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Quartz gave a worried look at her mother, who was reading over the daily news, her expression growing more and more worried. Usually, her mother was calm and collected, no matter the situation. "Mama, what's wrong?" The Alolan ninetails glanced up, quickly setting the paper down. "Don't worry, sweetheart." She replied, a forced smile on her face. Quartz didn't feel all that comforted by this, but she smiled as well. She continued playing with the ball, a feeling of worry creeping up on her. Amatus had never been one for superstition or panic, but this gut feeling of.. wrong refused to leave him. Maybe getting a few things wouldn't hurt. After getting a small bag to carry his belongings, he set off to the market. His money was running a bit low since he just bought groceries, but he had enough for a few things. First of all, he stopped by one of the few shops with healing items left. He grabbed a first aid kit, and a few sets of bandages. Next, he bought a few canned goods. As much as he hated the taste and texture, they were the only thing that would survive if a disaster struck. With what little money he had left, he bought a few survival items, though he couldn't afford much.
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
The first thing Dusk noticed when he awoke the next morning wasd the picture on the front of the newspaper. Storms across the regions; Life Threatening danger. Looking around him outside, he saw the same worried faces.Well I guess I should've seen this - well at least something like this coming. I kinda jinxed it the other day. He wondered what was going on with the legendary and mythical guardians. Could they be the cause of this? he wondered. He highly doubted it, though. They wouldn't do this. He concluded that things really were just going really poorly with the weather. He went back inside to start planning, just in case.
(I am going to get very confused during this RP. I always have Dusk's trainer as Aster, and I think we should definitely state to which rockruff is being referred to once the events begin)
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
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The two vendors in the middle of the shopping districts never heard the news, except for threats and countless amount of cult members rattling about 'the end.' Paveron was unfazed by this proposition, and thus after sealing his deal with the Flareon, he propts to take a nap. Ignis, on the other hand, noticed a crowd forming in the cafe nearby. It's quite far from her location, but seeing the cumple of civilians there made her shudder. She decided to fix her stall a bit as she saw a few stands shaking in fear at the sound of the news. Make yourself presentable than the others to steal their sales, that usually works.
Avatar made by me and piks is my oc yeet. oh! it's my journal! i have to make some sort of design for this too... 1 1 1
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(I hope I’m allowed to post :p) Mantis was enjoying herself, playing at the neighborhood park despite that fact that really didn’t enjoy leaving the safety of her home. She had a sibling, her twin brother watching over her from a park bench so she really didn’t mind being away from home. She was currently playing with a small doll, feeding and grooming it as a mother would. Ming sat on a park bench, looking up at the clouds. He had an off feeling today. The morjing news paper had many disasters listed on the front page that morning. He wasn’t much of a worry type, but something just felt...wrong after seeing the front page news of disasters. He sighed softly and went back to watching his sister play with her doll. He did not wish to worry her so he kept the news a secret from her for now. “Everything would be perfectly fine, right?”
You felt the urge of sickness growing in your stomach as the verge of pain tryin to swallow you down into the depths on your own hell . You felt scared and anxious on how your going to react towards the situation as you were worried of yourself and your loved ones in the verge of their own pain in the constant news of the fellow playground of the devil . You looked around with all of the worried and terrified expressions of the people around the city Its like a pin needle got hit onto a balloon Kynim was almost as she was going to pass out after witnessing the reactions of the crown . She collapsed dropping down as she dropped her phone onto the ground . She was awestruckec by the sudden disasters snd news upon Natilia and she wasent unsure if she had enough hope to even bring her back to safety . She felt like she was about to cry and wail . She was scared as a skitty as everyone caused an uproar over around Natilia . Thats until LOUD SIREN NOISE COULD BE HEARD CLEARLY You looked over back at the news and on your mobile devices as your own applocation that your on quickly shifter over towards a warnin signal of a possible upcoming disaster in aboyt to form around the area . You looked over and read through as you sharpen and wiped your sore eyes over at one particular word , Hurricane , Thats when things starters to get out of hand as screeches coming from the citizens around the city as you looked over as they quickly bursted into stores and took everything from them aswell as dragging in their young ones into the vehichles as dashing of into sight . You saw many people had a heart attack [ Or Stroke ] as they collapsed onto the ground looking all lifeless . You kept