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The City;Pg-13 (setup)

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SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
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How it will work

This is an entirely open world roleplay. There is no set plot, but city-wide events may happen. You'll make a post to be added as a player, and edit that post with your characters. What happens to your characters is entirely up to you.

Why is it PG-13?

Having it be PG really limits a lot of aspects I prefer having in my roleplays. I wanted people to have some liberties, but not make it too graphic.


1; Be active. I can't stress this enough. So, so many times I've seen roleplays die just because the players are inactive. Don't let that happen here, guys! 2; Be respectful towards others. I don't meant simply "don't be a jerk", I also mean respect their wishes. If they don't want their character hurt, don't hurt their character. If they want to let things play out a certain way (like they and another person are doing something), don't butt in. 3; Be Patient. Wait for me to accept you to fill out your character forms, and let me know if you're adding or removing characters, too. 4; The limit is as many as you can handle. You know your limits. Are you only good at handling a few characters? That's fine! Can you handle over ten? Great! Be reasonable, though. Don't force your characters into every situation. 5. Please make your own form! I don't want to limit or add too much information on it.


[b]Username:[/b] [B]Will you respect the rules?[/b](remove once done.)


The Alleys

The alleys are a set of winding tunnels between the buildings. There are many hiding places and hideouts here, as well as a great deal of danger, if you're not careful.

City Square

A bustling square in the middle of town. There's tons of places to shop, eat, and have a great time! This place is usually crowded, and full of people and pokemon.

The Market

A huge section of the streets filled with shops and carts. Sellers are always trying to pawn off a quick sale.

The Suburbs

A calm neighborhood towards the back of town. Cute little houses sit in neat rows. All seems peaceful and calm here.

The Abandoned theater

An old, run-down theater. Most don't dare to go in it, so it makes a great hiding place.

The Pound

Pokemon often get sent here when they've been caught by pest control. Smaller pokemom are kept in cages, while larger ones are kept in pokeballs. This is the one place you really don't want to end up.

The Park

A park full of trees, and soft grass. A rippling pond sits in the middle. It's very peaceful here.
More to come!!

Current Weather


Current participants

A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
Username: Dingo Blue Will you respect the rules? Sure why not? What’s the worst that could go wrong?
Username: SketchyCreature Will you respect the rules? I, SketchyCreature, will respect the rules given.
Avatar is a Desire Driven!Mamizou spirite by captainski
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
You're both added! ^^
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
Username: Sen Will you respect the rules? Yes yes yo. Alright, gonna use my super duper old oc that I used awhile back ^^

Merto the Phanthump

Name: Merto Thumpert Gender: Female Species: Phanthump Level: 18 Ability: Frisk Moves: * Tackle * Ingrain * Confuse Ray * Growth One sentence summary of the character: A shy Phanthump with purple leaves who longs to stop being a wallflower. Fear/s that stops their character growth: Her lack of attention to other people, harrasing herself because of simple mistakes, her low self-esteem, and the inability to connect to people. Traits to cope up with their fear/s: Farming, studying hard, and observing people. Role: Healer Inventory: a pouch of oran berries x10 , pecha berries x10, cheri berries x10, and chesto berriesx10
Avatar made by me and piks is my oc yeet. oh! it's my journal! i have to make some sort of design for this too... 1 1 1
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Username: RenCringe Will you respect the rules? (👉 • - • )👉 yea

Zara Azuma

Name: Zara Azuma Age: 17 Gender: Female Appearance:

Made with jcling's Pokémon Trainer Creator
Personality: Timid and prefers being alone, but if you're not too rowdy when you first meet her you should get along just fine. She does prefer the company of her Pokémon over human company. She is very sturdy and diligent I battle, however, and will not back down. Pokémon:


Eta Metang Genderless Lvl. 32 Rash, highly persistant Metal Claw Confusion Zen Headbutt Pursuit Holding Safety Goggles (immunity from powder based moves and weather effects)


Mer Numel Female Lvl. 31 Modest, Often dozes off Lava Plume Flame Burst Magnitude Take Down Holding Protective Pads (Immunity from effects (not damage) induced by moves that make contact with holder)
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Added c:
Sen's AvatarSen
Sen's Avatar
Heya! edited my post with my character Merto ^^ If there's anything else needed in the form please do tell ^0^
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Such a lovely boy!! You're good ^^
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
I also edited my form with my chosen character :D

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