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*~ Corrupted Hours : A Hurricane Survival [ 13+! Set-Up Open! ]~

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Those items may or may not have been stolen by some other people since by the plot , we will get knocked out from the horde of pokemon running towards the headquarters base . But Items as following will be added to the starter pack . 3 X Any Type Of Medicine 3 X Any Type of Food 2 X Water Bottles The rest can stay empty or you have the option to add 2 more of any of the items @Sen If you wanted to do that im pretty much okay with it. I probably wont allow like ' Weapons ' as if for now . You will find them sooner enough throughout expeditions. @Smol The stuff that you got from the rp [ From vendors and shops and such ] Wont count much UNLESS if one of the items listed above @Asteriod Types dosent matter , like i said moves and abilities dont take a big responsibilty around here . But its fine to use them on certian occasions [ As stated , there might be some pokemons acting like wild rabid animals . Best to use it on them but mostly your pp is locked to all having 5 ] . This is why i used weapons instead of pokemon moves . You can all post in your inventory once the hurricane starts , as if for now place them in a notepad or so . Sorry if this is confusing ;w; Edit : Pretty much i wanted to stick to your ideas but sometimes we had to start from scratch and have less advantages ontp the start of our adventure . Noone will have their lives risks from the starts SO thats why your inventory slots must start of with simple items . Later on i will rise the inventory slot by 25 slots so you can prepare once the hurricane gets even more worst I planned everything from scratch and I dont like to jump of a wide river to the luxurious berry forest
Hewo! Im a person thats hordes Royal and Braixen Ocs~ Banner By 88penguintreats Art Shoppe! Hurricane Survival Rp [13+]
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can people still join?
Its still open , until its around 10 people that have joined [ Including me ]
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Twin 1 ^^ Username // Nickname : PurpleQuartz Oc Name : Ralmantis Oc Alias / Nicknames : Mantis Gender // Pronouns : Female/She pronouns Sexual Orrientations : Straight Species : Ralts/Fomantis fusion


She is very timid to the point of hiding behind her brother if shes scared and rather reclusive, hardly leaving the safety of her Forrest home. She is also practically terrified of being alone. If you even leave the room for a few minutes she will burst into tears, bawling like a baby. This cute little baby hybrid loves to sleep, probably too much as you'll find her dozing off in random places throughout her Forrest home far too often. She is sickeningly sweet though and will go miles to see her loved ones smile. She’s constantly trying to make her mother and father proud and thinks the world of them.


Role : Lawful Good Colouration : Colors of Fomantis Extra Information~ : Is a twin ^^ Twin 2 ^^ Username // Nickname : PurpleQuartz Oc Name : Foralming Oc Alias / Nicknames : Ming Gender // Pronouns : Male/She pronouns Sexual Orrientations : Bisexual Species : Ralts/Fomantis fusion


He is always calm and collected, Ming never lets his emotions get too him. Even when Mantis is being especially annoying that day. Ming keeps his composure and keeps on thinking positive. He is almost never angry, unless you reach his limit. Mantis did that once and hasn’t don’t it again. Ming loves those he keeps close and often times would do anything to protect them. He always makes an effort to make Mantis happy and to prove her wrong about the world.


Role : Lawful Good Colouration : Colors of Ralts Extra Information~ : Is a twin ^^
Accepted! Welcome! Sorry for the lack of active'ness' . Im mostly highly active on Weekends for my time . I might reply later tonight =w=
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A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
Oof , Thread Bump I was too busy with school- Nearly forgotten about this rp
We've almost all posted so I tihnk you should do yours soon
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
Alrighty Then Quick Annoucement Seems like im being to much of a slacker myself and keep forgetting to keep up with the rp due to IRL Issues . So ...

Say Hello To Our New Co-Host / Co-Owner , @Sen

They will be taking care of the rp whenever i havent respond for a few days or so . Aswell as keepin track of the hurricane actions Anyways- Off to respond to the rp thread~
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
Heya there! Name's Sen. I decided to apply as Co-host since the rp wasn't moving that much. I'll try to be very active but due to my timezone being in UTC, you guys might have to wait for a while ;; Anyways, I have two important roles to do. I'll mostly take control of the Hurricane ( I'll have to do more research on how hurricanes work inorder to have a more realistic effect on this), which won't happen soon but be wary. And I'll describe all the outcomes and possible items whenever you guys explore in a specific places.
Avatar made by me and piks is my oc yeet. oh! it's my journal! i have to make some sort of design for this too... 1 1 1

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