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"What do you think? It's going to be a lot different from all those other schools." "Yeah... We won't be moving around as much anymore." "Guess that means we can do it properly this time, right?" "Its not like you're going to do anything different though, you always acted like we were going to stay in one place anyway." "And I have lots of good memories because of it. You've been too reserved for your own good." "That's because I'm not good at, you know, all that. You can do it easily so I let you do it." "Well, this time I'm not helping. No tagging behind me this time, you're on your own." "Wait, what? Shawn-" Theo stared after his brother, who'd suddenly run off ahead to leave him behind. No doubt he was going to get into the auditorium first and find a crowded spot where Theo couldn't get close. The Quilava Gjinka sighed and followed, walking a slow pace. He wasn't really looking forward to this school, but maybe Shawn was Right this time. Maybe it would be different.
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NovaAurora's AvatarNovaAurora
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Najima moved swiftly through the school, purple eyes scanning her surroundings as she made her way to the auditorium. She walked silently and watched her surroundings warrily, her eyes holding a hint of mischief in them. He dark fur gleamed like the night sky and her fox ears twitched at the slightest of sound. She entered the large room and glanced around, unsurprised that not many students were there yet.
Aurabelle moved with purpose, zooming through the crowd as swiftly as a fish Pokemon in water. Her red eyes glanced from person to person, Gijinka to Gijinka, Pokemon to Pokemon. She wondered who would end up being her classmates as she followed the group to what appeared to be the auditorium. It was... a presence, to be sure. Little did she know that there was another student, about her age, also making his way to the auditorium. This one's name was Vio, and while she moved with a sort of confidence, he seemed more reserved, hunched over a bit while Aurabelle stood straight. Vio's head, topped with a dark shade of purple, bent over while Aurabelle's, with her short, blue-black hair, stood above thr throng. Vio's golden eyes darted back and forth, with a sort of wariness that was absent in Aurabelle's gaze. Both of these students entered the building, and moved to different areas of the room: Aurabelle sat in one of the rows closer to the stage area, while Vio slunk in the shadows, glad on the inside for his naturally dark skin and the majority of his dark attire. He watched as the other students walked in and moved towards the seats, purple-gloved hands in his pockets and the hem of the legs of his pants covering his equally purple shoes. The only hint of his presence is the golden glint of his irises. Aurabelle, meanwhile, had her attention to the stage area. Of course, if anybody wanted to chat with her, they can do so. However, this wouldn't guarantee that they would share the same classes as Aurabelle. Or Vio, for that matter. {Vio and Aurabelle are open to interaction!}

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NovaAurora's AvatarNovaAurora
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"Hello there, it's been quite a while since I've seen another Melanistic pokemon!" Najima chirped from behind Vio, having walked silently to him after spotting him. Her purple eyes gleamed with curiosity and she stood almost lazily beside the zorua, dark nine tails swishing back and forth silently, frost shimmering like stars.
The sudden voice startled Vio wnough for him to jump a bit. His golden gaze latched on the newcomer's form, transfixed by the other student's purple gaze, the frost on her tails. The sudden jolt caused him to unconciously cast an illusion over himself, one that caused him to seem invisible to the naked eye. I'm not here, he thought, heart hammering in his chest, breaths shallow. Just move along. I'm not here. Just a nobody. Move along. He wasn't even aware of the illusion he had cast upon himself; he simply wanted to be alone, nothing more.
NovaAurora's AvatarNovaAurora
NovaAurora's Avatar
Najima blinked as the student disappeared, simply staring where they 'had' been standing. "Well then." She hummed. "I'm pretty sure you're still here, and I think that was an illusion? There's no need to be shy, you can come on out." She called before mumbling to herself "Either that or you've already left and I look crazy shouting at nothing. I really hope it's not that."

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