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mysteriouss's Avatarmysteriouss
mysteriouss's Avatar
I'm trying to collect some eggs and a Ditto would come in really handy. Other than the shelter, is there a way to find one? How often does it appear on the lab? Do people ever sell them?
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Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
You could always post a thread in the trade forums saying you're looking for one. But they aren't usually cheap. And if I understand correctly they'll rarely appear in the lab.
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coolgina's Avatarcoolgina
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as you rank up, one of the rewards is a ditto egg voucher :) Here you can see what you need to get one ^^
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mysteriouss's Avatarmysteriouss
mysteriouss's Avatar
Thank you! I guess I'll just wait for the ditto voucher one day and breed with similar egg types for now xD

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