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H: delta points. LF: gems, relics

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theholygrell's Avatartheholygrell
theholygrell's Avatar
Ive got some shinies that have been haunting me forever (like seriously how long has it been since i hunted magikarp.) So im gonna get rid of them! Ive got 66 delta points of pokemon! Im looking for 1 medium gem per delta point. Specifically electric gems! Im less than 2000 away from wishalloy, and am trying to get there soon! Ill also accept relic items - just make an offer!
Bønzãî420's AvatarBønzãî420
Bønzãî420's Avatar
Hi would you take 85 medium fire gems for 85 points? (Taking a nap now be back soon)
"The answer is always no, if you never ask."
ezpups's Avatarezpups
ezpups's Avatar
33 delta points for 33 elec. med gems? edit: and 59 med psychic gems for the rest of your points? c:
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theholygrell's Avatartheholygrell
theholygrell's Avatar
@bonzai420 sure! Ill start sending some mons over for you! I have 25 slots so itll take a few rounds but itll work! @ezpups so 92 total points? Ill take it! Gonna lock this thread until these trades are finished, then update the first post with how many delta points i have left (i didnt count the pokemon i only had a couple of) Edit 1: sent all of bonzai420. Once those are all accepted ill send ezpups, and see what my last few points are! Edit 2: everyone is semt and i have 87 delta points left
theholygrell's Avatartheholygrell
theholygrell's Avatar
Bump! Still mostly looking for electric gems!
I have 10 medium gems and 4 flawless gems but not electric though
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theholygrell's Avatartheholygrell
theholygrell's Avatar
What type are the medium gems? Im not interested in the flawless gems at the moment though.
Mix of poison, water, fire and normal
SunniSweet's AvatarSunniSweet
SunniSweet's Avatar
i have 9 electrics and 69 mediums plus a had full of other gems for the rest?
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xRequiemx's AvatarxRequiemx
xRequiemx's Avatar
16 medium electric for 16dp? :)

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