seeing on and on as people tried to escape from the city Kynim did the same as the others as she quickly took a quick rub back onto her small cozy apartment as she quickly scurried into her bag for the housekeys . As she did she quickly opened the doors and went inside . She was greeted with a horrified expression from her pet cat, Cookies . A fluffy semi-longhaie domesticated cat that was hiding under the kitchen cabinets . She quickly scooped him up and placed him on her bag asqell as some random survival supplies that she found around the the apartment . As she took a quick depearture back to the city She did a wrong turn As she tried ro leave the apartment a horde of pokemin came by running through the streets to leave the city as Kynim tries to catch up with the horde of pokemons running through the city . But no luck as she was quickly knocked out out by the horde of pokemkns coming by her way . She could feel the pain on her back as pitch black and darkness filled her eyesight.. She passed out . As for the others [ As in the Other Roleplayers ] , Your attempts to evacuate the city was a no goal as you had the same fate as Kynim herself. Being trampled and knocked out by a horde of pokemons as all you can feel is the pain of the hit around youre as your whole bodu slams itself ontp the ground . You were yet to see as a lifeless person from apperance as you saw everything in pitch darkness and faint screams and cries from the voices around you . You passed out A Hour has Passed A small gesture of a fuzzy figure gesture around the Zoroarks unconcious body as Kynim groaned and took a few inhales and exhales from here and there aswell with a couple of tiresome blinks along with harsh coughing due to the pain around her throat . Harsh rain pours over on the dreaded deserted land as Kynim got aclear view of her surroundings . It seems like a thunderstorn could be ongoing as if for now as the water level starts to increase little by little . Cookiss gesture and purred to see its own owner to be back at its own pace along with a white figure standing next to her . It was.. Lufia . Kynim quickly tries to stand up and took a harsh groan as she began to spoke towards her fellow friend " W-what Happend- ? " Lufia answered " Your passed out for some reason , Luckily when i was on my way to safety after abouring the university , you pet cat happend to lead me the way towards your location . " Lufia turned to her back to see the other pokemon with the same condition as Kynim. " But before that- Im guessing we should help the others . Its not like its best to leave them here with the pain . Do we " Kynim nooded as she stood up from her possition with the wet hard dangled onto the ground as her fellow pet cat jumped back into her bag . Slowly they approched the ground of pokemon that were awaken from there unconcious situation and desided to offer help towards them Lufia headed towards a young fellow rockruff Kynim walked over towards two identical Formantis Twins over by two noticable coffe shops . Then they went over towards the rest of the pokemon lying around They both started to quickly wake them up as they could feel their pulse rate being at a normal rate . They dont want any of them ro risk their lifes over at one of Arceus's own creations . As both of them said the same thing towards them " Hello? Sir / Miss ? Are you alright? " [ Hurricane will now start after when everyone responded after this post ]
Hewo! Im a person thats hordes Royal and Braixen Ocs~ Banner By 88penguintreats Art Shoppe! Hurricane Survival Rp [13+]
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Everything happened so fast. Quartz was scooped up by her mother as she was forced into motion. She was silent, but Quartz could feel the fear coming from her in palpable waves. "Momma!?" She tried to turn around to look at the Alolan ninetails, but her mother kept running. Suddenly, she was knocked loose from her mother’s grip, and send flying across the pavement. Shouts and cries could be heard, s horrible cacophony of noise, only escalated by the screeching siren. "Momma!? Where are you!?" She couldn't see her mother anywhere. Flashes of color zipped around her as she stumbled through the crowd, until she was knocked to the ground, spinning, fading, away. Amatus was almost immediately swept into the crowd, caught stumbling. He sent out a few attacks, angered at the needless panic. "Back off!" He snapped as he was shoved about. He was sent stumbling through the crowd, only hoping to stay on his feet. Suddenly, a blunt force knocked him to the ground, upon which he was all but doomed to the mass hysteria. Eventually, he, too, fell into an unconcious state.
Quartz soon woke up, shaking from pain and fear. She looked around the street, almost entirely empty. "Where's my momma?" She whimpered, looking around in terror. She couldn't see any trace of where her mother had gone to, or carried to. She pulled her tails around her body, looking around with wide, fearful eyes. Amatus sat up, groaning. "Arceus above..." He muttered, rubbing his temples. He looked around the now empty streets. Most of the stuff he'd bought was gone, too. "Tch. Should've expected that." He muttered, slowly rising to his feet. Everything was sore, and his head pounded with an awful ache.
Dusk wakes up. "My head is killing me. W-what happened?" Dusk couldn't remember all the details. What he did remember scared him. There was a hurricane, the city was in a panic, and he didn't know where he was or what he would do. "W-who are you?"
