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Contest poses

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Ameyoru's AvatarAmeyoru
Ameyoru's Avatar
Suggestion Title: Contest poses Suggestion Summary: Give Pokemon different contest poses. Example: Eevee laying down, Pikachu cheering, etc. Positive points: Gives more expression and variety to the contest feature instead of a default standing stance which looks awkward on some Pokemon Negative points: Would take a lot of time to do, but could be a project or limited to certain pokemon Reason For Consideration: It would add more variety to the contest feature and look interesting.
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Ilyriss's AvatarIlyriss
Ilyriss's Avatar
No support. This implies in creating a bunch of new sprites and tbh.. not really necessary when you can be creative of which pokémon you use in the contest since each have a different pose.
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Silver-Sün's AvatarSilver-Sün
Silver-Sün's Avatar
To add on to the points made by Ilyriss: how would the the Pokémon who get poses be decided? Also, I'd expect to see salt over which mons get CS poses and which don't, especially if it's by popularity.
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söbble's Avatarsöbble
söbble's Avatar
While I would absolutely love this, I have to say no support. I feel that contests are enough of a side thing that the manpower needed to do this is unreasonable.
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https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/108675/Alternate-Poses-for-Contest-Pokemon Rejected Already

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