Sen's AvatarSen
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Everyone was doing fine in the shopping district. A few scared individuals were pacing around the stalls. Paveron took this as an opportuinity. He grimaced at the vunerable pokemon. “ HeyHey, Now calm down , lil buddy.” He reassured the victim. They were in verge to tears, sniffing and tired eyes gazed at the Vaperon. ”Awww what’s tha matter? Not in the mood for some deeelictable berries?” He pouted at the small pokemon while twirling a few berries in their paws. The pokemon looked worried at the vaperon, where they not concerned by the news? They asked this question, and in return, Paveron said this: “I don’t care about those stupid fake news. The world ain’t ending kiddo, it’s all in your hea-“ SIRENS, SCREECHES, AND PAIN THROBBING WARNINGS. THE TOWN WILL BE HITTED BY HURRICANE APOLLUMI. EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.*click* “Wha-“ The dotlets of pokemons cumpled towards the exit. Stalls, cars, benches, and any more items were quickly discarded into the soon to be wasteland. The small pokemon, who Paveron was talking to suddenly left in a hurry, tears falling down while running. “He-Hey! You haven’t bought my be-” Crash. Break. Destroy. The vaperon stood still as a stone. That couldn’t be my shop, right? The fleet of civilians didn’t stopped Paveron from looking back. His stall was gone, crushed into small bits of hopeless pieces. His heart sank. The only place he knew as home, was all swept away into dust. Pokemon pushed him, burised him to go with them. Yet he countered the wave of civilans, drivng away anyone who stops him. And there he is, kneeling on the only stone he ever leaned upon. The skies were dark, and so was his mind. Anger, rage, flaming bushes of pain. He wrinkled his face with tears in his chin. He screamed. Yelled at those who ran by his stall. The spectacle of the raging pokemom suddenly stopped as he was suddenly hit by another pokemon, knocking him out to the ground. He layed there while no one decided to help. No one batted an eye. Not even Ignis, as she was busy with unpacking her supplies and bottles. Her tired eyes was grazing over the herd of pokemon rummaging out the city. Her stall was being disassembled by the passerbys. Slowly, her anger boiled. But she didn’t showed this to the world. Instead, she used her dark powers to suddenly create a dome full of pulsating dark energy. Whoever placed their hand in the dome would be suddenly burnt. The gardevior was tumbling around, her mind was pacing after every scream passed by her not worn down stall. One by one, she unpacked her business down to the basic materials. Scraps of wodden poles and long redish black fabric wrapped her bottles in a safe place. “Good.” She says to herself. She then unravles the dome and was quickly toppled by running pokemons.”No!” Ignis wailed in anger as her items went flying without her. She hit a pole not so far in the shopping district, and dropped there. Her body was as cold as the few pokemons passing through. Some looked back and wanted to help her, but fear guided them through.
A few hours into the future, Ignis and Paveron was still lying on the ground. The gardevior gradualy opened her eyes. Her perspective was distorted, the world was flat in one eye. She groaned as her back fliched at the pain.”Ahhh.” Ignis clenched her jaws at the wound. If only she had her potions with her. She spotted a few individuals in the far side of the corner of her eyes. Should she call them? No, it’s not worth her time. Ignis placed her shaking arms to the ground. She then positoned her right leg in front of her, and leasurly stood up. Her body was weary and her mind was tumbling down. One step at a time, she told herself out loud. One, Two, Thre-“ACK!” Ignis screeched at her spine crackling within. She tumbled down with a huge thud to the ground. The echoes can be heard throughout the empty streets. (Yep, finals are done and this took a long time to write oof. I’ll try to lessen my amount of words in the rp. Also, I’m going to gradually introduce the hurricane, but I’ll give you guys a fighting chance to find selther first.)
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Screaming, shoving, and a blow to the head. That was all Fade remembered of the panicked stampede before waking up on solid concrete. The Gengar woke up but didn't move. She laid with her head in her paws, eyes squeezed shut, her head pounding. Whatever whacked her had hit hard. Thankfully all this rain had at least some use. The cold water beginning to soak her fur soothed her headache. Once the pain somewhat subsided and her vision cleared, she sat up and glanced at her surroundings. Apparently she wasn't the only one trampled. "Good Arceus.. everyone okay?" Fade called out to the others. She looked to see if any of them were one of her teammates, but found none. Hopefully they made it out of this mess.
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"aaaah..." Paveron the Vaperon groaned in the cold floor. Droplets of rain splattered down on the pavement. His voiced echoed in the empty ruined street. Head tired from thinking. Brain was squeezed tight, everything was blurred. Yet the deep trudged pain was fliching his every move. The skies were turning grey, clouds covering the used to be clear skies. The vaperon's shiny body was coaxed with water. Droplets, per say. He slowly titled his head and saw a gengar, not far from where his stall was. " Heh, are you gonna take me to the underworld, mister Gengar?" Paveron chuckled his sorrows out [replying to @ Noi]
Ignis struggled to get up. Her back was aching so much, why must this happen to her. All she did was to try and fix the world, is this the horrid answer to her questions? Requests? She saw a faded image of a vulpix in her distorted perspective. " He- Hey kid." The orange hued gardevoir called out the young Vulpix. She however, was a bit sceptical over the different coloration of the vulpix. Maybe her mind is playing games? Who knows. [replying to @ Smol Phantump] Rain is slightly pouring down you, better find shelter and items quickly.

Announcement and how to find shelter

Okay, so ruby has told me that they may be unable to reply today up until Friday for certain reasons. You're free to interact with other players for now, but do control yourselves to DONT ,and I emphasis the DONT , Dont go overboard with the replies. A few replies here and there are fine, but it makes me anxious whenever I have to backread 5+ pages worth of msgs in a single day ;; And it also gives a chance for other people to reply,due to their timezones. And as to how you'll find shelther and other items, you need to examine a place or your surroundings first, and I'll describe what's inside the place. I'll then tell you what items or things you can interact with. I' m experimrnting with this btw, so suggestions are encouraged. Also, it's not really required, but if you can either bold or italic the sentence that says what you want to interact with, that would be great. You can also make another sentence about what you wanna interact with separate from the paragraphs

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